1. Sean says

    What a wonderful sequence. For us Westerners, the polite, unemotional countenance of the Japanese seems strange in the face of such disaster, but the obvious joyous emotion of the dog and its owner shows us that they are just as moved as the rest of us.

  2. Richard says

    I very rarely cry (or comment here), but the raw happiness of the dog and owner has got my eyes watery! I am such a sucker for animals now that I have cats of my own.

  3. Ken says

    There are millions of horrible stories in this disaster. For us animal lovers, there are few that start out so heart breaking and end so heart warming.

    Looks like the Japanese media knew this was a big story the way the camera and audio men jostle for position when the dog comes off the boat.

  4. Dynex says

    LOVED this. Dogs rule..animals have a sense of compassion most humans (as obvious by the nati gay stories read here) can’t even begin to understand. Pet owners know the joy and unconditional love granted to us by our pet friends. They mean the world to many of us and brighten our world on a daily basis.

  5. says

    Dogs are the BEST! I can only imagine how empty my life would be without my loving miniature schnauzer Abby. She is an amazing companion and is adored by my partner and I. The unconditional love of a dog is incredible and to not know that love would be very sad indeed.

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