Rocker Ted Nugent Rips NBA for Fining Kobe Bryant’s Anti-Gay Slur

Rocker Ted Nugent has written an opinion piece published in the Washington Times, slamming the NBA for its fine on Kobe Bryant's recent anti-gay slur as part of a larger tirade against gay rights.

Nugent Some of Nugent's opinions:

"To be exact, Mr. Bryant committed this egregious verbal foul because he used a word demeaning to homosexuals, the most protected class of people in America."

"Think of it: $100,000 for calling someone a name. A simple apology from Mr. Bryant to the referee obviously wasn’t good enough for the NBA. I doubt Mr. Bryant would have been fined 10 cents had he referred to the referee as a useless Christ on a crucifix soaking in a vat of urine. No, the real reason Mr. Bryant was fined was because he used an anti-gay term to describe the referee. One has to wonder how much the NBA would have fined Mr. Bryant if, before the game, he had told the referee he “looked quite gay” that night."

"If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity."

Nugent suggests Bryant should threaten to quit the NBA:

"Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Mr. Bryant threatened to resign from the NBA over this? The amount of money the NBA would lose without Kobe Bryant helping to pack the stands would be staggering compared with the politically correct $100,000 fine levied on him. Mr. Bryant threatening to quit wouldn’t make the NBA very gay. I got 20 bucks that says the NBA would toss homosexuals under the bus and fold like a cheap suit to keep Mr. Bryant in the NBA."

(via media matters)


  1. Rin says

    Or maybe have useless past their prime redneck night? They could listen to Ted Nugent records and play with their comb-overs.

  2. Kas says

    Not to be funny, but, Ted who? I have no idea who this man is or what qualifies him to write for the Washington Times, however, I do find the fact that the Washington Times would publish blatant homophobic rantings offensive.

    I also take issue with being characterized as the most protected group in America. We are among the least protected and any half educated person would know that before exposing their ignorance to thousands of people.

  3. Steve Scarborough says

    He’s truly a gun nut
    In our side he’s a thorn
    Who kinda played the guitar
    Before you were born.

  4. woodroad34d says

    Ted Nugent from minor rocker to nothing human. That was a long walk off an incredibly short pier.

  5. Danny says

    @ KAS: you obviously are confusing the Washington Times with the Washington Post.

    WT is owned by the Rev Sun Myung Moon. As to getting published by the WT, if you wiped your ass with it and sent it in to them that would be enough qualification.

  6. Timothy says

    A) The Washington Times is still publishing?

    B) Many NBA teams do have “homosexual night” – including the DC team.

    C) I couldn’t tell you why Ted Nugent is famous if you held a gun to my head.

  7. Francis says

    First of all, why publish this? I guess the need for attention from WP superseded intellectual honesty and journalistic integrity in this case.

    Secondly, literally, who cares what this guy has to say? No-one with a fully functioning brain. This is a desperate plea for attention from Nugent as well. Completely unworthy of the anger anyone may feel from these ridiculous comments.

  8. Danny says

    @ CANDIDEINNC: You’re almost right: The WT is USED toilet tissue with writing on it.

  9. Bart says

    hey Ted, this is Bart. Come on over, bring your guns (you’re going to need them.) I’ll show you just how homosexuals prance, by doing it all over your face. I understand the need for has-beens to try and stay relevant, and for chomosome (that’s what makes up your genetic code, since I’m sure you’re not smart enough to know that) deficient, gun fanatic, crap-for-brains gutter scum such as yourself and a pretty much all idiot homophobes and whining right-wing babies that can’t seem to find their big boy pants and understand that bigotry and prejudice starts with words (what if a white player had called Kobe a pejorative for African American people…would you be upset about that too. Probably not because I’m sure you use it all the time, you know, being a friend of the black man that you are.)

    When you finally give up your well-stretched adolescence and grow some awareness and a brain, maybe you’ll make a cogent argument. The NBA did what they thought is right, your regressive, asshat opinion is basically something to pity and laugh at. But being a clown has made you famous with the fringe. Enjoy your grasps at staying ‘in the news’ when your circling the drain of obscurity only to end up a Jeopardy question that no one can answer since they’ve completely forgotten about you.

