1. says

    at least it’ll give all the GaGa lovers/haters from the other thread a new place to “debate” now that Weird Al’s parody-gate is settled. Que the next 60 comments…

  2. Paul says

    The guys/gals did a great job on this! I can’t wait to see the show! Now which bigoted religous idiot will be the first to blame them for the next natural diaster? Wait – Has anyone seen Chris Colfer lately – has he been flaming out down in Texas – so that’s the cause of the wildfires! LOL Hugs ya’ll!

  3. RW says

    So Mercedes, who has been ignored for basically the show’s entire run, gets to lead a song celebrating being different? You could press your clothes with the irony.

  4. Eric says

    The version by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider is vastly superior to both the original and the Glee version:

  5. topher says

    @ David: Chris’ vocal range and control is amazing and he has shown so in many, many songs. You might not like his voice, or based on this one song say he can’t sing — he’s not supposed to sing in this song. He’s just talking. But seriously, listen to songs like “Like a prayer”, “A chair is still a chair” (I don’t know the actual name) or that song where he went all nuts dancing and singing “For me!” — this kid’s got talent oozing out of him.

  6. CRISPY says

    I like Mother Monster’s original version much better! WE LOVE YOU GAGA!

    Judas Juda-a-a, Judas Juda-a-a, Judas Juda-a-a, Judas GaGa!

  7. AJ says

    I just cannot BELIEVE the amount of nasty, cynical queens there are out there. Personally, I am 35 years old and “Glee” brings me to tears almost weekly because I remember the type of shows I grew up with. Gay characters were on the fringes (remember Matt on Melrose Place?), they were stereotypes and you never saw them do anything more than hug. “Glee” is groundbreaking and the fact that it is so successful points to NOTHING but good things for us and our cause. The winds of change are blowing, and people like Gaga and shows like “Glee” are leading the way, whether some people want to roll their eyes and be cynical or not. IT. IS. HAPPENING.

  8. Gregv says

    @Topher: BCThat song referring to a chair was “A House Is Not A Home” and it was in my favorite episode (“Home”) in which I thought Chris, Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth all sang amazingly. Rose’s Turn (“for meeee”) was not my style of song, but Chris’ talent in it was obvious.
    @RW: the focus tends to rotate to different characters, and I thought there were some hints last week acknowledging Mercedes’ “underuse.”

    @AJ: I agree. This show not only includes many gay cast members but it’s story lines are certainly having a huge impact in helping some viewers to rethink their prejudices.
    Next week’s supersized episode is going to advance the storyline on Karofsky’s homophobia. I’ll be glued to my set, and I expect 10 million or more others will be.

  9. AJ says

    And I loved Mr. Ryerson’s comment to Cheyenne Jackson about being “predatory gay” last week. I was ROTFLMAO

  10. says

    Poison, the similarities Glee bears to Kids Bop is exactly how I’ve felt about the show for so long, but just never managed to say it such a succinct manner. Bravo! =)

  11. AdamA says

    “or that song where he went all nuts dancing and singing ‘For me!'”

    Agree that this was probably the best display of Colfer’s talent ever on Glee, Topher, but SHAME SHAME SHAME on you! Not knowing a Merman number from Gypsy when you hear one? Tsk tsk tsk! 😉

  12. psiwire says

    Chris Colfer is a horrible singer and ruins every song they put him in. Not to mention he plays the worst gay stereotype on TV.

  13. JeffIn LA says

    What is it with all of the Colfer bullies? I don’t watch the show, but I have seen him in interviews and I doubt he plays his character too far from himself. Don’t people have enough to do than write such disparaging and ugly words about a 20 year old gay guy? I thought this was what we were trying to get straight people to stop doing.

  14. Bob says

    Jeff, there’s nothing worse than a bitter, caustic queen who has to piss all over everything he deems “unworthy.” Unfortunately, our “community” is full of ’em.

  15. Richard says

    Chris Colfer haters to the left!

    There’s literally nothing to hate him on. yes, Kurt Hummel is basically Ryan Murphy’s avatar, but Chris Colfer himself is amazing.

    His acting and singing may not be my cup of tea all the time, but he’s talented for sure. While you bitter guys are being jelly for stupid reasons, Chris Colfer is doing his thing with his Golden Globe, indie movie that he wrote, and the pilot script he wrote and sold to Disney.

    What have you guys accomplished other than being nasty towards people who are literally snatching your wigs without effort?

  16. SKOC211 says

    I love Chris Colfer and he’s an extremely talented actor. But he cannot sing. I find his castrato warble to be extremely grating.

    But at least Mercedes is singing this instead of the insufferable Lea Michele.

  17. psiwire says

    He literally plays up every terrible stereotype about gay men (extremely feminine, weak, wears womens clothes, preys on straight boys) but still manages to be sexually castrated and therefore “safe” for family audiences. No other minority group would put up with that in this day and age, yet most of the gays act like this kid is some sort of great role model.

  18. BigKev says

    Chris Colfer’s version of I Want to Hold Your Hand is amazing. He is a very good singer. His part in Glee’s version of Like a Prayer is amazing as well.

  19. Grover Underwood says

    I’m looking forward to this episode *squee*

    and the haters will always hate-screw ’em

  20. Larry says

    How many of you nasties have won a Golden Globe, been nominated for an Emmy, been included in Time Magazines Top 100 most influential people, sung at the White House for the President, or done anything other than making nasty comments about someone that you don’t even know? He has done all of this and more and isn’t even 20 years old yet. My Mom always said “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing.” Some of you need to follow that advice. If you think it is raising you up to bring others down, then you are the loser.

  21. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    Lady Ga Ga is not all that! She gets her ideas from the original Queen of Pop; Madonna!

  22. Andy F. says

    In the opening line, he said “it doesn’t matter if you LURVE him…”

    That alone makes this amazing.

  23. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Eric: Thanks for posting the link to Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider’s version. Very nice.

  24. MadM@ says

    Hmm I love Gaga’s version but its nice to hear some enunciation with the lyrics (“Listen to me when I say..” instead of “Vizuwinyomasaaay”)

    And in the words of Jill Scott, via Mercedes’ cover, “Haaaate on me haters, now or later, cuz I’m gonna do me, you’ll be mad baby”

  25. Heeeyter says

    The venom spewed toward Haters up in here makes my sphincter twitch in 4/4 time with a hi-hat fart backup. When for the love of Maude will you vaseline teethed vocoder cutouts finally roll over in true submission to the supreme power of The Haters who rule your wet spotted asses?

  26. Drew says

    I love Glee, Gaga and would like to add a big Suck It to all the haters who need a little love in their hearts.

  27. slippy says

    Well haters-Chris is on the cover of Time’s top 100-and you’re NOT. Seriously, heaven help any OUT and proud gay male in the public eye.To read all the postings from other gay “brothers” they’re either too fem ( Chris Coffer) or flamboyant ( Adam Lambert ). Not out enough ( Anderson Cooper) etc. WE come in all shapes and sizes , colors and types. Basically, there are some who use the anonymity of the Internet to bring down any and all who dare to try to be brave enough to put it all out there. I love me some GLEE and Chris Cofler has EARNED his prominence and the awards. Watch some of his clips with the sound off and see how he lives and breathes in a scene:
    ( Teenage Dream -watch with sound off )

  28. Bryan says

    @JEFFREY DUNIVANT: Really, wow did not know that, thanks for informing me of this totally new and unexpected fact that I have never heard of.

    After reading the comments, I have to say, what’s with the rise of femphobia amongst gay people?