‘Couples for Equality’ Project to Launch This Weekend


Couples for Equality, a new non-profit whose mission is to celebrate committed relationships between "all types of couples,” will launch at Miami Beach Pride this weekend, according to its cofounders Chip Arndt and Michael Davis.

Ce The project's focus combines traveling "City Tour" events with an online gallery of photographs, written stories, and videography to help further the message of equality for all.

Couples, both gay and straight, are invited to submit photographs in support of the project.

They write:

At Miami Beach Pride, Couples for Equality™ will debut at the Legacy Couples reception honoring long-term, committed relationships and host a photo-shoot for all couples wishing to show support for the project from 11 am – Noon at the Park Central Hotel on Ocean Drive. Couples for Equality™ also has a booth during the Pride Festival from Noon-7pm on the adjacent beach in Lummus Park and invites any couple to this booth to have their picture taken and share in our vision.

Said Arndt: "It’s exciting to launch a project that resonates above the political and religious fray that often divides families, loved ones, and communities. 'Couples for Equality' is about celebrating relationships in all their diversity."

Couples for Equality [official site]

Posted April 13, 2011 at 4:20pm ETC by Andy Towle
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