1. OMNOMNOM says

    It is completely erroneous to credit Apple or the iPad with the invention of the tablet. This article is not news. It is retrofitted propaganda.

  2. says

    Julian May had them and called them Fleck Plaques in her sci-fi Galactic Milieu Trilogy dating to 1991

    Mark twain predicted the internet in 1898

  3. RyanInSacto says

    @OMNOMNOM: Rather than the invention of the tablet, I think this actually credits Apple with the creation of a tablet business model that actually works similar to what the company did when it created a digital music business model that actually works.

  4. qjersey says

    So much of our current tech was first “introduced” in science fiction stories.

    Star Trek: Flip phones, flatscreens, tablets, hand scanners, MRI/Pet Scans, etc.

    If we imagine it, someone will eventually try and build it, even if years later.

  5. says

    This was fascinating to watch….Knight Ridder got so much right in their vision. It was funny, though, to watch how the described readers loading issues onto cards from kiosks…obviously wireless was not something they imagined. : ) I’m starting to feel old.

  6. Galore says

    And Apple made it real.

    It’s easy coming up with concepts but hard to actually make them happen.

  7. Rob says

    my god, 15 years from now are they going to look back on 2011 and think, wth are they wearing.

  8. says



    im re-reading (probably 10th time now LOL)the galactic Milieu stuff on book 2 Diamond Mask. of course I’ll have to go and re-read the Pliocine Exile as well

    More insider stiff for u

    Marc Remillard is sexy
    Uncle rogi is a cool old fart
    Beware the orgies of the sex crazed turkeys, Gi


  9. Robert says

    “And Apple made it real.”

    No, Apple made it shiny and pretty. My friend’s been doing this with a clunky tablet laptop (which is why the name TABLET isn’t trademarked — they’ve existed) for 6 or 7 years now. And it’s “clunky” because it’s, ya know, a full computer with a DVD drive. But it’s entirely flat and entirely touchscreen.

  10. just_a_guy says

    love love love Andy. Thank you. And CRAZY.

    As I’ve said before, casually following your blog somehow manages to include just enough stuff like this that I almost feel like I still keep up with both Popular Mechanics and Popuplar Science like I once did as a nerdy teen, ha. All in a day I guess… A little lightening of the load never hurts right :–).

  11. Mike says

    that’s pretty cool. i’m still waiting for the Hover boards and flying cars that Back to the Future part II predicted we’d get by 2015. I’m gonna be really pissed if we don’t

  12. says

    Amazingly accurate prediction of the technology. (Except for the reading it on a park bench in sunlight part.) Still the one thing KR didn’t predict is the proliferation of media *sources.* Technology gives Steve Jobs a chubby, but the real revolution has resulted in the marginalization of news corporations like KR – a company that starts its video with a shot of its multi-million-dollar facility. Andy – where’s your big facility? Oh yeah – you don’t need one.

  13. jamal49 says

    So, my question is: who owns the intellectual property rights (i.e. who conceived the idea first) for this invention? Not Apple, then, is it.