1. nikko says

    HAhahahahahahah! Evil, hypocritical bastard! Glory in your shame! And may it further destroy the repigs reputation!

  2. kodiak says

    His resignation speech: doesn’t want his “family” to get dragged through gutter. He threw them in the gutter. He claims not to have broken any laws. Thanks, mom and dad, for making that possible.
    But wouldn’t you think he would consider his marriage vows a kind of law? Who’s making marriage look bad?

  3. Gigi says

    Can Rachel never, ever say “shtuping” (sp?) again please? What a nice guy btw. He doesn’t “want to put his family through that.”
    Uh huh.

  4. walter says

    another example of a defense of marriage a–hole doing his best to destroy it through his
    actions. he did lots of illegal things bribery, lying to congress for just a few. there is little to worry about given enough time all this bastards will shoot themselves.

  5. Danny says

    Cryin’ out loud: the expression is Yiddish and Rachel’s Jewish. Cut her some slack.