Trailer: The Bedroom Commandments, Australian Documentary About Sexuality and Religion


Australian documentary filmmaker Malcolm Burt looks at a number of religions and how they reconcile with sexuality.

Burt From the film's description:

"In it, documentary film maker Malcolm Burt sets out to explore whether or not one can be gay and formally religious. Determined not to be a religion-basher, he is painfully aware that, under the banner of faith, many homosexual people have been rejected, hurt and killed because of their sexual orientation. Scriptural precepts are often perceived as antigay, and homophobia abounds in religious circles - yet there are those who are both homosexual and devout - and proclaim the scripture is misinterpreted. Malcolm struggles to understand how these faithful homosexuals continue to crave acceptance from a club that reviles them - and wonders if religion is not a choice but an accident of birth. "


The Bedroom Commandments – 7 minute trailer from Malcolm Burt on Vimeo.