Big Shake-Up At Equality Maryland

Yesterday, former Equality Maryland executive director Morgan Meneses-Sheets posted a note on her Facebook wall that she had been fired from her job. Her apparent dismissal has led to the resignation of a staff member and a board member.

Em Wrote Meneses-Sheets: “It is with a heavy heart that I share that today will be my last day as the Executive Director of Equality Maryland. While it is not my choice to leave, it is my choice to make my voice heard as I exit. I've spent the last 18 months at the helm of Equality Maryland and this time has held some of the most rewarding moments of my career, but it has also been extremely difficult. In particular the past few months have been tough to bear. Not because of the hard work which I welcome and felt honored to be part of, but because of the forces within the organization and external politics that created additional and unnecessary obstacles to our forward movement and success.”

The group's development director Matthew Thorn has resigned in protest of Meneses-Sheets' dismissal. Said Thorn: “This past Sunday, the Board of Directors of Equality Maryland, in executive session, voted to remove her from her position, essentially telling the organization’s staff, volunteers, supporters, funders and general community that the organization will now move in a different direction."

Equality Maryland Board of Director Alex Hickcox also resigned in protest: "I did officially resign today. I’m unhappy with the decision to dismiss Morgan [Meneses-Sheets] as our executive director."

Board of Director and president Charles Butler has denied the fact that Meneses-Sheets was fired from her post, add ing that they were simply "in discussion" about a new direction for the organization. “We were negotiating her departure and she up and quit today,” he says. “We were hoping to arrange a mutual time table. We all decided it was time to move on and that this is a good time to do so with the session being over. We wish her all the best, but it’s time for a change.”

The change in direction for the organization is due primarily to the failure of the Maryland marriage equality bill in the House just last month.


  1. Max says

    I’m gonna stick my neck out here and guess that the woman who just got fired did FAR more for marriage equality than the average party queen. So before stoning her, ask yourselves how many legislators y’all call or write to. EVERYONE can do more.

  2. ohplease says

    If only Equality California had had that kind of integrity when it came to Geoff Kors. No, the job’s not easy, that’s why someone extraodinary has to be in it. Yes, everyone can do more, but only one person is entrusted and paid to do it all. And if you lose marriage equality when marriage equality in your state is considered a done deal, then, regardless of what you’ve done before, it’s time to go.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    I’m in Management & have been for years…

    In an organization like this, a press-release says only one thing… The ego/personality got bigger than the issue.

    That’s why it’s a Board decision.

    And those people quitting in protest, grow-up & keep your eye on the prize. I suppose you think you’ll do more for equality now that you have no access or position??? Feel better? Dopes.

  4. Tim W says

    I think she would have kept her job if the choices she had made on the SSM bill and the transgender bill hadn’t divided the community which is what happened.

  5. says

    I have been involved in our gay rights movement for over 40 years,as a one man army. Too often, when trying to work from within organizations, it’s like the so called leaders are using those good organizations as stepping stones, often stepping on others to get their own way. It seems that it takes just a few to overthrow good ideas or directions. So I understand why things like this happen. There is a Socialistic agenda going on in the gay movements, and before you know it…they have taken over good organizations. That is why I rather be a one man army. Speaking OUT against our foes, and those gays who use our movement to take over non-profits to fight against good people. In doing so, at the expense of local gay right organizations.

  6. candide says

    Why is our side so pitifully mired in incompetents? From the dim-witted, milk-toast equality ads which do nothing to address the lies and distortions spread by NOM and FRC to the failure to reach out to the black community which so often votes against us. Our side is totally lacking in street smarts and it shows in the results.

  7. wimsy says

    Same childish political infighting occurred in California, and we lost. Same crap in Maine, and we lost. I don’t care who believes what — you are paid as campaign manager, and donors expect you to win. If you can’t win, move over and let someone else manage and win. You are not going to waste my money on your pissy ego trip.

    My checkbook is permanently slammed shut.

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