1. Mike says

    His celebrity coming out is going to be complete torture. I wish he’d just quit the games and come out already. He could be part of James Duke Mason’s “Courage Campaign”. The Heroes thing was a complete wreck. I remember during the heat of it all a friend of his posted a video of Thomas dancing at a a friends house…it was to Spears or Madonna or something and he was flaming out ( I don’t mean that derogatory, he was totally comfortable in the video). His people had the friend yank it down.

    Quit the crap.

  2. lookyloo says

    “..a show that also gave viewers a glimpse at Lance, TV’s first openly gay character.”

    You do know that “An American Family” was a documentary, yes?

  3. Liam says

    This guy waffles on his sexuality more than anyone else in the last 10 years. Just that fact alone annoys me about him. Sure he’s cute and maybe even talented, but being so wishy washy makes him a jackass in my eyes.

    Just like Mike said, Come Out or Don’t but quit the crap.

  4. Jay says

    I agree with Mike; his coming out is going to be torture. I think most people in LA that have had any interaction with Thomas know he is gay. It’s not like he tries to hide it (besides on interviews like these). Frankly I think it’s a bad PR move. It’s almost as bad as Clay Aiken denying his was gay. What a mess. In contrast look at Chris Colfer. He is a PR darling with true star power. He just sold a pilot to Disney.

  5. Kendall says

    By “I would have played the character differently if I’d have known he was gay,” I wonder if he means “I would have swished it up a little.”

  6. redball says

    LOL, Kendall! One wonders. I like to think that he means something more subtle, i.e., just being in tune w/ the truth of your character, which influences what you intuit about him and the nuances of what you do as you live and breathe him–but nothing so obvious (and stereotypical) as adding a little swish! But who knows :-).

    LOVED HIM on Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think he’s kind of a hunk and it’s so cool to know he’s homoflexible…mmmmmm.

  7. redball says

    O ma gah, just read the other posts and if you guys are right then I guess he is not just “homoflexible” but actually G-A-Y.

    *runs to post office to fill out boyfriend application*

  8. LightningBoalt says

    Actually, the first openly gay character on American TV was Daniel Sereno (Daniel Massey) on The Roads to Freedom. Then was Steve on All in the Family in 1971, followed by The Corner Bar’s Peter Panama (Vincent Schiavelli) in 1972.

  9. ronoliver says

    please….enough with the wish fulfillment nonsense. being “open” means nothing. the guy is straight. nothing wrong with that, but can we please stop trying to make gay guys out of straight ones? it smacks of self-loathing and frankly, in 2011, it is embarrassing.

  10. just_a_guy says

    yawn. who cares. but good for him.

    why be embarrassed tho, RO. u didn’t say anything. if people want to ogle a celeb, great. at least he calls himself a friend.

  11. just_a_guy says

    CV looks alright, dunno yet. Is his statement an attempt at buzz? Oh yeah, he’s maybe celeb-crushworthy, but I haven’t seen anything to swoon over yet. I think he’s attractive enuf anyway. And gay/straight/bi whatev bc…he TOTALLY gets bad-ass points for playing opposite Mink Stole already.

  12. Dave says

    What? On Hero’s his part was played and was gay from day one, scene one. The “Cheerleader” came out to him as a “super” and it was clearly implied that he had come out to her during their relationship, regardless if it was shown specifically in a scene or not.

  13. stranded says

    You guys are funny. “Coming out will be harder for him”? LOL. How do you even pretend to know what goes on in someone’s head or how this person feels? It’s strange when gay people ask for equality, tolerance and respect but they simply can’t wrap their heads around sexuality being more than either black or white.

  14. Jimmy says

    Okay The actor himself says he is open to dating men and that he was “all over the place” with sex when he was younger. These are not heterosexual comments, so whether he is bi or gay I think it is safe to assume he isn’t straight. And it isn’t “wishful thinking” that makes me believe such, its paying attention to what the actor said. I personally don’t care one way or the other. I also resent stranded saying gay people cannot wrap our heads around sexuality being more than black or white because I am gay and I believe sexuality is a sliding scale! Some people are bi but prefer the opposite over the same and vice versa! There are all kinds of sexualities and everyone needs to stop trying to fit each other into a box! Spread the love!

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