  10. brian says

    Ted Nugent is a silly old goose who tried to make it big in rock ‘n’ roll but failed. He had the requisite long hair and flairs along with the macho posturing that was typical of 70’s acts. Problem is, dear old Ted could hardly sing a note without sounding like a try-hard.

    Even Steve Perry of Journey fame managed to pull off the rock look much more convincingly, and that’s saying something.

  11. Rikard says

    Kobe would be as easy to replace and as quickly forgotten in the NBA as Nugent was 30 years ago in rock and roll.

  12. Chadd says

    Maybe he is dating Victoria Jackson. Two has-beens who find their careers now dead who will do anything to get themselves back in the spotlight.

  13. Rob says

    Yawn. Just another typical rant by another “minor celebrity” homophobic Teahadist GOPer has-been (think similar crazies like Victoria Jackson and Chuck Norris). Crawl back into your shootin’ blind with your huntin’ rifle, Ted, and sit patiently until the snipes come into your sight.

  14. Rob says

    “rocker” Ted Nugent has just been CRAZY Ted Nugent for 20-30 years – don’t pay him anymind, he doesn’t have one.

  15. Turlie says

    Are you kidding. The most protected class in America are upper class white heterosexual couPles. Homosexuals are close to the bottom.

  16. Keith says

    “I doubt Mr. Bryant would have been fined 10 cents had he referred to the referee as a useless Christ on a crucifix soaking in a vat of urine.”

    How is it that when our community is attacked and demeaned, that Christians somehow always manage to turn it around as if they’ve been attacked and we’re the aggressors?

    Christians certainly seem to have a psychology that requires victimization and persecution in order to function. . .even when they are the ones who are hostile.

  17. Louis says

    At least the Village People have their songs sung at EVERY straight wedding, Bar-Mitzvah, retirement party…..

    Who is Ted Nugent?

  18. says

    Homosexuals are the most protected class of people in America? Could have fooled me.
    There isn’t a day that goes by that a lgbt person somewhere isn’t harrassed, bashed, or killed by some mindless thug. Some protection. The more I hear about this Ted Nugent guy, the more outlandish and out of touch he proves himself to be. He’s a has been who needs to sit down and STFU.

  19. Zach says

    “”Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Mr. Bryant threatened to resign from the NBA over this? The amount of money the NBA would lose without Kobe Bryant helping to pack the stands would be staggering compared with the politically correct $100,000 fine levied on him.”

    It cuts both ways, obviously. There’s no professional alternative to the NBA; walking away over what amounts to a speeding ticket is manifestly absurd. Breach of contract, loss of salary, loss of endorsement deals… and the NBA has far deeper pockets than Kobe does.

  20. John says

    Has-been Ted has been an anti-gay jack-ass for years! The picture of him with this post says it all!

  21. Mel Smith says

    As a gay black man, I am so tired of reading about all the homophobia coming from white people.

  22. Sam says

    You’ll notice ole Teddie boy doesn’t use the word fag in his article. He knows it was wrong but has to voice his antigay ignorance just the same.

  23. Mel Smith says

    People like Nugent is introducing more ignorance and homophbia into my community with his propaganda campaign.

  24. Mel Smith says

    You guys complain about the homophobia coming from black people and look at the disgusing sh!t Nugent wrote about us in a major newspaper. THIS SH!T IS BEYOND HOMOPHOBIA; Nugent’s language is borderline threatening. What the f@ck are some of you doing to curtain the homophobia in your own community?

  25. Tyrone says

    Mel Smith,

    Dude, don’t even start with the racist BS about WHITE homophobes.
    How did the Blacks vote for Prop 8 in Cali? Yeah, I thought so!

    Homophobia is homophobia, White or Black or any other color for that matter!

  26. kodiak says

    I like the idea about pink basketballs. Add chromophobia to the mix, yes.

    I remember he was a ’70’s rocker. Don’t remember the music. He started garnering publicity after the music left, by being an outspoken politically incorrect mouthpiece. At first it was humorous, then it become predictable, now it’s tired. Anyone can now play Ted Nugent. Just say the most conservative statements you can think of and you’re there. Not very original. Never was really. He needs to shock and awe to increase his bank account. Stay tuned for the reality show. If you can call that ‘reality’.

