1. Sargon Bighorn says

    This shows they are afraid. They are in the reactionary stance. It’s good that Gay Americans have the upper hand. Civil Equality and freedom ARE winning.

  2. just_a_guy says

    @Sigh: Whatev’s man. This IS shoving it down people’s throats. This video and campaign is PRECISELY more insidious because they are doing it as if it’s the truth. And as if it’s “love.” What a sham.

    1920: God cares about women, too, and meant them to always be subordinate in the home, the workplace, and beyond. It’s unnatural for them not to be. It’s a pressure cooker for students of faith for the whorish women’s activist groups to present their point of view. Let’s enter and talk about our Biblical view. I’m not ashamed of the Bible for it’s the word of God. Let’s win over the hearts of classmates and keep women as structurally always subordinate as God intended.

    1860: God cares about black people too and meant them to be slaves. It’s unnatural for them not to be. It’s a pressure cooker for students of faith for the sexually-threatening negro activist groups to present their point of view. Let’s enter and talk about our Biblical view. I’m not ashamed of the Bible for it’s the word of God. Let’s win over the hearts of classmates and keep negroes as slaves as God intended.

  3. Mike says

    OMG…do they have no shame? (that as rhetorical question) Here is the point, nobody is running around saying Christians aren’t entitled to equal rights; whereas these folks are basically saying that gay people aren’t entitled to equal rights and are catching the next express train to hell. If these hate groups were talking about any other minority clearly they would be called out about it. Bottom line, it is STILL socially acceptable to bash gay people, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.

  4. just_a_guy says

    They don’t deserve equal time. They just want gay kids to kill themselves or at least to try to kill any hint of gay that might be within them.

    If that’s biblical, then so is rape. This campaign is unconscionable MISinformation.

    I mean, if the 90% or so who are ENTIRELY heterosexual hear this…it just gives them rationale to abuse and bully they few percent who really are just gay. WHO WINS? NO ONE….except the BULLIES who made the video above.

    Someone needs to stand up to Bullies, Mr. Sigh. And, good on Andy for being one who does so here…

  5. Fenrox says

    This always comes around. This is the same kinda crap as “White History Month” It luckily always gets knocked down.

    Who knows, Maybe schools will have some form of understanding of things like history and/or society, MAYBE.

  6. just_a_guy says

    Sad Prediction: This blonde chick who thinks she so sweet and loving is gonna have a gay son…he’ll either kill himself, disrespect himself with unprotected permiscuous sex and die of AIDs-related causes, or (if we are LUCKY) overcome her hate and expose her.

    Isn’t it nice that she fought so hard to be a hater.

    And someone out there otherwise exactly like the neon-green shirt kid is probably really just “so in love with” some male classmate–and this “God”-“love”-stuff will backfire on him if he attends a Focus-on-the-Family-backed church. I pray these people change their ways. One can hope.

  7. says

    This could also be an opportunity for gays, lesbians, their parents, supporters, etc. to actually step up and talk about it. I totally support the Day of Silence, but this is almost begging for our participation.

  8. Gregv says

    @Robert in WeHo: you make a perfect parallel. I went to public school. We were taught to learn innocuous facts about religious history, like the being able to date the Protestant Reformation. (We all graduated with no mention of gay history, nor did we ever discuss less innocuous facts on religion like the racism that founded the Southern Baptist movement or the millions of rapes and murders that the Catholic Church justified.
    As far as our own behavior in school we were expected only to treat our Catholic, Muslim, and Mennonite (etc.) peers and teachers with respect, and to understand that respect is not contingent on being the same or agreeing with them about their personal matters.
    Nobody’s been demanding to have school lessons to demonize them with the types of attacks they want to see thrown at gay kids.

  9. Dominic says

    Sigh is right. I think Andy could tone down the editorializing of phrases like “shoving down our throats.” If they want a conversation, let’s give them one. And pay attention people, this happens the day *after* the day of silence. No heckling of silent protesters.

  10. Verdon Coleman says

    That was a woman? I know this is shallow, and I am going to own that criticism. But seriously, on first glance? I thought it was bad drag.

  11. chicagotist says

    Why not try to use this “Day of Dialogue” to tell Christians to show us that love and compassion they speak about. The anti-sodomy laws are still on the books in many states. And recently we’ve been witness to fundamentalist Christianists opposing their repeal even though the laws are unconstitutional and inoperative. Let’s ask them why don’t these loving Christians really stand up for the bullied and call on their reps to repeal these laws.

  12. Fenrox says

    @Dominic, Maybe this is your first day? They do not want a conversation and they are not going about it in a civil or correct way. They are bad guys, actual moustache-twirling bad guys.

  13. Jason 2 says

    The only problem with the whole idea is the delusions of persecution that sit behind it. Christians wield so much cultural and political power, and yet they feel like they are constantly on the verge of being forever marginalized. So no matter how much sugar is sprinkled on an idea like this, it just reeks of paranoid, retaliatory bad humor.

  14. says

    What I find funny is how the tables have turned so much…

    20 years ago it was us begging for an open dialogue and we were told to shut up or else.

    Now… as they see themselves losing the war, see the youth of today being supportive of their gay friends… now they’re the ones begging for an “open dialogue” where they can try to cling their hate just a few more years.

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