1. says

    Lucas, so true, but really, if it weren’t for karaoke cliches, how would Glee fill the whole hour, because from what I’ve seen, it ain’t with riveting plots.

    (For the record, I hate Glee. =) On paper, it should be everything I love, but something about it just rubs me the wrong way.)

  2. gr8guyca says

    I must confess to having a crush on Darren Criss. He’s a really talented actor and singer. He plays the guitar and piano. And
    he’s a darn good songwriter – listen to his “Not Alone” on YouTube.
    And, yes, he’s really cute with an adorable smile.

    He can do no wrong in my book. But I am biased.

  3. Bryan says

    Why so much engineering? In general, I find the music from Glee is oppressively uniform, the voices having had most of their individuality and expressiveness stripped away and replaced with this unreal, metallic perfect pitch. It’s rigid, inflexible, and as homogenous as motor oil.

    I’ve no objection to artifice per se, but the consistently synthetic nature of the sound has become a monotonous fetish having little to do with drama, poetry, or music. It’s pure in the same sense as fast food – everyone knows exactly what to expect from it, and its undeviating mediocrity never disappoints.

    No guts, no soul, no risk, no humanity doesn’t strike me as an admirable style. It’s pure Product®.

  4. Beau says

    I remember, a very long time ago, someone once asked Berry Gordy Jr. what Diana Ross was like as a person. His reply has been downplayed over the decades, but it went like this: “Diana Ross? Diana Ross isn’t a person. Diana Ross is a product.” Agreement on this is quite debatable, to say the least.

  5. Kevin says

    Sorry but my teeth grate every time I hear the Warblers. Too packaged, too bubblegum. I’m hoping Darren Criss is 10 minutes into his 15-minute window of fame.

  6. Pamela Strangeways says

    Darren Criss is not Diana Ross? Hmmm. The year is 2024. Darren Criss is starring in Balsa, a movie about a male fashion designer who has an affair with a female photographer. While shooting the “dripping candle wax on himself at a party” scene, he breaks out into Teenage Dream. Oh Miss Criss, such a risk-taker.

  7. moike says

    Well they did the best they could with what they had to work with. A cover can’t be totally awesome with such weak source material. Whiney college rock is so irritating, but Keane should be happy for the exposure at least. I’d never heard of them before.

  8. Ty says

    Darren Criss is awesome and has a very soulful voice! He’s one of the most adorable actors on TV right now, and I can’t stop watching for some reason :-)

  9. Ray says

    Ryan Murphy is the perfect example of a soul-less no-talent who is pushed down our throats by the media. It’s not Darren’s Criss’s fault that the plots characters and the whole package of GLEE is devoid of real substance,

  10. Larry says

    The Warblers are almost all voiced by the Tufts University “Beelzebubs”. They are a world class talent of a capella performing and arranging and have been for years. Darren Criss is a beautiful powerhouse of a performer and a real friend to the LGBT community.
    He is certainly not bad to look at either. Did you see the “OUT” pictorial?
    Sorry that some of you don’t care for Darren and the Warblers. There is no accounting for taste.

  11. says

    What you’re hearing is Hollywood: pure pop, shallow content, with every note overly polished with a diaper soaked in tarnoff. On the one hand, they do make a very very very professional sounding sound. On the other, it’s pablum meant to rake in the masses. You can hear the same sound at any of the rock clubs on Sunset, where overly produced bands are struggling for a juicy contract. That’s the Hollywood culture.

  12. says

    Love Glee. Love Darren. Love the Warblers. Yes, it’s bubblegum, but it’s well-performed bubblegum.

    Frankly, I’m delighted that Glee has encouraged an appreciation for choral music… particularly in an American culture that could benefit from a reminder of the value of public school music programs. If listening to Glee opens one’s mind to the point that they’ll then consider listening to Chanticleer, the Dale Warland Singers, or those wonderful Robert Shaw recordings, then it will have been worth it. Look what Pavarotti did with those almost-unbearable pop collaborations… he exposed a whole generation of music lovers to opera. Same thing here. The shallow end of the pool might not be where you wanna stay forever, but it’s a quick and easy move to deeper waters.

  13. KJ says

    Agreed, Milkman.

    My expectations for each song would be very different if releases were occasional, but given that this is a “serial,” I’m willing to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  14. Brian says

    Hmmm. Have we actually gotten to the point in our struggle for acceptance that we actually have started hating on the very medium that makes being gay (effeminate even) socially acceptable to the future generation?
    You can hate the music, but it comes across as vitriol from sad, self-hating trolls.

  15. Nick says

    Can’t stand the show, if only Sue Sylvester wasn’t attached to the horrible that is this American Idol drama. I would totally watch whatever Jane Lynch played a sporty coach in :)

  16. Kevin says

    I love Glee. The show has done so much for this community. I’m an older fan and I purchased the VIP tour package to see them on tour in Chicago. If I actually get to meet Darren Criss I will have died and gone to heaven.

  17. Rick says

    Just once I would like to see a plot that requires the Warblers to sing in shorts, sans shirts, or bathing suits. There’s some damn fine beef under those ridiculous blazers. And Criss rocks.

  18. David says

    Some of these comments take the term” the best fishermen are on shore” to a whole new level.And how can you hate on Darren, he has been a friend to lgbt issues has a great voice and plays his character wonderfully.But haters gonna hate because it’s the only thing they know how to do right.

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