  27. Mark says

    Ted Nugent is to manhood what a Stepford Wife is to the women’s movement. Instead of evolving he has devolved and chosen to fetishize the classic macho shithead male instead. Unfortunately he’s among friends here in the U.S. Just go to any gun show or wrestling match.

  28. Marc says

    It’s obvious by his statements that he is a raving homophobe.

    I’m gay and don’t listen to the Village People and I really dislike the colour pink.

    I still do not understand why some poeple are SO ANGRY about us wanting equal rights?
    I just don’t get it.

  29. Chitown Kev says


    Erykah Badu was right about your sorry ass.

    And how did the white people in Maine feel about Question 1?…and Maine is only for starters…

    Yeah, I thought so.

  30. Mel Smith says

    Tyrone, do you tell your community to “don’t even start with the racist BS” when the homophobobe is black? I agree homophobia is homophobia. But, be honest; you guys play the race card too, and I’m just curious to know how you respond to people in your community when they start bringing up the race of black homophobes.

    Again, you tell me to don’t “even start with the racist BS.” Now, do you offer that same response to people in your community who are doing the exact same thing I’m doing?

    I agree with everything you typed. I just want to honestly know your answer on how you would respond or have responded to white people who did the same thing I just did. Thanks.

  31. just_a_guy says

    Um, what an idiot. Christianists are a minority in this country, it’s true: But Christianists VISIBLY have the majority of the political power and as Nugent’s publication shows, they get airtime they don’t deserve. Christianists even are still granted “rights” under law to trounce on other minorities like they are not equal, e.g. through the BoyScouts. Such “rights” are like slaveholding “rights” and “rights” of husbands to have total control of their wives. They are not valid rights: And those are the sorts of “rights” that the Mormons and their hired gun-pig Gallagher–and now idiotic Nugent are afraid of losing. Unconscionable. I’d hate to be Nugent’s gay son.

    Also, Nugent’s statements are bold-faced lies: LGBTs have very few protections under the law: They face discrimination at work, are not allowed to form actual legal (or equally-treated) families under the law in most states, etc. Nugent needs to pull his head out of his ass and get honest. Also, an apology wouldn’t hurt. Let’s be honest, Nugent, non-gay Christians have not faced bashings since the middle ages–and then it was other “Christians” doing the bashings. Now the Christianists like you target your hate towards the gays. Didn’t certain Germans insist that the Jews were the cause of all their problems and supposedly way too protected…a repeated loud and false message from at least the 1920s to the 1940s. You are not looking good Nugent.

    (Of course, I don’t know who you are and don’t want to know, Mr. bigot pseudo-celeb. Dear inconsiderate sir, may Karma kick your career further in the crapper.)

  32. OJ says

    Chitown kev – you want to explain what you meant about erykah badont?
    Not everyone watches bet homie.

  33. just_a_guy says

    You know what, though: Hell, NBA teams COULD have a gay-fans night, wtf. I mean why not. It’d be a laugh and good publicity. Of course, it would look nothing like raging homophobe Nugent says.

    He’s a really insecure man. He must hate himself, poor guy. But then so do most villains. I guess this is how you want to be remembered, Nugent; well, you got someone’s attention. Happy?

  34. TonyJ says

    Nugent, Kid Rock, and Alice Cooper embarrassed any fans that they had by becoming right-wingers as they (badly) aged. It’s pathetic that they attack minorities (and they are all white males, too!).

    At least, rock n roll doesn’t have the number of haters that you hear in Country music, but it’s still sad that these bigots achieved any level of fame (appropriate or otherwise).

  35. Mel Smith says

    Myself and other gay black people have the best of both worlds.

    We are often awe struck by black homophobes, white gays, and white heterosexuals. I want someone to tell me why is it ok for white people to play the “race card,” but as soon as black people bring up race, we are starting the “race bs,” playing the “race card,” always talking about race, you guys always talking about race, etc????

