Country Singer Chely Wright to Marry Activist Lauren Blitzer

Country singer Chely Wright, who came out last May, will marry in August, People reports:

Chely_wright "Out country singer Chely Wright and her fiancée, Lauren Blitzer, a GLBT Civil Rights activist, have set a date and plan to be married in Connecticut Aug. 20," Wright's rep tells PEOPLE. "They met through their youth advocacy work, and say that their passion for Scrabble holds them together." 

"The freedom of being out and open about who I am allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren," Wright tells PEOPLE, "the most amazing woman I've ever known." 

Wright said in January that her record sales suffered after she came out. Her love life, apparently, hasn't.


  1. brian says

    Most amazing woman I’ve ever met? Oh, please, in 2 years they’ll have split up. Neither of them look genuine to me. I could be wrong but that’s my impression.

    They look more like fake lesbians with long flowing hair designed to titillate sleazy straight guys.

  2. luminum says

    Congrats to them, even if they don’t look “lezzie enough” for some queers. They’re both munching the carpet. What could get gayer than that? ::eyeroll::

    I hope they have a great ceremony. :)