Boy George Claims Friend’s Attack Was Gay Bashing

As Andy mentioned a couple of days ago, Boy George's "oldest and closest friend" Philip Sallon suffered a fractured skull in a brutal attack in London last weekend. George has now spoken out about the incident and is claiming that the assault was an anti-gay attack. He is also criticising police for failing to furnish CCTV footage of the attack which occurred in a very popular part of town.

According to the The Guardian, George also believes that attitudes about openness are changing and not always for the better:

But George said he felt that attitudes towards overt individuality had hardened since the 80s. "These things go in circles," he said. "In the early 80s there was this sense that things were changing, and becoming more open-minded. But we don't have that sort of gorgeous youth culture any more, the glam rockers, the New Romantics. People aren't so individual any more. There is this sense of why would you want to stand out and make a show of yourself?"

He added: "You can find that sort of attitude in the gay community too. That if you are an exhibitionist you are somehow spoiling the big assimilation. Most gay men go out of their way to look normal and fit in, but Philip is not of that breed." Despite shifts in public attitudes towards homosexuality, much more progress still had to be made, George said. "Just because you see a few more gay people on TV doesn't mean there is no longer a problem. In the last 10 years we have seen lots of attacks in the West End, people have been killed. [Homosexuals being targeted] is not uncommon."


  1. Andrew says

    How very sad. :(

    On a side note, if ever I make the news as a victim of a tragic assault, please for the love of god don’t splash pictures of me dressed up as a drag clown on the interwebs.

  2. Brian says

    People who pay to see Sheen’s “show” only get what they paid for — a load of crap from a spoiled rich addict with a maladjusted sense of entitlement. Is it really any wonder that the rest of the world hates America, when an asshat like Sheen can make money espousing his twisted, ego-centric world view?

    Come work a 9 to 5 like the rest of us, Charlie. Then maybe I’ll listen to what you have to say.

  3. ratbastard says


    How the F do you justify extrapolating Charlie Sheen’s train wreck to the ‘world’s hatred of America’? I mean, seriously boss! You’re REALLY stretching.

    As a side note, 99% of Americans [this country has 310 million people in it Brian, 3rd largest population of any country on Earth] would not pay to watch Sheen’s show and no doubt most think it’s sad.

    A more interesting question [for forums where gratuitous mostly leftwing inspired anti-Americanism is the norm] is why are so many OBSESSED with America and with mocking and picking apart every trivial aspect of the U.S.?

    And check out British media and pop culture [and others] Brian, if you want to see truly lames and embarrassing sheit.

  4. Rovex says

    ‘Most gay men go out of their way to look normal and fit in, but Philip is not of that breed’

    No BG, MOST gay men ARE ‘normal’, and just fit in naturally. Being gay doesn’t mean your are automatically fem, or flamboyant, or different, it just means you are attracted to members of the same sex.
    For a group that seems so intent on being individual some gay men are really limited in their view of what it is to be gay,

  5. Rin says

    ROVEX, I think you misunderstand what he meant–people with tattoos are “regular folk” but they don’t look like what society considers “normal”. Its not a character indictment. He is also saying that femme gays or gays that choose to dress that way take heat from everyone, including gays.

    If you don’t believe that is true read the comments on the various topics. Femme gays or gays who wear outlandish comments are called “stereotypical” and made to feel like they are doing something wrong.

  6. Jett Stone says

    Wow, Andrew – I guess you missed the point the Boy G was making.

    Good work on sucking the oppressive cock. The commenters on this site are really such a special breed of haters. Without the brave Flamboyant drag clowns, you faggots would be sucking cocks behind yr wives backs and drinking away your desires.

    But you’re welcome anyway.

  7. Tommy says

    Totally agree, Rovex. I don’t dislike femme guys but I’m not that way and I hate being told I’m selling out or trying to be straight because I don’t dress crazy like Boy George.
    There are some straight people who are into flamboyant fashions and some that are normal and conservative. Why can’t we as gay men have the same freedom? How you dress has zero to do with your sexual orientation.

  8. Charlie says

    Wow Andrew, it is exactly that kind of attitude which breeds the intolerance this attack is based upon.

