1. Pete n SFO says

    Chaz has really become a great spokesperson for Trans peeps.

    And Dave, clearly saw an opportunity to help open the eyes of the world.

    Dave & Cher are always hilarious together & I’m sure he wanted to deliver for that friendship as well.

    It was a terrific interview. btw, Chaz’s gf is babe!

  2. justme says

    It’s always great when someone is a spokesman for the LGBT community and they’re actually really good at it. Chaz took a complicated life that could have just as easily defeated him and turned it around and is using it to help other people. Very impressed and happy for him.

  3. Steve says

    I just got a new respect for both Chaz and David Letterman – an intelligent, articulate discussion about the situation with trans people. A great interview.

    BTW – I like the fact that he says that being trans isn’t about being gay or lesbian. I’ve always felt uncomfortable that trans people were lumped in with the GL communities. It’s not the same thing, folks.

  4. ohplease says

    Thanks for the newsflash, Steve. Trans people and gay people aren’t the same thing. Who woulda thought?

    Your prejudices must have made you skip the part where Chaz says that the struggles of trans people and gay people are the same. That’s the point. That’s why there’s a “T” in LGBT.

    We settled this “debate” twenty years ago. Try to catch up. Seriously.

    On a purely superficial note, Chaz could not possibly be more adorable.

  5. Maverick69 says

    This was a wonderful interview. It took me back to when I was 27 yr old (42 today) and a dear friend came out as Trans. I was very confused at what it meant and the conversation was some what like this interview. It took a number of more questions and long talks but I felt more informed and understood why as a community we are LGBT.

  6. Jeff says

    Has anyone else wondered if part of Cher having a hard time is because Chaz now sounds SO MUCH like Sonny Bono? I can’t get over it, it’s almost the same voice.

    Also agree with everyone else: amazing work for articulate visibility and education! Kudos to Chaz (and Dave).

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Regarding the “which bathroom” question and answer: Why would anyone think it odd for someone to be waiting for a bathroom stall and then sitting on the toilet? That’s why they are there.

  8. schlootie says

    FINALLY! A positive post about Letterman. Still, you act like this is a new-found attitude but Dave has been cool with us (and transgender people) for many years. He is a person to emulate and a true role-model that judges no one.

  9. Kim says

    Pretty good Chaz I will forgive you for saying to Eonline you want to give advice to Brad and Angie about their 4yo tomboy daughter Shiloh. Tomboy does not always equal to gender identity issues

  10. says

    Chaz is awesome – David Letterman is awesome too… great interview. Can’t imagine Jay Leno having the balls to interview Chaz – he’d just make juvenile cracks every 15 seconds. Letterman showed just how classy he can be. Nice work.

  11. says

    I wish I felt positively about this, but I don’t. Chaz Bono is spreading a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be Transgender. You don’t need surgery to be legitimate in your gender identity; there’s no such thing as being born in “the wrong body”! If God, who is Transgender, wants to give breasts and vaginas to some men, or penises to some women, who are we to second-guess those blessings?

    Stereotypical clothing choices notwithstanding, Chaz does not look like a biological man! He looks Transgender, which is how he’s always looked, in my opinion. Nobody agrees with me, I know, but I think it’s wrong for us to force ourselves into binary gender roles and bodies. That’s not what nature intended! The Transgender body is beautiful, but the heterosexist way we think about trans identity is anything but.

  12. TimInHouston says

    Wow. Impressive, serious, and amazingly lengthy (by late-night teevee standards) interview. Chaz for leader of the GLBT community! That is all.

  13. topsyturvy says

    I’ve always thought Dave was underrated as an interviewer, especially when he tackles “serious” topics (political and social issues) and isn’t just throwing out softball banter to Julia Roberts. I really think for health reasons Chaz needs to lose weight.

  14. gregv says

    Chaz has been all over the dial all week (He’s on CNN’s Piers Morgan as I type), and he is going to single-handedly educate tens of millions of people and change minds.

    Practically everyone in the world knows his mother, and most Americans of a certain age feel like they knew and loved Chaz himself when he was known as little Chastity.

    Never before has any transgendered person had the advantage of having America’s childhood memories on his side in the way that Chaz does.

    The way he is stepping out is going to be looked back upon as a big milestone, and we may very well speak in the future of America’s “pre-Chaz” and “post-Chaz” attitudes toward transgendered people.

    As for Letterman, he did a great job and asked sincere questions that needed to be answered.
    Still, I don’t know why some people have such a hard time letting fairly simple facts sink in.
    After he’d already had it explained 5 minutes before that sexual orientation and gender identity are separate entities and that one does not predict the other, he asked about whether there might be people who are “living as if they were homosexuals but are actually transgendered.”
    The (obvious) answer is yes, and that there are also people who are viewed by their neighbors as heterosexuals but in reality are transgendered.

  15. lookyloo says

    Letterman is seriously one of the best interviewers around. He plays the ‘everyman’ a lot of the time but he really is a very informed, worldly, smart guy.
    The ‘everyman’ questioning technique is such a great way to tackle serious/nuanced subjects on a comedy talk show. It works well.

    BTW, While Dave and Cher are not friends as some here have said, Sonny and Cher did reunite on his show in 1987. Yes, they sang “I Got You”. It was their last tv performance together.

    ps – Everyone here knows band leader Paul Schaffer wrote the 1982 ‘gay anthem’ “It’s Raining Men”, yes..?

  16. Hodzer says

    Wow, for someone labeled “Reluctant Spokesman” by NYT, she sure gets around to enough media. And if the NYT article and Washington Post article are accurate, do we really want a misogynistic, obese, “gadget obsessed” person as a “leader”?

    “Woman chatter and gossip too much and it bothers me” “Since I’ve become male, I’m obsessed with gadgets (i.e., video games)”. And according to her girlfriend, all he does it sit on the couch and play video games. Is that what it means to be male?

  17. ewe says

    David Letterman should be a lot more enlightened than he is letting on. I am not applauding him for anything. At this rate transgendered people should have equal access by the next millenia. Nothing to celebrate here. It is just a manipulative straight white guy playing a dumb straight white guy. Comparing David Letterman to Leno is a disservice to everyone. Why not expect David Letterman to expand even further than he already seems to be getting credit for?

  18. says

    A lovely interview, indeed. But some of you are getting a bit upset about something, and it’s merely a reflection that you don’t understand that not all trans people are the same. Not all transpeople want a full reconstructive surgery or hormone-aided transition. But some do. Some very positively identify as trans, others identify most strongly as their felt inner-gender. It’s not that Chaz is misrepresenting anything – he’s representing his own personal experience and journey as a trans man.

    So, before you (a non-trans person, no doubt) judge him try to remember that not all trans people feel the same way about their being transgendered.

    This was a lovely interview, and a gift to our community. Understanding.

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