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Rocker Ted Nugent Rips NBA for Fining Kobe Bryant's Anti-Gay Slur

Rocker Ted Nugent has written an opinion piece published in the Washington Times, slamming the NBA for its fine on Kobe Bryant's recent anti-gay slur as part of a larger tirade against gay rights.

Nugent Some of Nugent's opinions:

"To be exact, Mr. Bryant committed this egregious verbal foul because he used a word demeaning to homosexuals, the most protected class of people in America."

"Think of it: $100,000 for calling someone a name. A simple apology from Mr. Bryant to the referee obviously wasn’t good enough for the NBA. I doubt Mr. Bryant would have been fined 10 cents had he referred to the referee as a useless Christ on a crucifix soaking in a vat of urine. No, the real reason Mr. Bryant was fined was because he used an anti-gay term to describe the referee. One has to wonder how much the NBA would have fined Mr. Bryant if, before the game, he had told the referee he “looked quite gay” that night."

"If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity."

Nugent suggests Bryant should threaten to quit the NBA:

"Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Mr. Bryant threatened to resign from the NBA over this? The amount of money the NBA would lose without Kobe Bryant helping to pack the stands would be staggering compared with the politically correct $100,000 fine levied on him. Mr. Bryant threatening to quit wouldn’t make the NBA very gay. I got 20 bucks that says the NBA would toss homosexuals under the bus and fold like a cheap suit to keep Mr. Bryant in the NBA."

(via media matters)

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  1. Ted- take a pill and go back to a'huntin and a feeshin' -
    and STFU

    Posted by: nick | Apr 20, 2011 8:38:52 AM

  2. Or maybe have useless past their prime redneck night? They could listen to Ted Nugent records and play with their comb-overs.

    Posted by: Rin | Apr 20, 2011 8:42:38 AM

  3. Washington Times--isn't that the toilet paper with news print on it?

    Posted by: candideinnc | Apr 20, 2011 8:43:23 AM

  4. How are we the most protected class in America???

    And who is this guy, anyway, and why is he famous?

    Posted by: Austin | Apr 20, 2011 8:44:58 AM

  5. Wow, what a nasty guy.

    Posted by: phil | Apr 20, 2011 8:46:40 AM

  6. Not to be funny, but, Ted who? I have no idea who this man is or what qualifies him to write for the Washington Times, however, I do find the fact that the Washington Times would publish blatant homophobic rantings offensive.

    I also take issue with being characterized as the most protected group in America. We are among the least protected and any half educated person would know that before exposing their ignorance to thousands of people.

    Posted by: Kas | Apr 20, 2011 8:48:01 AM

  7. Mr. Nugent, your music sucks and so do you

    Posted by: Fred | Apr 20, 2011 8:54:26 AM

  8. He's truly a gun nut
    In our side he's a thorn
    Who kinda played the guitar
    Before you were born.

    Posted by: Steve Scarborough | Apr 20, 2011 8:54:48 AM

  9. I am black AND gay -- I am DOUBLE protected!!

    Posted by: princely54 | Apr 20, 2011 8:55:59 AM

  10. Ted Nugent from minor rocker to nothing human. That was a long walk off an incredibly short pier.

    Posted by: woodroad34d | Apr 20, 2011 9:01:45 AM

  11. Crack.

    Posted by: Danny | Apr 20, 2011 9:15:37 AM

  12. @ KAS: you obviously are confusing the Washington Times with the Washington Post.

    WT is owned by the Rev Sun Myung Moon. As to getting published by the WT, if you wiped your ass with it and sent it in to them that would be enough qualification.

    Posted by: Danny | Apr 20, 2011 9:17:44 AM

  13. A) The Washington Times is still publishing?

    B) Many NBA teams do have "homosexual night" - including the DC team.

    C) I couldn't tell you why Ted Nugent is famous if you held a gun to my head.

    Posted by: Timothy | Apr 20, 2011 9:20:33 AM

  14. Spoken like a straight white male.

    Good thing this rag is publishing his rantings. God knows no one cares about his music anymore.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Apr 20, 2011 9:21:34 AM

  15. @Danny

    Now that you mention I believe you're right.

    Posted by: Kas | Apr 20, 2011 9:21:49 AM

  16. First of all, why publish this? I guess the need for attention from WP superseded intellectual honesty and journalistic integrity in this case.

    Secondly, literally, who cares what this guy has to say? No-one with a fully functioning brain. This is a desperate plea for attention from Nugent as well. Completely unworthy of the anger anyone may feel from these ridiculous comments.

    Posted by: Francis | Apr 20, 2011 9:25:22 AM

  17. @ CANDIDEINNC: You're almost right: The WT is USED toilet tissue with writing on it.

    Posted by: Danny | Apr 20, 2011 9:26:24 AM

  18. hey Ted, this is Bart. Come on over, bring your guns (you're going to need them.) I'll show you just how homosexuals prance, by doing it all over your face. I understand the need for has-beens to try and stay relevant, and for chomosome (that's what makes up your genetic code, since I'm sure you're not smart enough to know that) deficient, gun fanatic, crap-for-brains gutter scum such as yourself and a pretty much all idiot homophobes and whining right-wing babies that can't seem to find their big boy pants and understand that bigotry and prejudice starts with words (what if a white player had called Kobe a pejorative for African American people...would you be upset about that too. Probably not because I'm sure you use it all the time, you know, being a friend of the black man that you are.)

    When you finally give up your well-stretched adolescence and grow some awareness and a brain, maybe you'll make a cogent argument. The NBA did what they thought is right, your regressive, asshat opinion is basically something to pity and laugh at. But being a clown has made you famous with the fringe. Enjoy your grasps at staying 'in the news' when your circling the drain of obscurity only to end up a Jeopardy question that no one can answer since they've completely forgotten about you.

    Posted by: Bart | Apr 20, 2011 9:26:48 AM

  19. Ted Nugent is a silly old goose who tried to make it big in rock 'n' roll but failed. He had the requisite long hair and flairs along with the macho posturing that was typical of 70's acts. Problem is, dear old Ted could hardly sing a note without sounding like a try-hard.

    Even Steve Perry of Journey fame managed to pull off the rock look much more convincingly, and that's saying something.

    Posted by: brian | Apr 20, 2011 9:27:01 AM

  20. Kobe would be as easy to replace and as quickly forgotten in the NBA as Nugent was 30 years ago in rock and roll.

    Posted by: Rikard | Apr 20, 2011 9:28:32 AM

  21. Can Ted see the Palin residence from his house?

    Posted by: Jack M | Apr 20, 2011 9:38:35 AM

  22. Maybe he is dating Victoria Jackson. Two has-beens who find their careers now dead who will do anything to get themselves back in the spotlight.

    Posted by: Chadd | Apr 20, 2011 9:40:53 AM

  23. Yawn. Just another typical rant by another "minor celebrity" homophobic Teahadist GOPer has-been (think similar crazies like Victoria Jackson and Chuck Norris). Crawl back into your shootin' blind with your huntin' rifle, Ted, and sit patiently until the snipes come into your sight.

    Posted by: Rob | Apr 20, 2011 9:46:13 AM

  24. "rocker" Ted Nugent has just been CRAZY Ted Nugent for 20-30 years - don't pay him anymind, he doesn't have one.

    Posted by: Rob | Apr 20, 2011 9:53:25 AM

  25. Huh, I would have thought that ratbastard would have jumped in to defend him by now.

    Posted by: Jason | Apr 20, 2011 9:56:28 AM

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