Towleroad Guide to the Tube #869

TIGER GIVING BIRTH: Rare new footage.

DAMIANA GARCIA: World of Wonder's correspondent hits the red carpet at the NewNowNext awards.

BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY: Randall is back with a look at this colorful species. Also, the cheetah and the stiffy goat.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Tells Trump she thinks he is doing Democrats a big favor with his birther crusade.

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  1. james Wood says

    I never thought, in a million years, that the Republicans could find someone stupider than George W to rally behind… I was wrong. Trump is not only dumber than GWB but he’s way more arrogant. I fear for America.

  2. Drew says

    If Trump didn’t start off on the gays and birther movement, I would have voted for him. He’s 100% right about China destroying America’s economy (thanks to cheap Americans living luxury lifestyles, admittedly) and he’s got logic that lobbyist-held politicians don’t. But now, he has become one hella’ crazy SOB.

  3. deanybeany says

    I knew I shouldn’t have watched that Trump video. His idiocy just makes my head hurt. What a CLOWN! And Gretta is right – I just now donated to the Obama campaign.

  4. Bryan says

    I’ve no interest in God and despise Christianity but every night I nonetheless get down on my knees, squeeze my eyes shut, and pray with all my might, “Please, Jesus, please… Trump/Palin in 2012!”

    Having grown weary of America’s tragic decline, I’m now just in it for the comedy.

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