Atlanta Cemetery Plans Separate Section for Gay People

A gay Atlanta cemetery owner plans to create a section specifically for gay people who want to be buried near other gay people, similar to a cemetery in Copenhagen, Denmark which in 2008 announced it was reserving 36 specific urns for the same purpose.

Crestlawn The Georgia Voice reports:

John Suggs of Dignity Memorial said the idea of having a gay section in a cemetery seemed like a natural progression gay men and lesbians gather more acceptance in mainstream society.


"We have to make our traditions. In a way this is a way to honor our relationships in a simple but proud way. Being able to be next to your partner at end of life is important, comforting and a reassuring thing to know," he said.

Suggs' company recently purchased Crest Lawn Memorial Park in downtown Atlanta and plans are to section off a piece of the cemetery for gay people — couples, their children, single people, people who want to be with their chosen families.

Suggs said the plans provide places for interment as well as urns.

Danish Group Opens Gay Ghetto for the Afterlife [tr]


  1. brian says

    I don’t mind gay lovers being buried next to each other but to have a whole section of a cemetery reserved only for gay people is completely wrong and counter-productive. Something about this says “marketing ploy” and “money”.

  2. Wes says

    Thinking about who I want to be buried next to only makes me realize how much I don’t want to be buried. Its like the creepy retirement community after the creepy retirement community. A designated neighborhood for decomposing corpses.

    Burn me to ashes or give me to science.

  3. AllBeefPatty says

    Oh please! Ridiculous!

    Cemeteries and golf courses are equal in their worthlessness.

  4. Patrick says

    Its a nice thought to allow two gay lovers, partners, husbands or wives or their children to be buried next to each other, but we don’t need an entirely separate section of a cemetery.

    Seriously? If anything, its just like putting a big pink tombstone on a grave and begging for someone to come along and deface it. Am I wrong in thinking that the only REAL advantage this kind of thing would create would be for people to pinpoint the graves of homosexuals and their families, making it easier to take out bigoted aggression on them?

    I agree whole-heartedly with GO GALT. PLEASE. Separate but NOT equal. Equality is as much about having a separate burial site as it is about having separate water fountains, bathrooms, entrances, or seats on the bus.

  5. poison says

    Corpses aren’t gay or straight. This is a silly moneymaking ploy.

    I definitely do not want to be buried. Well, I guess I want whatever will make the person who has to dispose of my corpse happy. But burial is such a waste of land and money.

    @Wes true story. cremation all the way.

  6. Urmensch says

    Corpses aren’t gay or straight.
    We cease to be people when we die. This is ridiculous.

  7. says



    it also smacks of ghettoizing gays

    Anyway; burials and cemeterys are evil wastes of land and money while also denying reality. Cremation and recycling ones ashes into nature is much wiser financially as well as being more realistic about ourselves.

    Creamate ones self and fertilize a tree

  8. Nathan says

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and I lived through 8 years of the Bush Presidency.

  9. says

    I think the “gay-only” angle is misguided, but a site that is gay-friendly and caters to gay people/couples would be good. Aren’t there cemeteries that are specifically for Catholics, Jews, Asians, etc. My grandparents are buried in a cemetery that has sections that are obviously geared toward Asian families (like Chinese characters on gates and walls), and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    Truth is, once you’re dead, who cares? You’re dead!! But a gay-‘focused’ cemetery might be more comfortable for the visitors, or for the visitors to meet other like-minded people.

  10. says

    This is wrong. A Gay man who wants to perpetuate ostracism of Gay people even after death? A pitiful example of what’s wrong with the way too many of us think about ourselves.

  11. Bryan says

    “… seemed like a natural progression gay men and lesbians gather more acceptance in mainstream society.”

    It’d be a blast to see someone try to support the argument that increased ghettoization is a “natural progression” arising out of increased acceptance. (I’m refraining from the word “Orwellian” only because its overuse is second only to “Nazi.”)

    This is what you get when the state of public discourse in a society absolutely prohibits facts, reason, or supportable conclusions. Actual debate might interfere with “everyone has a right to their opinion” (a notion as wretched as the grammatical error in the middle of it), and since all thoughts are equal, we can’t have that.

    Meanwhile, back at the media ranch, we’re repeating the same lies over and over again in order to make them true, with a liberal sprinkling of ad hominem attacks since the idiocracy can only sit still for more than 10 seconds at a time if there’s mud wrestling or an exploding helicopter to be had.

  12. Leroy Laflamme says

    Beyond stupid! Has the owner stopped to think about the desecrated graves that are going to turn up every other morning?

  13. Zach says

    “Anyway; burials and cemeterys are evil wastes of land and money while also denying reality. Cremation and recycling ones ashes into nature is much wiser financially as well as being more realistic about ourselves.”

    I’ve actually been looking for a more environmentally friendly body disposal method, but it’s tough to find other methods that are legal. If I had my druthers, I would be left somewhere for animals to consume my remains.

  14. Rick says

    I think most of you are missing the point, I think that it allows same sex partners an opportunity to plan where they will end their lives together and not push it in the faces of those who are not comfortable with the idea of a same sex couple being buried next to them. The separation is just a buffer zone.