    Self expression, whether influenced by sexuality, gender or other, should be celebrated, not condemned.

    Way to be the real drag clown.

  9. Tommy says

    I think Boy George is a little out of line though to automatically assume it was because this guy was gay or because of how he dressed without knowing all the facts. It could have been because of that or for other reasons. Wait until you have the facts before mouthing off. But then Boy George has little talent except mouthing off, does he?

  10. Effie Ewe says

    @Tommy–no actually he does have talent. Sounds like your bitter. George has sold over 150 million records, won and been nominated for Grammys and Tonys. Have you? You may think he is a “has been”, but your a “never was/never will be”.

  11. frank says

    Boy George is an absolutely horrible role model for anyone to follow gay or straight. Not only does he have a huge chip of his sequined shoulder, he is quite arrogant and bitter towards everyone in general. I’m quite sure we will be reading of more of his misadventures soon. As for his ridiculously bedecked friend, I can only say to invest in a good stylist.

  12. Tommy says

    George’s success was years ago. How many records has he sold recently? Most of those 150 million records were with his former band. The other members of CC did all the work, but George got all the credit. What has he done recently?George is the bitter one who can’t accept no one cares about him anymore and desperately mouths off to get attention. His talent was destroyed by drugs and arrogance. Your cliches you throw out are nothing but tired bitchy queen stuff. You know nothing about me and what I have achieved. Boy George is the most overrated artist in the gay community. He gets so much publicity for doing nothing. There are many more talented gay artists. Let’s hear about them instead of Boy George.

    Andrew, you might have a point if this look was out of character for Philip Sallon. If I was beat up, I wouldn’t like it if they found a picture of me in one of the few times I’ve dressed up in drag. But from what I understand, Philip Sallon dressed this way all the time and so it’s his natural way of looking.

  13. Rowan says


    I’m from the UK.

    BG, was HUGE on the dj dance floor until 5 years ago. He was one of the pioneers of the dj culture. His albums were always number one and he used to charge loads to dj in hong kong to Australia.

    Know your stuff.

  14. Rovex says

    Rowan, yes you are right he was a big name DJ, but few outside that scene may be aware of that. He is still a prick though.

    I wasnt having a go at the flamboyant ones in my first post, just those that insist that being gay means you are either fem or hiding that you are fem behind a fake macho shield. A lot of the more fem types do think thats the case.

  15. Tommy says

    I’m talking about as a recording artist. Yes, he’ was in demand as a dJ but that’s largely based on his 80’s fame, not because he’s a good dj. He hasn’t innovated anything as a dj. DJ culture was already there, he just used his celebrity to jump on the bandwagon. If you talk to people who are into dance music, no one respects him as a dj His mixing skills are very poor.
    He was paid a lot of money at first and given the chance to make dj albums purely based on his celebrity. But now that is all over because people woke up and realize he really has no skills as a dj.
    LIke you said he was big, but not anymore because people realized he’s untalented and just milks his old celebrity.

  16. Tommy says

    Boy George made it all about him by going to the media. Why not just let the police investigate? Or let this guy talk himself to the media when he is able. But no, George has to grab the spotlight.

  17. stevie says

    If it wasn’t for Boy George you wouldn’t have heard of this attack on Phillip Sallon.
    Do you seriously imagine any of the british press would give a toss about another gay-bashing? I first heard of the attack from Georges’ Twitter page, I looked for days to find anything about it in the press,there was nothing! it was only Georges’ contact with the Evening Standard that bought it out in the news.

  18. Pirate says

    It’s sad when anyone gets beaten up, especially as bad as this, but I can’t help thinking about the only time anyone on the London scene I know had any interaction whatsoever with Sallon. My friend was taking pictures in a club and turned round to find him behind her, dressed as Napoleon or something. She didn’t even raise her camera, let alone point it at him, but he imemdiately launched into this tirade about how dare she try to take his picture, he wasn’t there to be stared at, etc., etc. We avoid him like the plague now. Exceptionally short fuse. It’s notable that he claims he remembers nothing of his recent attack, and what may have let to it…

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