Watch: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Lobbies GOP on Marriage Equality in Albany, Calls for Floor Vote

Above, a few of the answers on marriage equality. Below, the full press conference:

Also, here's part of a meeting today between ESPA's Ross Levi, HRC's Kevin Nix, and MENY's Cathy Marino Thomas and the editorial board of

At the meeting, advocates expressed optimism that a bill would pass this session.


  1. Russell says

    There are a lot of moving parts in this, and that’s just above the waterline. New York is doing this the right way SFA I can tell. Having New York as an equality state will take a lot of the ambiguity out of this nationally. California could repeal Prop 8, and that would be huge. With that and the rapture next weekend this is going to be a pretty spiffy country to live in. (But I’m serious about NY.)

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    this is not about individuals. i hope o’donnell and nyufme remember that…

  3. mcNnyc says

    Curious on the O’Donnell bill…it may seem that he’s concerned about some of the language that ” a bill that passes both Houses of Legislature”. New Yorkers may remember that there were some poison pill language that some GOP assembly members were trying to put in which Danny had to beat back. So I’m not sure this is about “ego” and if it is….look to the two biggest ego’s in this…Cuomo and Bloomberg…who would LOVE to play the savior on equality.