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Donald Trump Compares Same-Sex Marriage to Ugly Golf Club

Donald Trump made some unusual comments regarding his opposition to marriage equality in an interview with the NYT on the morning after the White House Correspondents Dinner:

Trump_s At one point, he compared his opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage to his reluctance to use a new kind of putter.

“It’s like in golf,” he said. “A lot of people — I don’t want this to sound trivial — but a lot of people are switching to these really long putters, very unattractive,” said Mr. Trump, a Republican. “It’s weird. You see these great players with these really long putters, because they can’t sink three-footers anymore. And, I hate it. I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.”

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  1. Any gay person that's friends with Donald Trump needs their ass kicked.

    Posted by: Bobby | May 2, 2011 8:39:08 PM

  2. Yeah, Trump doesn't like men who use long putters. One could sum up his overall attitude is one of putter envy. Perhaps if his putter was longer, he wouldn't be striving so hard to prove his...

    Posted by: Dave | May 2, 2011 9:00:42 PM

  3. F you arrogant joke go back to your greedy-oily-predjudice party "GOP" by the way F YOU BIGOT PARTY

    Posted by: curtis | May 2, 2011 9:10:10 PM

  4. Instructions for angering intelligent people:

    1) Begin by stating your prejudice and then rationalizing it using an analogy that is illogical and is only tenuously related to anything at all.

    2) Say "I'm not prejudiced against X people. Some of my friends are X!"

    3) Incorporate patronizing stereotypes into your spiel ("My gay friends are fabulous," or "My black female friends are so sassy").

    Posted by: Cruel World | May 2, 2011 9:56:29 PM

  5. I really have to wonder why The Donald is so concerned about the length of men's putters?

    Not sure what scares me more- The Donald attempting to run for President (LOL) or potentially being a closeted gay man??

    Posted by: Christopher | May 2, 2011 9:58:26 PM

  6. Wasn't he made permanently irrelevant on April 30th?

    Posted by: NaughtyLola | May 2, 2011 11:07:55 PM

  7. No, he was made permanently irrelevant on May 1st.

    Posted by: TJ | May 2, 2011 11:46:21 PM

  8. I agree TJ & NAUGHTYLOLA. Why do we care WHAT this prick says until he REALLY declares he's running for office??

    Let's make him invisible until then...and when it doesn't happen, let's KEEP him invisible.

    Posted by: princely54 | May 3, 2011 12:09:55 AM

  9. @princely: from your mouth to... Andy's ear?

    Posted by: TJ | May 3, 2011 12:23:08 AM

  10. "Mom, Dad, I have something I need to tell you. It isn't to tell you this. I've been asking myself how to do it, but I eventually decided I'd just have to say it.

    "Mom, Dad, I have a long putter."

    Posted by: Long Putter | May 3, 2011 1:02:19 AM

  11. donald traditional view of marriage is a wife several mistresses a divorce marry the mistress get a new mistress divorce next wife marry yhr new mistress. this is traditional marriage if you are an arab sultan or henry VIII.

    Posted by: walter | May 3, 2011 1:06:54 AM

  12. funny I always thought that Donald Trump is gay, now that he has been posted all over the place about Pres. Obama birth cert, the hair or lack there of, and the wrists. Take a really good look at the video and take a look at the clip of him on the View. The wrist flying all over the place and the purse of the lips.

    Posted by: Patrick Eagan | May 3, 2011 1:44:33 AM

  13. Donald Trump has no gay friends: look at his hair.

    More seriously, he's just rationalized racism as traditional.

    Posted by: Bryan | May 3, 2011 2:06:03 AM

  14. @LITTLE KIWI Nicely said (and great handle, btw), but you're forgetting that cheating _is_ traditional among monogamous couples.

    Posted by: Bryan | May 3, 2011 2:07:26 AM

  15. He's foul mouthed, metrosexual white trash, who should have a license for that thing on his head!

    Posted by: SCVMalcolm | May 3, 2011 2:22:51 AM

  16. Ah yes, "I'm a traditionalist" sounds so much better than "I'm a bigot". Have to give these Repugs their due. They sure have a knack for wrapping their intolerance and narrow minded views in such pretty little packages.

    Posted by: mytwocents | May 3, 2011 10:16:15 AM

  17. Is anyone really taking this guy seriously?

    Posted by: Kel | May 3, 2011 10:45:33 AM

  18. What an idiot!

    Posted by: Jay | May 3, 2011 10:48:59 AM

  19. btw...I wonder if he knows anything about his son sexual life?

    Posted by: Jay | May 3, 2011 10:49:52 AM

  20. this a-HOLE needs to go away!!

    Posted by: paul | May 3, 2011 11:11:22 AM

  21. and Donald would be the gopher to that chaddy shack

    Posted by: SFRowGuy | May 3, 2011 2:24:54 PM

  22. Hmmm. I compare Donald Trump to just plain UGLY. Period.

    Posted by: jamal49 | May 3, 2011 3:16:34 PM

  23. To play fey for a moment, I think an "oh no she didn't" is in order haha. Who is Donald Come-Over Trump that he thinks he's more attractive than gay marriage.

    Idiot. Please stay out of politics, bud. (A coined phrase trump, btw: UR no friend to a self-respecting gay person, please.) And after these series of stunts, I'm so done with any one-time casual appreciation of your boldness.

    Trump seems kinda 1982, gasping, trying to stay alive. Am I right?

    Has he left the presidential race yet?

    Posted by: just_a_guy | May 4, 2011 2:08:57 AM

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