    You guys play the race card on this site almost everyday, and myself and other black gays see the hypocrisy coming from black heter0sexuals and white people in general.

    Most importantly, you, white heterosexuals and black heterosexuals are all bullsh!t artists in my eyes. You guys are hypocrites and full of sh!t.

  36. Matt says

    Good Lord Mel!

    Maybe you could pause your pity party long enough to knock that huge chip off your shoulder. Stop the nonsense, your infighting is useless and completely counterproductive. Focus on something positive! Your negative attitude is unattractive and bad for your health.

  37. Derrick from Philly says


    you need to look up the definiton of racist.

    Mel Smith was using a little sarcasm as a preempitve strike against what usually happens on this blog in cases where race will come up. Mel was not the first poster to bring up race in this thread/discussion.


    Maybe the Eryka Badu was not for everybody. Just like if you made a reference to Conway Twitty everybody might not get it. You gotta’ Google, honey.

  38. Mel Smith says

    Matt, I am not being negative at I. As a social activist, I am not afraid to challenge issues affecting who I am. How am I being negative? Did I make any negative or disrespectful comments about someone or a group of people. The only thing I am doing is challenging the hypocrisy affecting my community.

    I’m sorry, I’m told old to be afraid to speak and type what’s on my mind. You call it “counterproductive,” I call it having an honest dialogue. You use the word, “pity.” What does pity has to do with challenging homophobia, hypocrisy, double standard race baiting, etc???

    No pun attended, but you can kiss my as$ if you don’t think I should express my current views. As long as I am not using derogatory language against people, I have a right to my beliefs.

    I’m not the enemy; homophobia and other problems are our enemies and we can’t be afraid to express how we feel. No disrespect at all

  39. Hollywood, CA says

    Two Things: One, 1975 Homophobia called and wanted to tip their hat to you, Sir.

    And two, I would have LOVED to see what the NBA would have done if Kobe had threatened to quit. Because, as everyone knows, money si what makes everything go around here in the US. It would have been fireworks!

  40. OJ says

    Derrick honey, use the Google? You realty think I’m going to research and Google every stupid obscure reference someone makes?
    Enjoy your Conway Twitty, who ever that is! And no, I’m not going to Google them Honey.

  41. just_a_guy says

    @Mel Smith: I like your posts and find your forthrightness refreshing. And Matt’s also not all wrong that throwing in a little hope couldn’t hurt either.

    @OJ, ur so camp I had to laugh. Thank you. And whoever said the NBA should have pink basketballs, ha, that’d be kinda kickass, man.

  42. dh says

    @Kev & @Mel– Ok, here you go: “Ted Nugent, whoever he is, is an ignorant hater who makes white people look bad, and he doesn’t deserve a free pass just because he’s white.”

    Is that what you wanted to hear? Happy now?

    Can we go back to hating our oppressors now and stop hating each other, please?

  43. Joseph says

    Thank you! But good luck with that one!

    Mel states: “Most importantly, you, white heterosexuals and black heterosexuals are all bullsh!t artists in my eyes. You guys are hypocrites and full of sh!t.”

    Then Mel states: “As long as I am not using derogatory language against people, I have a right to my beliefs.”

    DH, you can’t reason with an irrational person like Mel. He makes broad generalizations against a group of people because of the actions of some. Then he contradicts himself between posts. Just sad.

  44. Mel Smith says

    Let me say this: there will always be division between white and black people because you guys always try to correct our actions, but you honestly never take the time to correct yours. That’s the main problem, and than you try to hush people into not sharing their beliefs.

    When people post racists comments on this site, do any of you take the time to educate people of the countless gay black readers of towleroad?

    Joesph, ok. Do you honestly take the time the address the hyprocrisy and inconsistancies with your own people? I did exactly what you guys did. Out of frustration I attacked the homophobia coming from white people, and as usual, some of you were quick to educate me on making generalizations. I have no problems at all about being corrected.

    However, do you correct people when they make generalizations about black people? Do you correct people who race bait the black homophobe? Do you correct people who make racist statements about black people despite the fact that countless black gay people like me support this site? You don’t do any of that, but you guys are so quick to correct us. Double standard pieces of sh!t.

