Atlanta Cemetery Plans Separate Section for Gay People

A gay Atlanta cemetery owner plans to create a section specifically for gay people who want to be buried near other gay people, similar to a cemetery in Copenhagen, Denmark which in 2008 announced it was reserving 36 specific urns for the same purpose.

Crestlawn The Georgia Voice reports:

John Suggs of Dignity Memorial said the idea of having a gay section in a cemetery seemed like a natural progression gay men and lesbians gather more acceptance in mainstream society.


"We have to make our traditions. In a way this is a way to honor our relationships in a simple but proud way. Being able to be next to your partner at end of life is important, comforting and a reassuring thing to know," he said.

Suggs' company recently purchased Crest Lawn Memorial Park in downtown Atlanta and plans are to section off a piece of the cemetery for gay people — couples, their children, single people, people who want to be with their chosen families.

Suggs said the plans provide places for interment as well as urns.

Danish Group Opens Gay Ghetto for the Afterlife [tr]

Posted April 5, 2011 at 9:36am ETC by Andy Towle
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