Photo: Darren Criss Shirtless at the Coachella Festival


A shirtless Darren Criss was spotted decorated in some face paint at this weekend's Coachella festival.

Criss has some reasons to be celebrating. He's on the cover of Billboard this week. He tells the magazine he's planning a solo album:

"We're working on it — we're really excited and it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I'm so thrilled that it's something that can happen because of "Glee," and like the Warblers album I hope I can do it justice and make it something that people can really enjoy."

In related news, Rolling Stone has some photos from the live performances at Coachella. And here's a cool piece about the lighting and stage designers for the main stage at the music festival.

Tilt-Shit Coachella Festival [tr]


  1. gr8guyca says

    Oh, great. After I buy the pink Darren Criss sunglasses, he switches to yellow.

    btw, have you ever noticed that he almost mimes out the lyrics to songs while he sings them? If he sings the word “break”, he makes a breaking motion with his hands. If he sings the word “confused”, he looks around like he’s confused. Check it out:

    He does that with every song. Watch for it and you’ll see.

    And, obviously, I am crushing on him…

  2. gr8guyca says

    @ Matt

    No, I’m 7. Wanna make something of it?

    Dude….it was a joke.

    I would say that I have the pink AND the yellow shades,
    but you might take me seriously again.

  3. AgBoiNV says

    SWOOOOOOOOOn. (As always.) Seriously, what is not to love about this boy…..talented, sexy but not ostentatiously, comfortable with himself, intelligent, adorkable….

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