Towleroad Guide to the Tube #871

NOM RHODE ISLAND'S CHRIS PLANTE: Gays' marriages "turn children into little teacup dogs."

ROBYN: "Call Your Girlfriend" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

CONGRESSMAN MARKEY: Republicans are not only trying to destroy the World Wide Web, they're trying to destroy the Whole Wide World.

KOBE BRYANT: Thomas Roberts talks with Marc Malusis (On-Air Host, WFAN) about the controversy.

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  1. redball says

    Gotta love Plante’s smug, closing comment:

    “There’s a certain part of me that enjoys doing conservative politics in a Starbucks. I feel like a rebel there.”

    A rebel against…morality? equality? science? reason? LOL self-satisfied dumb-@ss b!tch

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