1. Leo says

    makes me sad, makes me angry, blah blah blah. I feel like a broken record commenting on these attacks that happen seemingly all the time. I hear “things are getting better” but are they, really? Just depressing.

    Oh yeah, commence South Carolina bashing and racism in the comments thread, lowering yourselves to their level in the process (rolls eyes).

  2. Phil says

    South Carolina doesn’t have a hate crimes law, so this is the ideal instance to use the federal law, the Matthew Shepard Act. Gay, straight, bi…all kinds of people need to make enough noise so that the federal hate crimes law is applied here.

  3. Danny says

    seems like it began as a homophobic attack but all those joining the melee’ had not way of knowing that. It morphed into a very ugly racist scene after that.

    Having said that, I dont know where such swine thing they prove their manhood by beating up one guy who turns out to be a faggot.

    I grew up only a few miles from where this took place and I gotta say–I freakin’ hate the South; but we got plenty of racist/homophobic ugly right here in New York City.

  4. Matt26 says

    Awful. We need to fight back, our own way. Gays just cannot watch this and do nothing. We have every right to walk hand in hand, kiss etc in a public. Society needs a change.

  5. Phil says

    @ Danny:

    You raise an interesting point that I was wondering about myself. How could the others who joined the initial attack have know the victim was gay? IF the initial attacker shouted that information to the others and it spread through the crowd, then it was purely homophobic rather than racist. But that’s IF. Only an investigation will reveal the answer.

  6. John B. says

    But… but… but… it’s NOM’s allies on the right who are under threat! The good, moral, and law-abiding people who are getting harassed and attacked for nothing more than trying to “protect marriage”. Right??? They have a monopoly on victimhood so how can this be???

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but whenever I hear about something like this, it makes me want to throw a pity party for NOM and their allies who don’t have a clue what real intimidation, harassment, and (often violent) victimization are like.

  7. pretty rat boy says

    So many delusional and/or naive people. A black gay man would have like-wise been jumped, but the fact the victim is white is icing on the cake. Racism and racist violence is a problem in the U.S., but it’s mostly black on white not the other way around.


    I’m well aware of course the leftist and ‘Progressive’ among you in particular will waste no opportunity to bash the U.S. and Americans. As far as black populations in America, Canada, Europe, the UK are concerned, the U.S. has by far the largest black population at 13% of the population [some southern states and states that border the south like Maryland have black populations at 20-30%, and majority black cities], but the further west and north you go, the black population declines dramatically. By comparison the UK, Canada are roughly 1-2% black.What I’m getting at is Euros, Brits, Canadians have zero business lecturing Americans about race and diversity, just like they have zero business lecturing Brazilians or South Africans.

    South Carolina is one of the top ten most violent American states. South Carolina has a black population 30.01% black, and black males commit the majority of violent crimes in S. Carolina. In fact, all of the top ten most violent states have the same thing in common: they have unusually large ‘Minority’ populations, especially black. The most violent cities like wise have very large or majority black populations.

    The top ten least violent American states have all like wise something in common. Anyone want to guess what that is?

    Why do we have to play these stupid games and beat around the bush in 2011? Only very naive, ignorant or retarded people can’t put 2 and 2 together.

  8. says

    Guys, @rw, please do not encourage people to post racist comments. Those who post them will simply have them unpublished if they appear and or/be BANNED from commenting on the site. I regret that some comments do get by us, and that is because we depend on you to alert us at tips@ I try to keep this as open a forum as possible, but I do not have the time to monitor the 23, 670 posts that are on this blog. Please alert us to racist trolls, flamethrowing, etc. Thanks.

  9. pretty rat boy says

    Although I must say he doesn’t look like he was that badly beaten judging by his face and a single black eye. I’ve been in fights where I sustained much worse injuries.

  10. says

    Also @RW, the insinuation you’re making with the comment that racist comments SOMEHOW get by me, as if I somehow approve of them, is disgusting.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I freakin’ hate the South; but we got plenty of racist/homophobic ugly right here in New York City.”

    Yeah, racism/homophobia exists in NYC too, for sure, but you also have Schumer and Gillibrand as your very gay-friendly Senators, whereas SC has anti-gay Lindsi Graham and Jim DeMint, who wants to fire all gay school teachers. In SC, it is not just isolated pockets of homophobia, it is more institutionalized.

  12. Latrelle says

    You sicken me!
    Not only can you not wait to pounce and use the race-card, your comment encourages the use of racist nonsense.

    Why don’t you at least wait until some moron makes a racist comment before you make a fool out of yourself.

  13. redball says

    Pretty rat boy/Ratbastard/RaceBaiter:

    “I’ve been in fights where I sustained much worse injuries”

    Would you pls unpack that statement? Sounds to me like you are a PTSD sufferer who was beat down, perhaps by a group that included some blacks and now you are blinded with racism.

    The main problem with your “analyses” is that you lack depth. You try to insinuate that blacks have a genetic propensity to violence. The fact of the matter is, even if your numbers are true, violence is socially (not genetically) produced. It is produced by things like the quality of one’s upbringing, role models (or lack thereof), and even the quality of the prenatal environment.

    Please…READ A BOOK! No one deserves to be violently attacked, but comments like yours tempt me to think otherwise.

  14. redball says

    RW is no fool. I didn’t know what he was talking about until I saw the video…and then I too knew that the racist comments would be a-comin’.

  15. Francis says

    I think this is a partial hate crime, but I don’t think that gay was the lone intent of why they beat him, because I’ve seen these types of thugs beating anyone, for any reason. I think that the gay angle started the situation, but I guess they felt like he was being “fresh” by not being a coward. Thugs like this, who are insecure, feed on weakening others to feel strong, and beat you if you don’t back down to them. They looked at this young white gay dude, and tried to intimidate him, and they probably thought he “talking back” to them was instigating the situation. Of course, what we don’t know is if they shouted out that he was gay, or if these other dudes just jumped in because they saw a fight.

    This isn’t a race issue. People don’t commit crimes because of the color of their skin solely. This is a cultural issue. And it’s one that has been a long time coming, and sometime soon needs to be addressed, because gay people and really all innocents are in the line of fire.

  16. redball says

    @Tank: Fools who perfectly predicted human nature? Thanks! Pls consult your nearest dictionary…fool.