1. RONTEX says

    I get why she wants people to hear all these tracks before the album because now I want to by the Album instead of a few singles if it all sounds this way. It has a 70’s/ 80’s stadium rock feel but also sounds new. But I have to say, I’m really enjoying all of the live versions of these songs she did for the BBC1 show, more raw and emotional. I didn’t buy her first album but I will buy this one.

  2. Wes says

    I clicked on this post, waited for it to load, and decided to comment, enter the captcha and clicked submit all to convey my utter disinterest in Lady Gaga.

  3. haha says

    We’re all familiar with how the posting process works, Wes. Oh…wait…were you trying to suggest that your judgement was actually valuable?

  4. Patrick says

    Why do people come here to trash Gaga in the comment thread? I don’t go to blogs that post the work of artists that I don’t like and trash those artists in the comment thread. If you don’t like it, STFU and go somewhere else where there is stuff you like.

  5. Dagoril says

    @Patrick They do it because they are a bunch of bitter bitchy queens! 😉

    @Haters Don’t like her, don’t listen to her. Gee, that was hard. But the rest of us are really tired of listening to you complain about her. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it doesn’t make you look more intelligent or interesting.

  6. jakeinlove says

    Ok, who cares anymore???!!! Talk about over saturation. What’s next Snap, Crackle, and Pop are going to sing Gaga’s new track when you open a box of Rice Krispies?

  7. AJ says

    A. Madonna is not an old hag. Some of us love them both. Plus Gaga herself has acknowledged the debt she owes Madonna for paving the way.

    B. People who go and constantly trash posts of celebrities or artists they hate are known as TROLLS and they are a sorry lot. They make the internet very unpleasant. I mean, honest criticism is always appreciated but why bother with just talking abt how much you hate her unless you are a troll? Roll your eyes and go on to the next story.

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