Frank Bruni to Be First Gay NYT Op-Ed Columnist in Paper’s History

Longtime NYT writer Frank Bruni is moving to the op-ed pages to write an anchor column there, according to the paper's Media Decoder blog:

Bruni “This column, which will be a new anchor feature of the section, will be a sharp, opinionated look at a big event of the last week, from a different or unexpected angle, or a small event that was really important but everyone seems to have missed, or something entirely different,” [Andrew M. Rosenthal, editor of the Opinion Pages] said. “It will fast become a destination for our readers with Frank at the keyboard.”

He added that Mr. Bruni would also write a column one other day of the week, most likely Thursday.

Mr. Bruni, 46, is the first gay op-ed columnist in The Times’s 160-year history. He said he would take on a wide variety of subjects in his writing.

Bruni has covered presidential campaigns for the paper and served as food columnist for five years.

Frank Bruni Named Times Op-Ed Columnist [nyt]


  1. alguien says

    NYT has traditionally been somewhat behind the curve when it comes to gay issues. i remember that they never even mentioned the very word gay until sometime in the 90s.

  2. TampaZeke says

    VDON, you beat me to it.

    I hate it when people leave out “openly” in these posts. It makes ALL the difference.

    It’s very unlikely that they’ve never had a gay person in that position in their history.

  3. bandanajack says

    have to aagree with v-don and tampazeke. andy, you rarely put a foot in it, but it really MUST read OPENLY gay, or more casually out gay. it does make all the difference.

  4. says

    As for using the phrase openly-gay, does not mean he’s politically correct. He will be making his own opinion known, and he happens to be gay. Not every one needs to declare their sexual preference, just as not every person must let religious or non religious beliefs be known. There is a time and place when it helps, but not at all times. Back in 1977, I created an anti- Anita Bryant T-shirt, that received national attention. I chose to OUT myself, because I felt it was the right time to fight back against a bigot. I spoke OUT against several MLB players, because they made anti-gay remarks, and I thought it best to out myself to add validity in doing so. However, just being gay does not make you a better writer, athlete,politician or hairdresser. As for him being the first gay editorial writer in the history of the NYTs… I have my doubts.

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