    Double standards and hypocrisy.

  45. Louis says

    Mel Smith, YOU are a racist!

    You just assume that there are NO white people that would ever come to the defense of a black person who is the subject of racism. Just wow!

    You also assume that there are NO white people that are fighting against homophobia and racism through education. You want proof that YOU are a racist?

    Your comment, ” Do you honestly take the time the address the hyprocrisy and inconsistancies with your own people?”

    YOUR OWN PEOPLE!? We should ALL be fighting intolerant regardless of color. YOU need to take a long, hard look in the mirror, pal!
    I agree with Joseph, there no reasoning with a person like you!

  46. Mel Smith says

    This message is for all gay black people who visit this site:

    We should not be patronizing a site that is visited by insensitive racist pieces of
    sh!t. I have no beef with Andy.

    Most of them don’t respect us. If they did, why do they post offensive or racist postings in our presence? How come they don’t correct people in their own communities about making generalizations, but are oh so quick to correct us?

    They are no different than the homophobe. Let’s visit another site in which the readers are not blind by their own generalizations, ignorance and prejudice.

  47. jamal49 says

    Just for the record: Ted Nugent had a hit single in 1967 (Journey to the Center of Your Mind) with a group called The Amboy Dukes. Which then became Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes (I saw him/them in 1968 in California. Don’t ask.)

    In the 1970’s into the early 1980’s, Ted went solo and had a few middling albums. He was primarily an opening act for a lot of bigger groups. He wore tight, tight pants, showed very little dick (a nub, actually). He was known as a “gonzo” guitar player and I must say, he is, or rather was, damn good (saw him again in 1975 in Ohio; don’t ask).

    He is an admitted sex addict, or was, anyway, and proudly boasts of having had rank, promiscuous sex all throughout his mediocre career. He had a real thing for underage girls. I’m talking 14-15 year-old type girls. He actually married one of them when she was 15 and he was 27 or something like that.

    He has always been a right-winger and very outspoken about it. He’s a big gun-rights advocate and had a brief reality show a few years ago (Ted Nugent’s Survival Camp or something like that). He, like Sarah Plain, hunts all his own meat (the kind you can eat). All his kids were gun-trained by the age of six.

    He’s now big on the fringe, right-wing circuit where he’ll show up, play his old semi-hits, crank out some gonzo-guitar and rant and rave about the “faggots in Washington” and “pansy-ass Democrats”. He has his own radio show out of Michigan that’s syndicated in minor markets around the country.

    He is an avowed homophobe and an under-the-radar racist.

    He’s also one of the biggest ass-wipes ever.

  48. Mel Smith says

    Louis, do you know the definition of a racist? A racist is someone who hates or dislikes someone because of their skin color or ethnicity. A racist is someone who would try to keep an individual from succeeding because of skin color or ethnicity.

    It does not make one a racist just because I am a black person engaging white people about homophobia and race. And an overwhelming majority don’t take the take to address ignorance in their own communities(I live in a black neighborhood, that is what I mean by community.). I know this because most black heterosexuls also don’t take the time to address homophobia. When I typed “your kind,” I am referring to people who look like you.

    So if you think I am racist, f@ck you and your opinion!

  49. Lashawn says

    Lame retort Mel!
    Oh no, you’re not a racist by any means.

    “This message is for all gay black people who visit this site”
    Way to promote segregation, Mel. Then you’ll turn around and complain about the segregation from the white man that’s keeping you down.
    Stop embarrassing yourself already!

  50. Pointed says

    Ted used stereotypes because that is all he knows. I am gay, but I don’t prance, I don’t like “The Village People’s” music and pink is WAY not my color. I believe this qualifies for douchebagdom.

    “If the NBA had any true gay convictions, the NBA should host a Homosexual Night. During halftime, the homosexuals could come down on the court, hold hands and prance around the court to music by the Village People. The NBA could then give each homosexual a pink basketball as a symbol of solidarity.”

  51. Stephen says

    Only time I ever see a group of people listening to and dancing to the Village People is at heterosexual weddings. What is it with Str8s and YMCA?

