News: Lisa Miller, iPhone Tracking, Malcolm X, Rob Portman

RoadFBI arrests man in Lisa Miller – Janet Jenkins custody case

RoadFormer New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson enters GOP presidential field: "Though he’s a longshot candidate, he would likely give Rep. Ron Paul a run for the libertarian vote: He supports the legalization of marijuana and gay civil unions."

Lionsmane RoadMeet the Lion's Mane jellyfish.

RoadSure, Mel Gibson, whatever you say: "I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion or sexuality — period."

RoadLGBT rights groups push for hate crime designation in Austin double-homicide of lesbian and her mother: "Prosecutors have said they must wait for the investigation to be complete before determining whether they can classify it as a hate crime."

RoadAl Franken questions Steve job's on iPhone's secret tracking data. Explanation? Apple is tracking you to build its location database: " Apple already explained all of this back in July, 2010 when general counsel Bruce Sewell responded to questions from Congress about its location-tracking policies (letter embedded below). In that letter, Apple revealed that it had replaced the location databases it was using previously from Google and SkyHook Wireless with its own."

RoadLady Gaga issues apology for using the word "retarded".

RoadMeghan McCain kisses Donald Trump's ass, and likewise.

Portman RoadPlanned commencement address by anti-gay Ohio Senator Rob Portman generates huge protest at U. of Michigan Law School: "Hundreds of Law School students have expressed their opposition to U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R–Ohio) as the Law School’s graduation ceremony speaker on May 7. The students have voiced their opinions to the school’s administration through letters and meetings throughout the past week and have communicated their disappointment with the choice primarily because of Portman’s record of voting against LGBT rights."

RoadWatch:  Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and and Cee Lo Green, the hosts of The Voice, team up for rendition of "Crazy".

RoadNew show on the world of competitive bearding. But why isn't Charlie Crist involved?

RoadProtestors at Obama fundraiser sing song calling on president to "free Bradley Manning": "The woman was escorted out of the room by two White House aides, with Obama commenting 'that was a nice song,' as she finished singing. As she was being led out, she said: 'Free Bradley Manning. I'm leaving. I hope I don't get tortured in jail.'"

RoadLOGO's A-List gets some new cast members.

RoadChris Hemsworth is a tall drink of Slurpee.

Malcolmx RoadDaughter of Malcolm X ends NPR interview after questioning about father's alleged relationship with an older man.

RoadEquality Utah plans educational campaign for southern Utah to share information about discrimination and other issues faced by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

RoadLondon pub John Snow shuts its doors for the second time over planned kiss-in.

RoadUK lesbian couple turned away from Brighton hotel for being gay: "Rebecca Nash, 22, and Hope Subbings, 19, said they booked a double room at the Brunswick Square Hotel but when they arrived they were told it only accepted straight couples and families."

RoadIs Bethenny Frankel the most successful reality star ever? "Any other day, her animated tangent about frugality might have seemed unremarkable, but this week Frankel was celebrating the acquisition of her Skinnygirl cocktail line (featuring a 100-calorie margarita) by the world's fourth-largest spirits company, Fortune Brands' Beam Global — which distributes the likes of Jim Beam bourbon and Sauza tequila — for a price tag insiders have placed at $120 million."


  1. tominsf says

    There’s a late Sherlock Holmes story in which the villain turns out to be a Lion’s Mane. I remember being a little terrified of it, reading that story as a kid, but I’ve never seen a picture until now.

  2. says

    That woman who sang to Obama has a right to be worried about torture. He’s been torturing Manning for a year now, and has just declared him to be guilty prior to having a trial to determine his guilt or innocent.

    Now if only Obama had been so forceful on the Bush Administration’s war crimes. But I guess now that he has his own war crimes under his belt, anyone who complains about it gets disappeared without trial.

    Great country this has turned into.

  3. Francis says

    The Rob Portman story tears at me in two ways. It makes me excited about the future, to see the youth in this country standing up and fighting for gay rights and our humanity. However, it makes me sick to see how universally little we are respected and regarded by so many people in positions of power today. At least the law students are making their voices heard.

  4. Max says

    I don’t understand this epidemic of turning away gay and lesbian guests. Of all people, no one is better for property values than gays and lesbians. In fact, any destination with business sense actively courts us.

    By the way, Happy Good Friday!

  5. Bob says

    The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane is one of two Sherlock Holmes stories told by Holmes himself. (The remaining were told by Watson or a third person voice.) It is really a rift on the earlier (and better) Speckled Band, but it is a pleasure to see the active Holmes in retirement. Like the other readers, I’ve never actually seen a Lion’s Mane itself!

  6. ColinATL says

    Andy, that picture of the Lion’s Mane is most likely faked. The biggest ones grow only to be about 8 feet in diameter, and clearly the proportions on that photo make it look like it’s at least 20 feet in diameter. Just FYI.

  7. just_a_guy says

    Good for U.Mich law students. Except not good for them cuz this sleazeball bigot is still speaking at their graduation, right. Yuck. And not good for that law school’s repuation either.

  8. Alex says

    Malcolm’s daughter is not a ‘turd’ and I’m quite pissed at the biased way that interview was linked. She didn’t sound homophobic to me and she didn’t explicitly end the interview only over the gay items in the book. She was clearly angry at the book’s author for doing what she felt was minimal research on her father, including never speaking to any of his children. Wouldn’t a definitive biographer want to do this? I think she had a right to be mad about that book, and I don’t think she was unreasonable. Emotional, yes.

  9. jamal49 says

    Actually, I thought (from reading the transcript) that Ms. Shabazz ended the interview because of the questions about who the murderer of her father might be. Obviously, she was uncomfortable about discussing any perceived negative information about her father that appears in this book. Of course, I see nothing negative about Malcom X having had a brief, intimate relationship with an older man. And, I would like to know the true facts about Malcom X’s murder. Regardless, Malcom X was a great American and would have been a great influence on American society had he lived. Sad.

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