1. says

    Wow, Toemaggon is f’n insane. There’s a boy in my son’s school who likes to dress in girls clothes and fortunately his parents, the school, and at least so far, his classmates are fine with it.

    Can’t wait ’til these troglodytes finally die off and let people be themselves and love their family members.

  2. Matt says

    we have truly disintegrated as a society if this story is a hot button issue. Oh by the way, gas is going to be $5 a gallon and unemployment is still way up and the Republicans want to destroy Medicare but a 5 year old wearing pink nailpolish is the hot topic of the day. We should wipe this country clean with a tsunami!

  3. jerry says

    I could n’t help but wonder what the reaction would be to a father playing catch with his daughter ? Would the troglodytes of the right and their supporters at ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN gotten their shorts and panties all twisted up ina similar fashion ?
    I loved when Jon Stewart showed the shots of the professional wrestler with the paineted toenails and told him Ablow just called him a pussy.

  4. woodroad34wo says

    I noticed that overly painting oneself like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman, doesn’t necessarily turn one into a whore…Whoops! my bad…

  5. Paul R says

    The best part was that this wasn’t a “gay” story or even “transgender” (though that was mentioned more). It was just revealing idiocy, and not in a pandering way. Just a, “Aren’t we better than this?” way?

    I still aver that J Crew was entirely aware of the predictable reaction. But if that’s going to be a trend in advertising, I can think of worse.

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