  52. Akula says

    Since we’ve been discussing Ted Nugent, this seemed a good time to bring up Nugent’s draft dodging. It’s well known that Nugent claims to have gone to great lengths to flunk his Draft Board physical. What’s not so well-known is that he got a student deferment at the same time he was touring with his rock band, putting in an average of 300 shows a year. How More.. was he going to school and touring that much at the same time?
    Nugent’s Selective Service records, obtained via a FOIA request. Nugent received student deferments in 1967 (1-S) and 1968 (2-S). But according to the Internet Movie Data Base website, Nugent has been “performing professionally since 1958, non-stop yearly touring since 1967, averaging more than 300 shows per year ’67-73.” Hmm, that would include the two years he was supposedly too wrapped up in his studies to be serving his country.

  53. Mel Smith says

    Lashawn, you obviously have not read all of my responses. If so, you would not have quickly challenged my views. Now, the hell with you and your ignorant opinion.

    Calling all black gay people to not support ignorance and racism is not promoting segregation at all. You’re too blind to see this because you are a twisted confused fool. It would be one of the scariest things in the world if you are a black person. You automatically assumed I was wrong because of the presumption you have about blacks.

    Not one person have answered my question on if they challenged the racism and ignorance on this site.

    I got one person who thinks I’m racist, and another person who thinks I’m for segregation????? What the f@ck!!!! I’m for segregation because I’m asking people like me to patronize sites visited by less bias people?

    If the readers of this site is bias, I have a right to tell black gay folks to visit a site with less bias. That’s not promoting segregation at all. That’s saying visit a site free from bigotry. I’m promoting segregation but I leave here and recommend that people visit white owned sites like Liberals Like Christ and other sites??????

    Read my views before you make a bias opinion about me! You don’t f@cking know me! I am the last person to race bait for the hell of it. But, I am not afraid to speak what’s on my mind.

  54. Mel Smith says

    And if you think I’m racist or for segregation, ask the countless people I work with how do they feel about me. I am one of the most liberal reformed minded people anyone would ever meet.

    Don’t f@cking make a false assumption about me just because I challenged the thoughts and views of some people who visit this site. You don’t even waste your breath to challenge the supremacy minds and ignorance against people of color that some white gays have. But, you got enough time to attack me??? I have a right to be upset by the lack of respect that some white gays have for black gays. If you are not comfortable with me addressing my views, that’s your f@cking problem, not mine!

  55. Bill_HB says

    Sorry Ted, the most protected group in the country is gun owners. I’m sure you are fine with that. Clown.

  56. TonyJ says

    Ted is coming to the Independent in San Francisco on July 5th.

    I hope they will cancel his show. I certainly plan to tell them that they should shut it down.

    Please join me in that effort.

  57. just_a_guy says

    @TonyJ. Good call. SF needs to shut this Nugent hater DOWN.

    @Mel: Wow, man. Hardcore. I guess u dish it out and take it alike tho. But u’ve no grounds to leave us based on this thread, mate. We talk here.

    @Jamal: Your comments hit on another Nugent hang-up: his own masculinity. He insults by using feminity references. Hates women, too. and any part of himself that might be a tad fem. (how’s that for a new layer, Mel? ;–).)

  58. Matt S says

    The NBA would barely lose a cent losing Kobe, ted. Another player would come along.

    Who is this relic?

  59. Ryno says

    Gays ARE the most protected group of Americans. It’s pretty sad. I’m not anti-gay or homophobic by any means, and I think that gay people should be allowed to live a happy life. But let’s be real here. He was fined for calling a ref a “faggot”. Give me a break. People use that word all the times. Heck, I’ve heard gay people use it. This is an over reaction by an overly sensitive community. And the NBA had to cater to them in order to avoid the backlash it would receive from the overly protected gay community had they not handed a harsh fine down to Bryant.

    Let it be known, I’m for gay marriage, not a lakers fan, not a basketball fan, not a kobe fan, and I couldn’t care less about the NBA. But I’m a realist, and you would be ignorant to believe that people aren’t over sensitive about the gay community. They are overly protected. PERIOD.