Zimbabwe President Mugabe Condemns ‘Gay Filth’ of Europe

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe attacked Western countries that have imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on him by suggesting he doesn't care and condemning their acceptance of homosexuality.

Mugabe Said Mugabe:

"We don't worry ourselves about the goings-on in Europe. About the unnatural things happening there, where they turn man-to-man and woman-to-woman. We say, well, it's their country. If they want to call their country British Gaydom, it's up to them. That's not our culture. We condemn that filth. We get alarmed when these countries have the audacity to schedule us as an item to discuss in their parliament."

LAst July, Mugabe vowed to not include rights for gays in a new draft of the country's constitution. He also took the time to once again compare gays to pigs and dogs.


  1. Brian says

    Translation ” Well, fine…I don’t want to come to your country or have any of your goods and services anyway. You have gay people and are all a bunch of poopy-faces.”

  2. MatthewCA81 says

    Girl, you better recognize! If countries give an evil dictator aid, they are going to have to discuss that country, it’s policies, it’s values, it’s “leadership,” and a host of other things. But let’s let him go on and continue with his trillion dollar bills and blood-filled elections. Should those leaders he condemns just write “cash” on the check while he continue to starve his people and feed them lies? Evil is often not a subtle thing.

  3. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    oh but the truly great sins of the white man are wonderful in Zimbabwe

    government crack down on unions, cutting workers salaries for bigger corporate profits, etc

    This fool probably in reality doesn’t give 2 cents about gay people. Just a convenient scapegoat to cover over the crimes and corruption of his government and to demagogue the population

    don’t look at those people trying to form unions and agree with them that corporations are causing problems in Zimbabwe………..its those euro inspired evil gayssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    It would probably about one tenth the effort put into getting rid of Gadafi in order to rid Africa and the world of this senile old despot. BUT, I guess it aint worth anybody’s time.

    …actually, probably less than one tenth. A few grenades and bye bye Bobby.

  5. Tigger says

    Its amazing how the American Taliban has poisoned the mind of this savage with their religious vitriol. He was probably living happily in his hut before the missionary whack jobs poisoned his mind.

  6. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    tigger troll

    The kingdom of zimbabwe was a prosperous kingdom at one time dominating the ivory and gold trade in the area and building stone fortresses with the ruins of impressive dry stone fortresses still around today (dry stone = no mortar which requires greater intellectual investment in design)

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “savage” “happily in his hut”

    Oh, Tigger, Andy doesn’t like visitors exchanging slurs and racial insults on his blog. Why are you pushing it? …using insulting imagery that goes back long before homophobia in Africa was ever thought of.

    Don’t take me there, Tigger. I’d have to find some way to respond to you without using profanity and I’m too old & weary to put in the effort.

    And you aint foolin’ anybody with that posting name…you dirty, stin….see what I mean? Nevermind.

  8. OY says

    It’s true — it would be better to concentrate on the horrors of colonialism and its aftermath (the real reason Zimbabwe is in this state today) than the insignificant fact that there are gay people, well, everywhere.

  9. Steve says

    Zimbabwe used to be of the most prosperous countries in Africa. It was called the “breadbasket of Africa” because farming was so successful there.

  10. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    post post script 😛

    “Zimbabwe” is variously translated from the Shona language to mean “sacred house,” “venerated houses,” “houses of stone,” “ritual seat of the king,” “court,” or “home or grave of the chief.”

    “Houses of stone”

    :-) tigger troll can you learn from and appreciate facts?

  11. Rick says

    That “culture” he is so proud of has resulted in a region that is in a class of its own in terms of its backwardsness and dependence vis-a-vis not only the West, but the rest of the world.

    Sub-Saharan Africa is the sick man of the world, entirely dependent on the charity of other regions and countries just to feed and clothe itself at the most minimal levels.

    Take aid programs out of the continent and it would collapse completely in an Apocalypes of starvation, disease, and violence……

    Maybe the aid should be removed if the homphobic intansigence of its inhabitants continues…..

  12. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    rick and how did it get that way?

    how did a once prosperous kingdom become what it is today? centuries of colonialism and western exploitation/dominance

    A once prosperous kingdom that had trade routes that stretched all the way to arabia and into china as evidenced by coins and pottery shards found at Great Zimbabwe

  13. Jonathan says

    Rhodesia, even as a colony, was a successful agrarian economy. Mugabe changed that. He is bleeding the country dry of every cent he can steal and his people are starving. Some leader.

