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Watch: Charlie Crist's Public Apology to David Byrne, Talking Heads


Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has settled with David Byrne and the Talking Heads for violating copyright laws with his unauthorized use of the song "Road to Nowhere" in a campaign ad last year attacking his U.S. Senate race opponent Marco Rubio.

As part of the settlement, Crist had to post a recorded apology on YouTube, which really makes me wish he had used a song by the Village People.

Watch Crist's apology, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Hahahaha! Me too! "I hereby apologize to the construction worker".

    Posted by: K | Apr 12, 2011 11:22:56 AM

  2. That is the not the least this opportunistic faggot should apologize for.

    But as a side note, I've heard Talking Head songs in movie trailers, so Charlie Crist's claim that David Byrne has never let his music used for any ads is not quite accurate.

    Posted by: Rick S. | Apr 12, 2011 11:23:55 AM

  3. Every election cycle some republican does this. Its like clockwork they take the song they get in trouble for it and then they are shocked that it happened.

    Posted by: David | Apr 12, 2011 11:36:02 AM

  4. I hereby apologize to my wife for fooling her into thinking she married a heterosexual male, and to the gay community for my hypocrisy, and to my ex-boyfriend...

    Posted by: Jerry | Apr 12, 2011 11:38:00 AM

  5. A lawyer and former Florida Attorney General who didn't know using someones song/voice without their permission was wrong and illegal. Sure, OK!

    Posted by: the_woodrow | Apr 12, 2011 11:54:52 AM

  6. I also apologize for having a too-small-head.

    Posted by: rb | Apr 12, 2011 12:08:46 PM

  7. I'll wait for the remix.

    Posted by: Sam | Apr 12, 2011 1:21:27 PM

  8. Crist needs to come out publicly. I was born and raised in FL and unfortunately Florida, in general, is a homophobic state (with the possible exception of Ft. Lauderdale and Key West). The only good thing Crist did for the LGBT community while he was gov. was his lack of resistance/and minimal support for finally getting Florida's archaic gay adoption ban overturned this past Oct.!

    Posted by: Frederick | Apr 12, 2011 2:19:19 PM

  9. Funny that it's only the copyright that is the issue, rather than the seeming endorsement.

    Posted by: Randy | Apr 12, 2011 9:37:28 PM

  10. Crist wasn't perfect as governor, but he was far and away better than the carpetbagging-unindicted fraudster Tricky Rick Scott. I wish Crist had gone two terms as governor, ah well, too late now.

    Posted by: mattgmd | Apr 13, 2011 4:15:40 AM

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