1. daftpunkydavid says

    as someone from capitolonline notes, the ad seems very similar (ie identical) to the on they used back in 09. and clearly it looks more national, than new york specific. either way, i hope our side is smart about answering these attack ads.
    as for o’donnell, cuomo, and duane, i seriously hope that they realize this is much bigger than individuals; i hope they act in coordination, with the sole goal of getting this passed. if hrc, espa, meny, lcr and all the others can join forces, o’donnell and cuomo best do the same.

  2. Rowan says

    Hmm, lots of ethnics! They mean business!

    And good luck to you all…the relentless but very pro-active hate in your country towards gays using christianity is phenomenal.


    It’s shocking and I applaud your strength. I’m insane with anger over what our Conservative government keep on trying to cut but if I had to live through this hate as a gay man? Huh.

    But then you guys are used to free speech so I shouldn’t assume your as thin skinned as some of us here!

  3. TampaZeke says

    We need mega donors of our own to counter NOM’s threat with a pledge to give $1.1 million to the opponent of any candidate that NOM gives $1 million to.

    I know this looks a lot like buying elections but if we don’t start fight fire with fire instead of trying to be righteous, we’ll continue to lose these campaigns. And I for one am sick and tired of losing to these lying assholes.

  4. just_a_guy says

    No. No. No.

    We CANNOT answer this ad THE SAME D**N WAY we did in Maine and California. I see it coming, but it’s STUPID. The whole “school’s won’t change” may be true…but saying it over and over again DOES NOT HELP US. It avoids the real bias which WILL NOT LEAVE VIEWERS MINDS after they see that commercial.

    This ad gives marriage equality proponents the microphone in the media. If those proponents use that chance to spew STUPID MEANINGLESS UN-BELIEVED (even if true) soundbites, there’s no freakin point.

    Instead, use the moment to get CREDIBLE and REAL with people already.

    Seeds of a better response… (And yes, this means getting REAL rather than simply calculating poll numbers, playing safe.):

    School’s are a separate issue from this bill. But…[explain how it is NO BIG DEAL for a kid to learn about his classmates’ GAY PARENTS in school; that it happens in New York schools all the time ANYWAY; that better the message come from informed and responsible teachers than whispering on the schoolyard, possibly with a sexually-abusive tinge; that youth BULLYING is supported when students only even HEAR about anything gay from whispering and taunts on the playground; etc.]

    I may not have every message down exactly right here, and I’m no sound-bite manufacturer…but the cruxt of what I’m saying seems hard to rebut.

    I know it takes balls and knowledge and perspective (plus facts, evidence, the right REAL PEOPLE etc.) to put such honest content out there…and I’m no ad-maker. And MAYBE it won’t win THIS time. BUT. I’m pretty darn confident that the above hateful ad will carry REMARKABLE results until we can say effectively “So what if it did” in response to it. (And never mind that it doesn’t even.)

    Cuz I guarantee EVERY kid in New York state elementary schools has heard “f**got” and “that’s so gay” A GAZILLION TIMES. And prolly most of them have whispered to each other about the intimate aspects of GAY SEX derisively. Please.

    And I guarantee TONS of gay parents have children in the NY public schools. WHY SHAME THOSE PARENTS and their kids!?

    Just my two cents. Y’all are prolly inclined to just follow the less-direct failed Maine and California playbook on this one.

    But maybe I’m right, eh?

  5. ratbastard says

    O’Donnell is Rosie O’Donnell’s brother. He represents Morningside Heights and portions of the upper west side and Harlem.