    MSTROZFCKSLV – Don’t blame it all on colonialism. Mugabe is a pig who destroyed Zimbabwe and ran the economy into the ground.

  14. Steve says

    Zimbabwe (or rather Rhodesia) did very well as a British colony. Sure, most of the wealth was owned by white people, but the entire country was relatively well off too.
    It was after they fought for their independence that everything began to decline. Even then it wasn’t so bad until Mugabe and his cronies forcefully seized the remaining white farms.

    Sorry, but as bad as the Colonial era was for many countries there, it’s not like they learned anything from it. Wherever you look it’s poverty, misery and limitless corruption. They’ve had 30-40 years to turn their countries around. That’s more than enough time. Especially considering how resource-rich some of them are.

  15. Rick says

    @MSTROZFCKSLV I am sorry, but that old “colonialism destroyed a once-vibrant and affluent Africa” idea is now bankrupt. Africa was in the Stone Age, technologically and otherwise, when Europeans arrived…..it had contributed nothing to the advance of humanity in its entire existence, unlike Europe, Asia, and the Arab world.

    Not a single advance of our species has come from the contributions made by Sub-Saharan Africa. Not one.

    India was once a colony, too, by the way, the “jewel in the crown” of the British Empire, but while India is in the process of becoming a major economic player on the world stage (as obviously is China, which was also basically reduced to a colony by the West), in sharp contrast to any country in Africa. So try as one might to continue to blame Africa’s problems on colonialism, the rise of Asia (and countries like Brazil) proves the lie.

    It is increasingly apparent that nobody is to blame for Africa’s problems but Africans themselves…..

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “Sub-Saharan Africa is the sick man of the world, entirely dependent on the charity of other regions and countries just to feed and clothe itself at the most minimal levels.”

    Rick, during this 150 anniversary of the start of the American Civil War many Americans have decided not only to do more research on the War but also do more research slavery and the slave trade. Last week I read some slave narratives and also read the synopsis of PBS’ great special “Africans in America”. So, when someone like you tells me about the “backwardness” of Africans and their descendents I’m ready for you.

    Slavery and colonialism laid the foundation for the mess Sub-Saharah Africa is in–and the corrupt, greedy post-colonial black bastards like Mugambe put even more misery on their own people.

    Every person of African descent must study slavery and colonialism; if not, they’ll believe what White supremacists like you have to say about them. Their self esteem will be damaged severely. If they have knowledge of their African past and your European past there is no way they’ll feel inferior…especially to someone like you.

    “Maybe the aid should be removed if the homphobic intansigence of its inhabitants continues…..”

    What do you care? It will be African Gays who will suffer and they are black…so what do you care?

  17. C says

    Dear Mr. Mugabe:

    If Europe is so bad, why do millions try to flee your country and continent each year to try to get to Europe? Why don’t you focus on the fact that your economy is the most pathetic in the world? You are a delusional ape.

    Lover of British Gaydom

  18. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    rick steve and your fellow kkk gays

    Mugabe is a pig for sure and you miss the point of pointing out zimbabwe’s past pre colonialism

    Your racsim does not solve the issue of mugabe being a pig or alleviate the suffering of zimbabwe gays

    As derek from philly said this only affects black gays so cry your false river of tears somewhere else, you obviously don’t care about what happens to them

  19. Kas says


    It is evident that colonialism and the subsequent partitioning of Africa along largely arbitrary lines that were convenient to European powers had significant impacts on Africa. There comes a point, however, when Africa and its descendants in the United States and Europe must become primarily responsible for their own circumstances.

    It has been nearly one hundred and fifty years since any person was held in bondage in the United States, and very nearly fifty years since the civil rights acts made segregation a thing of the past. In the context of the African continent it has been forty years or more in most cases since independence was granted by the dominant European powers. To continue to simply blame European whites for the troubles of the continent or its descendants is intellectually lazy at best and at worst a dismissal of any realistic search for solutions.

    The time for recriminations and reparations is quickly coming to a close if it has not already. I believe you will find that the sympathy of white America has been mostly exhausted.

    What is needed in Africa and in the African-American communities is a cultural shift that can only be accomplished from within. Perhaps the cycle of destructive behaviors began with European colonialism and slavery but its continuance after fifty years of affirmative action in the United States and foreign aid to Africa is entirely the responsibility of the respective communities.

    You can gnash your teeth and decry the inequities of European civilization (I include the United States as descendant civilization) but no civilization before it has gone so far in an effort to correct its perceived past errors as Europeans and Americans have done. I personally find it unlikely that the global civilizations that rise to replace them will do as much when they inevitably make their own great mistakes.

