Christian Louboutin and Gareth Thomas Discuss Their ‘Bromance’

(image evening standard)

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin and gay rugby legend Gareth Thomas talk to the London Evening Standard about the shoes Louboutin designed in honor of Thomas, and how they became "sole mates":

After exchanging emails, the pair met in Wales and spent the day walking around Cardiff city centre and along the coastline.

Thomas said: "I come down on the train to London, and I'm looking forward to seeing him, thinking of all the things I can say."

Louboutin said: "We chat about sport. Though I am completely, shamelessly an individualist, and he is a great team player in every way."

Thomas added: "And shoes. These days I own more of Louby's shoes than I do rugby boots."

The shoes Louboutin designed are embroidered with replicas of Thomas' tattoos.

They make a hot couple, don't they?


  1. arch says

    I think it is great watching Thomas enjoying life and all it has to offer. He is clealry not just a homosexual but also a full on “gay” he seems to get more gay by the week!

    He seems liberated by his new life in all aspects of his personality.

    Perhaps there is a message there for all men gay and straight – masculinity does not have to limit or exclude men from all types of interests even designer shoes…

  2. Seattle Mike says

    Gareth Thomas is one of the most ridiculously hot men on the planet, gay or straight. DAMMNNNN!

  3. Danny says

    Gareth is ridiculously alluring. If I saw him in public I don’t think I’d be able to stop looking–and I’m a New Yorker–NOT star-struck, thank you very much.