1. alguien says

    i agree with mstrozfckslv (for once in my life). he’s a hot man ruined by a lot of skank tatoos.

  2. ronjay says

    lol you guys are impossible. I doubt any of you guys would say no to him on the grounds that he has too many tattoos. What a bunch of blabbermouths.

  3. lewlew says

    He’s a wonderful actor. If you haven’t seen Bronson, you have a treat ahead of you. (Of course, I realize many of you will hate it.) Me, I’ll take him fat or thin!

  4. Veronika Cauley says

    If you see him in Bronson, you will really appreciate the man, the talent, and the body! He has a fan for life in me since seeing that film. You will not even recognize that he played in “Inception!”

  5. Casper says

    Sorry…but I don’t know who this Tom Hardy fella is….I wouldn’t give him a second glance, anyway……..

  6. Claude says

    I agree with Veronika, Bronson made me a fan of Tom Hardy to my core.

    I don’t love the tattoos, but I love Tom. And for those who don’t gain/lose 20+lbs like Tom does for roles, he looks like he’s in a bulking phase (putting on muscle) and most likely will be a lot learner in time for shooting to make those muscles pop. Can’t wait!!

  7. FixItAgainTony says

    Forget the guy (I see clones of him at the gym every day – with or without tattoos.)
    What kind of car is that?

  8. jacknasty says

    He would look better without the chest tattoos (I don’t mind the shoulder ones) but he is hot regardless.

    He doesn’t quite seem big enough to be Bane though, but I’d rather have a good actor than a pro-wrestler like they did last time.

  9. OMNOMNOM says

    I am extremely happy to see him bigger and with more ink. Now, he just needs to be bigger and with more ink!!

  10. redebbm says

    Very nice, unlike most that never seem satisfied I like the extra muscle. Tats aren’t my thing but eh not a big deal.

    On a movie note, I thought bane was bigger? Then again these are just casual shots. Look forward to seeing him in the movie