    TLDR Version: It happened. It is over. Reparations have been made by the West and continue to be made. It is time to move on.

  20. Derrick from Philly says


    I never have to gnash my teeth because I’m aware of non-Eurocentric versions of history. I don’t depend on white racist versions of African history or your version of the history of Africans in the Western Hemisphere.

    If you believe that slavery ended in the United States with the end of the Civil War then that shows how little you know about the history of race in America. Defacto forms of slavery continued throughout the South well up until the mid-twentieh century. I read an article the other day about young black men being falsely arrested and sent to forced labor camps in the South, and that was decades after the Emancipation Proclamation.

    “I believe you will find that the sympathy of white America has been mostly exhausted.”

    That’s another great American myth. For most of you (including White American Gays) that sympathy was never there.

  21. C says

    Newsflash: one cannot comment about anything black/african/african-american and be correct. Derrick from Philly is only allowed to do that. Anything someone says will always be wrong (even if you’re 100% correct, as in Kas’ case).

    On an unrelated story, Whitey’s oppression made Kobe Bryant call that referee a fag. It’s a fact.

  22. Kas says

    @ Derrick

    I believe it relevant to this discussion to point out that my primary blood line is Native American (Catawba to be precise) not European white.

    To put it mildly I believe I did reference the end of segregation and the Jim Crow system as being nearly fifty years in the past. There is no appreciable measure by which the African-American community can continue to shift the blame for its own circumstances to the white community.

    It may surprise you to learn that I am a supporter of affirmative action programs and continued aid to the most impoverished people regardless of race. In short I am a card carrying bleeding heart liberal. This does not mean that I believe that the blame game can continue ad infinitum.

    Also to answer the charge that I am ignorant of history I feel obliged, by ego if nothing else, to point out that I am a graduate student with undergraduate degrees in both history and political science.

  23. Ty says

    It’s just ironic that someone who’s race has a history of slavery would be denigrating and enslaving another race( which is sort of what we are). Where is the humility??

  24. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says

    kas you are a fool

    “……..There is no appreciable measure by which the African-American community can continue to shift the blame for its own circumstances to the white community…”

    I can name just 1 which then of course using the scientific method dismisses your entire hypothesis (the scientific method requires only 1 example of proving a hypothesis false to nullify the hypothesis in tot till the scientist spends time reworking theory hypothesis to better match reality)

    The current US criminal justice system and education system

    We spend more on prisons than we do on education

    We place more african american males in prison for petty things than any white white collar criminals. Not 1 bankster has gone to jail yet for the great american heist in fact we abetted the criminals by bailing them out/ bailing out the banks. bernie madoff does not count due to the fact his crime had nothing to do with financial melt down and was something else entirely = a ponzi scheme

    There is no explanation for this except racism and oppresion of african american males

    Well , actually an argument could be made that it is based on race and CLASS for their are more poor whites in jail for unpaid speeding tickets than their are rich white bankers who brought the us economy to the brink of disaster………and how many enron execs actually ended up in jail for stealling little old ladies retirement accounts?

  25. C says

    @DERRICK: “We place more african american males in prison for petty things…”

    I don’t consider assault/battery/theft to be petty things. Last time I checked, no one (white or black) is in jail for jaywalking or anything truly petty. That’s what civil court is for.

    If you’re interested, let me know: I’d love to buy you a one-way ticket to Harare.

  26. Kas says


    Let me open by saying everything that I am about to say is based entirely on colloquial data. It is my opinion based off what I have read in traditional news outlets as well as personal experience in an educational setting. I’d love to do some serious research on the topic at some point but I have not as of yet had an opportunity to do so.

    Also, MSTRO, If we wish to start name calling I could come up with some interesting ones but I think you’d prefer we keep this at least mostly civil.

    I tend to disagree with your analysis. The criminal justice system is a well known example of a situation that evinces the inequality in the circumstances that African-Americans currently find themselves in. My argument is not that the circumstances of all of America’s races are equal, that would be a denial of reality. My argument is that the African-American community cannot continue to blame the white community for those circumstances.

    The causes of higher rates of African-American imprisonment can be debated but to me it seems far more likely that economic and cultural triggers play a far greater role than racism on the part of judicial authorities.

