News: Shutdown, Maggie Gallagher, A Different Light, Ecstasy

Road SF's A Different Light bookstore is closing. But why?

Capitol RoadShutdown?

RoadBill Cosby rips Donald Trump.

RoadMaggie Gallagher is unhappy that Dan Savage has a new show on MTV. Savage responds. "Now some people are capable of abstaining before marriage and being faithful to one partner for life—some people, but not Maggie—but these people represent a tiny minority of all sexually active adults."

RoadWisconsin teen charged with hate crime for anti-gay attack on Madison bus: "Jayvon R. Flemming was charged with battery to a public transit passenger as a hate crime for an incident on Sunday in which he and two others allegedly teased another man about being gay before Flemming punched him as they left the bus, according to the complaint, filed in Dane County Circuit Court."

RoadIndiana tourism chief concerned anti-gay legislation will cost state dearly.

RoadPhotos: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen building 22,000 sq-ft mansion.

RoadWatch: Preview of Glee's "Born This Way" episode.

Hrcad RoadHRC takes out ad urging Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell not to kill proposal allowing gay couples to adopt.

RoadOzone layer decimated over the winter: "The protective ozone layer in the Arctic that keeps out the sun's most damaging rays — ultraviolet radiation — has thinned about 40 percent this winter, a record drop, the U.N. weather agency said Tuesday…"

RoadNOM outraged that pro-equality groups use the same tactics they do

RoadChristian right leaders huddle over DOMA challenges: "These men, who include Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson, predict that there is only 18 to 24 more months before the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage at the federal level as between one man and one woman, will be challenged in the Supreme Court. But the evangelical leaders agreed in distress that churches and evangelical Christians are currently woefully unprepared to defend traditional marriage."

RoadDarren Criss discusses the upcoming Warblers album.

Gyllenhaal RoadGyllenhaal puts on his best face in Rome.

RoadStudy: Long-term ecstasy use raises risk of brain damage, Alzheimer's. "Dutch researchers used MRI scans to study the brains of 10 men in their mid-20s who had taken an average of 281 ecstasy tablets over the previous six and a half years, and seven peers who had taken other drugs. They found that the hippocampus – the part of the brain controlling memory – was 10.5% smaller among the ecstasy users, and their overall grey matter 4.6% less."

RoadRuPaul chats with NY Mag's Vulture about Drag Race.

RoadMilitary chaplain group outs themselves in brief filed in support of 'DADT' repeal: "In the brief, the Forum argues that DADT represents no threat to the religious liberty of anti-gay clergy, who will continue to be able to preach their beliefs within their congregations. However, they argue retaining the policy is a threat to religious liberty of all service members 'by imposing anti-gay dogma offensive to many religious organizations, [and] by preventing military chaplains from ministering to the needs of service members whose faith communities are welcoming and affirming to gays and lesbians,' among other things."


  1. Paul R says

    The story about A Different Light is rambling and unfocused. The store is closing for very simple reasons: Castro rents are outrageous, even chain bookstores can’t compete with Amazon—and A Different Light is decidedly more expensive than chain bookstores—and people don’t read nearly as much (especially books) as they used to. Gay men in particular go online to read, view, or order books and porn, along with much of their entertainment and social activity. A gay bookstore is a nice idea but, as other cities have shown, very difficult to sustain even if the economy weren’t bleak.

    Sadly, like most people, most gay men don’t spend much time reading books, and if they do they’re as likely to read bestsellers they can get anywhere as they are gay-themed books (which, I hate to say, often get a bit repetitive). There’s also the fact that gay characters appear in all sorts of books now, so we’re not as separate as we used to be. Not exactly news.

  2. Danny says

    The fact is that bookstores are fast becoming–or perhaps have already become–dinosaurs. I’m sorry it’s so in one way (they’re a lot of fun and nothing replaces holding a book in your hands) but from a green point of view, no longer even remotely justifiable.

    When I have to buy books I do my best to buy from my neighborhood used booksellers. And one can do that online also.

    But it is a shame.

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