Malaysian Women’s Minister Says ‘Ex-Gay’ Camp Violates Law

Yesterday I posted about 66 teen boys who, because of "effeminate mannerisms", were sent to an "ex-gay" camp in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Women's Minister has spoken out about the camp, saying it's unlawful and should be abolished, the BBC reports:

Jalil An education official said the camp was meant to guide the boys back "to a proper path in life".

But the women's minister, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, said singling out these children based on perceived feminine mannerisms was traumatising and harmful to their mental health. The camp violates the Child Act, which protects children without prejudice, she said.


Activists say it is appalling that educators are persecuting children for expressing their personalities and identities. The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality said "corrective boot camps" violate the rights of people who are perceived as different.

"It should be strongly opposed and challenged as it promotes homophobia and prejudice," the group said in a statement.

Malaysian Authorities Send 66 Teen Boys to Gay 'Cure' Camp [tr]


  1. arch says

    How glam is she?

    I thought women’s affairs ministers were always a bit, how to say this politely…trouser suits and grim nordic firmness. Obviously not in Malaysia (or italy where all of Sylvio’s women ministers are super attractive, though for different reasons).

    Anyway, well said minister, now shut down this dreadful sounding place.

  2. says

    I think that it would be better that they were sent to a prestigious bootcamps for teens rather than some kind of “ex-gay” camp. It would be an insult for their part. And I believe that she is right.

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