    There seem to be a number of disturbing trends in African-American culture that contribute to this situation. For example, education in general and higher education in particular do not seem to be particularly valued among African-American males in certain economic groups. Indeed when we begin examining African-American society in general we see an interesting tendency of late to form a sort of female dominated society in which African-American females run both the households and are the primary bread winners.

    I suppose there are those that would argue that this is a direct result of some perceived racial discrimination. I would argue that instead it is a series of poor life choices brought about by a culture that does not properly place an emphasis on education and personal enrichment.

    The question posed by the criminal justice system is an interesting one to be sure. I think it will take a great deal of research to properly ascertain all of the contributing factors to the situation. That having been said, I stand by my original position that African-Americans cannot continue to simply blame white Americans for their current situation.

    I suppose I have an ulterior motive for making that statement so consistently. So long as African-Americans persist in blaming whites for all of their present difficulties it allows them in their own minds to absolve themselves of personal responsibility. If you do not feel responsible for your present circumstances then why should you feel responsible for improving them?

  27. Derrick from Philly says

    ‘Newsflash: one cannot comment about anything black/african/african-american and be correct. Derrick from Philly is only allowed to do that. Anything someone says will always be wrong (even if you’re 100% correct, as in Kas’ case).”

    Oh, come, come, C. You make me chuckle. I’m not that important…but somebody’s got to answer the racist crap used to insult all African people because of the ridiculous slurs coming out the mouth of a senile old murderous dictator.

    “@DERRICK: ‘We place more african american males in prison for petty things…’
    I don’t consider assault/battery/theft to be petty things. Last time I checked, no one (white or black) is in jail for jaywalking or anything truly petty. That’s what civil court is for….”

    Whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout, C? I think you have me confused a much more intelligent crusader for truth on this blog.

  28. ewe says

    Of course he could care less about anyone other than himself. The people are being robbed by him and he knows any sanctions will not effect his own “filthy” lifestyle. He is a monster.

  29. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says


    I’ll admit that calling you a fool might be a bit of flash over from the other posts mentioning grass huts , ape, etc


    petty things = lets take possession of pot for example. On any given weekend one could go to every university in the US and round up at least 100 white males for possession, but our jails are not overflowing with such ………and they would be if there wasn’t a racial and class profiling aspect to arrests pertaining to pot possession

  30. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.com says


    i meant 100 white males arrested per every university thus any weekend would see thousands upon thousand upon thousands of white males atending universities being arrested for pot possesion

  31. redball says

    mstrozfckslv & Derrick from Philly: You guys are my b!tches. making great points left and right.

    unfortunately for us, Rick seems to be an incorrigible KKK knuckle-dragging albino (hehe) ape. I’ve been dealing with him today on another thread, where I gave him some things to consider, and he merely came over here to start some similar shyt.

    Derrick, you raised the amazing point that [paraphrased] all blacks and Africans need to know our history as a diaspora so that we know how amazing our cultures and achievements have been and so that focks like Rick and their lies and hate do not affect our sense of self-worth. Great point that I hadn’t considered in such clear terms. My fiance and I (both black) are planning to have a family in the next two years (much to a racist like Rick’s disgust, I’m sure) and I will be thinking about such issues as part of their education.

  32. SeriouslySick says

    Just trying to catch up here…All things European and masculine are faggotry based and so lesser than any and all notions of masculinity posited by any and all “persons of color”, especially a black man? Excuse me, especially a murderous dictating black man? And that’s since he’s the owner of black man’s sperm and no worthy man has ever been anything but black? Or something. I’m intrigued, you know as a white devil and stuff. Thanks in advance for any help, not-cocksuckers-not-in-a-million-years, better than-white-apes-who-walk-on-the-moon-and-make-stuff!

  33. Paul R says

    It’s always so disappointing to see the racists emerge, as they always seem to do. A gay racist is a total moron. All racists are, of course, but being gay and hating a group of people for a trait beyond their control that means nothing about them…well, that’s a sad, sad lack of self-awareness.

    You could argue that a lot of LGBTs would have been far more successful were they not subjected to cultural, familial, and other pressures. Of course, a lot of LGBTs can hide it, which is often why they’re able to be famous businesspeople, performers, etc.—the live lies. People of color can’t hide themselves.

    As for colonialism, of course it has long tentacles. African countries have long been and continue to be used for their natural resources, and any payments or aid they’ve received have gone to horribly corrupt leader who siphoned it off. Hopefully the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa will have an ongoing regional sway—but it’s harder in Sub-Saharan Africa, where many are cut off from education and/or any source of news.

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