1. Michael says

    What is much more frightening is the enormously greater zone of people who were actually killed by the tsunami tragedy. The whacked out focus of the western media on the reactors is out of all proportion to the events going on. What does it add to this site (apart from steering eyeballs past ads) to report in the same hysterical fashion as NOM or various hate-groups do about the gay community?

  2. anon says

    Most animals are less susceptible to radiation than humans, so limit exposures for dogs, cats and cows will be higher than for humans. It would be helpful to know what those limits are and if they are being exceeded in this area.

  3. Sam says

    Yes, Michael, reporting about a nuclear disaster that could make Sendai uninhabitable for decades is exactly like NOM reporting on same sex marriage.

    You’re an idiot.

  4. romeo says

    This is harrowing. Japan is not the Ukraine, where there is room to cordon off a huge block of contaminated land. Japan is an island with a huge population. They have no land to spare. This will have a devastating exponential effect.

  5. Tranquilo says

    @Michael: reporting on failed reactors is very much relevant at a time when we are debating energy policy here. Both the Administration and the idiot GOP in Congress were making a heavy push for new reactors in the US. Documenting what happens when they fail might be of keen interest to the communities where we would build them, don’t you think?

  6. gr8guyca says

    The news media have a very short attention span. Earthquake coverage gets replaced by tsunami coverage which gets replaced by the fighting in Libya which gets replaced by the death of Elizabeth Taylor which gets replaced by the budget showdown.

    Tsunami coverage is SO last week. Unfortunately.

  7. Jacknasty says

    “The whacked out focus of the western media on the reactors is out of all proportion to the events going on.”

    Oh, I don’t know. After all, we were told by the “experts” for literally decades that a disaster of the kind we’re witnessing at Fukushima was *impossible*. Whenever the impossible happens, it tends to be newsworthy. I’m sure the media would be equally interested in other impossible things, like a talking dog or Taylor Swift staying in pitch without Autotune.

  8. GaryJ says

    Gutsy on the part of the reporters to go into the area for the story. Living creatures aren’t just dropping dead from radiation.
    Hopefully the Japanese people can get things under control soon.

    Thanks for posting the story, nice to know that we Gay people care more about latest gossip.

  9. Michael says

    @Sam: So far most of the “reporting” on the issue on this site has been purely sensationalistic, exaggerated and frequently wrong in the manner of NOM. And since the site editorialises everything so heavily now so that people can’t make up their own minds – one could say it’s getting to be “wingnut” reporting. There have been 3 deaths in total and no public health or contamination issues reported in other people from the area.

    @Tranquilo: A 50 year old reactor that actually stood up bloody well to a 9.0 quake and tsunami? Good luck to the USA replacing its current set of reactors and their energy supply when half of its congress are so uneducated on basic science that think they can repeal the laws of physics. The US is so drunk on energy consumption and controlling oil reserves in other countries I’m sure that everyone will be happy to stick more of that technology in their backyard so that more oil disasters can occur.

    @Jacknasty: Citations of these experts and these claims please?

    Andy: please get rid of that stupid meebo popup which prevents copying comment text for quotes…

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