1. brian says

    Does anyone else get the sense that Lady Gaga has marketed her new album in a completely wrong way? She’s released 3 singles to date. This, in my view, has diminished the sense of excitement and expectation that is supposed to accompany a new release. The new singles have also been very ordinary sounding, and lacking the uniqueness of Poker Face or Just Dance.

    I think her new album will do well but not as well as might’ve been.

  2. Jerry says

    I believe it is because iTunes has changed the way people buy music. People buy songs not albums all the time, so I think she will actually sell more because she keeps releasing one song at a time and continually building excitement. Plus, BTW was a record setting download, so she must be doing something right.

  3. brian says


    Well, in that case, Lady Gaga seems to be wanting to become a singles artist more than an album artist. Sort of like Katy Perry, whose album has hardly figured in the top ten yet whose singles have consistently hit number 1 (four from the album).

    At the end of the day, it is album sales that make an artist money. Singles are OK to keep your name in the news but albums are what make you the most money.

  4. Wes says

    Actually, its the live shows that make an artist the most money, and gaga has been touring nonstop for a few years now, selling out venues with very high ticket prices.

  5. Andre says

    @Brian, I think this is a very innovative way to marked it, especially when the album has 21 songs on it. I think it wets peoples appetite and makes them want the whole album. I will admit I was not supper excited about the first two singles, but Edge of Glory is by far my favorite. I am excited to listen to hair and the rest of the upcoming album.

  6. Mack says

    The bet is that fans will purchase the singles (which they have) and then purchase the album in its entirety (which they will), actually increasing sales.

  7. mike128 says

    @little monster joey: madonna has done amazing things in her career. i love gaga but there’s no point in making comparisons. plus there’s nothing wrong with aging… though i sometimes wish madonna had done it without so much surgery/work.

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