1. vagrantman says

    IT GET’S BETTER…unless you’re bisexual. Isn’t that right, Dan?

  2. Bastian says

    Well I guess I’m the only grinch that thinks that while this was an awesome commercial for the most part, it was also a little gross that Google used Dan’s efforts and community service as a vehicle to promote a web browser.

  3. says


    I’m right there with you

    Damn, near the end I teared up and I tried to fight them “I refuse to cry because of a commercial”

  4. just_a_guy says

    Aww, shucks, B & M: Good on Google for sponsoring!

    And what’s with V’s hint that Dan has a problem with bisexuals? Hmm.

  5. Zlick says

    Oh please, the “advertising” was so tastefully done. The videos are on the web, and google only came in for one second at the very end to subtly suggest you might use their browser. Sheesh, get a grip.

  6. IAN F says

    That was a great surprise. I didn’t know Gaga did an IGB video. Can’t find it.

  7. Leo says


    there’s a clip of one of his many college speeches on YouTube on his feelings about bisexuality that got people in a tizzy thinking he doesn’t believe bisexuality exists. He DOES believe it exists and makes that explicitly clear, but his heavy skepticism angers others too.

    If we want to expand on Dan “having a problem” with people…

    I think a few months ago there was a stan war between Dan’s stans and some stans of this err…”not skinny” (I genuinely thought she’s not obese or genuinely overweight, FYI, just saying what they said) woman who runs a blog that’s also apparently very popular and ever since then has the “body fascist” tag from many people.

    Then there’s the accusations against Dan of race-baiting and trans-phobia that you can find on many gay blogs if you look hard enough.

    I’m remaining impartial on whether I believe this or not because I don’t have the energy for a comments war.

    Hopefully that answers your question. :)

  8. Jono says

    Fantastic commercial. And it’s great that it aired. It would be truly amazing if they buy time during a Laker playoff game. Then even more lives would be saved.

  9. TJ says

    @Leo – WTF?

    Re: commercial. ALL commercials (versus public service ads) are about making money. The good generated having a halo affect on the product. I’m willing to be used in this case. That commercial was AWESOME! When I was a kid, this never would have happened.

    It happened. The toothpaste can’t be put back into the tube. AWESOME!

  10. spiderseye says

    I didn’t even realize it was an ad, I was just so in awe of it happening, and I doubt any kid who is going to run to their computer and look up the videos did either.

  11. Carissa says

    gave me chills. :) I loved that this was on national tv in primetime on one of the biggest shows. Bravo Google!

  12. ANON IN SO CAL says

    As FOX took Google’s money for this :60, weren’t they bashing the whole “bullying thing” on their “news” network?

    Still, the spot was beautiful. And moving.

  13. Craig says

    All I could think… “I hope Glen Beck’s head is exploding right now.”

  14. Craig says

    By the way, I just downloaded Chrome this past weekend because IE9 is so horrible… It’s pretty good, about the same as Firefox, but with this ad I’ll make it my preferred browser.

  15. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    “It gets better”


  16. NaughtyLola says

    @Bastian, I think you’re being overly cynical.

    Another way to look at it maybe is that this is simply the cost of getting that message out there on prime time television: Google may be the only company now with the cash and the clout to put what is — let’s be honest here, this is still Jesusland — a controversial ad (even for Fox, and even during Glee) up in the 8-9 viewing slot.

    Think of all those kids in middle America who watch this show. I think Google deserves an enormous amount of credit for using their muscle to get this out there in front of all those kids. A logo at the end of the ad is a bargain price to pay for getting that message out there.

  17. Curt says

    Awesome commercial but it running during Glee is a bit like preaching to the choir isn’t it? It should run during the playoffs.

  18. Go Galt. Please. says

    I know I’m showing my age here, but once upon a time, a PSA (public service announcement) wasn’t a big deal.
    Of course, back then, TV stations were “entrusted” with the public airwaves, and had to prove to the FCC that they were “serving the public interest”.
    Now, it’s simply that Google gets even more eyeballs for their ad network by pimping Dan Savage.
    Now that it’s been revealed as a commercial enterprise, I’d relabel this campaign ‘It gets double-plus good.’

  19. Nick says

    This is BS! Google is shutting down gay blogger websites with impunity telling the blogger it violates its terms of service.
    My blog was at
    It was a blog devoted to the Saint. It had historic and religious paintings of the Saint. Since he is depicted nude, I put an adult warning on it. And then they disabled my email acount that goes with it!!
    Someone contact me about this!!
    Nick Matranga

  20. ATLJason says

    They did a good job making this the first commercial after Glee went to break. I was standing up to go make another cocktail when it caught my attention. If it had been the second or third ad I would have already been in the other room.

    It’s rare for a commercial to wow me like that. Definitely a little misty eyed at the end.

  21. Cello_Jay says

    I was astounded to see such a great commercial with such a positive message. I think that everyone should definitely write to Google applauding their efforts (and Fox for airing it) – we know they’ll be ones to the contrary, so let’s get ahead of the curve. Does anyone have the direct email addresses we can send?

  22. AJ says

    OMG! I’m literally a mess bawling my eyes out! I didn’t know Woody from “Toy Story” did one! I remember when this campaign had a handful of people. I was one of the first 1,000 to subscribe to it. Thank you, Google!

  23. wimsy says

    Wonderful. Fantastic. Excellent job. Wish more corporations would sponsor such ads.

  24. Steve Lee says

    For Dr. Eric Schmidt and all those great Google people: OUTSTANDING ! Love it…love it….LOVE IT !

  25. Jake Orlando says

    I won’t lie, watching this during Glee made me tear up a little. Half of the emotion was due to the weight of the message, the other half was the thought that so many closeted, Gleek gay boys with no where to go were watching it and were possibly affected by it.

  26. Chris says

    Wish these ads would be broadcast on channels like the Christian Broadcasting Network. Those folks especially need to see this.

    I also hope that Google airs this commercial on other programs in the coming days. When moms and dads see this, it can hopefully change some hearts and minds.

  27. Michael in Toronto says


    Boy, if I had a resource like that to turn to when I was growing up…

  28. says

    I am such a softie. I used to think I was ridiculous for crying at Budweiser beer commercials. Now I am bawling over an ad for a WEB BROWSER? LOL. Seriously, the IGB project is such a great thing. People are commenting at the website that they never heard of it before the ad so I guess it’s not totally preaching to the choir. Thanks to Dan and Terry for dreaming this project up; thanks to Google for highlighting it in this fantastic ad.


  29. Danny says

    Fantastic! The barrier’s been broken. Stay tuned, folks: more to come!

    And how the right must HATE IT!

  30. TJ says

    This is not preaching to the choir. Its targeting a market. Just because a gay teen may be drawn to Glee doesn’t that teen isn’t harassed. Likely, it’s the opposite.