News: Elijah Wood, The Meat Rack, Prom Kings, Maria Shriver

Road Terrifying report details last moments of Air France Flight 447.

RoadFacebook posts from people who believe that The Onion is conveying real news.

Hayes RoadOh, hello. It's Sean Hayes in his Three Stooges costume!

RoadGuess who keeps pot brownies in her freezer?

RoadOff-duty law enforcement officer beats man unconscious in Cork Ireland for wearing a "gay shirt": "An independent witness told the court that Mr Murphy was 'knocked clean off his feet' after receiving a blow to the face from Mr Foley following the statement, and suffering a broken nose, broken bones, broken teeth and bleeding on the brain from the incident."

RoadPhotos: Maria Shriver attended the christening of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child, though she had no idea it was his.

RoadFocus on the Family breaks wind.

RoadNY Senator Ruben Diaz attacks Mayor Bloomberg: "It was disturbing today to hear Mayor Michael Bloomberg trivialize the suffering and agony of African Americans during the slave era by comparing it to the push to legalize homosexual marriage."

RoadMuseum of Censored Art, which was formed in reaction to the Smithsonian's censorship of David Wojanarowicz, receives award from the American Library Association.

RoadVanity Fair discovers Grindr.

Law RoadJude Law looking wet and scrumptious in Cannes.

RoadEverything you need to know about Fire Island's Meat Rack.

RoadElijah Wood to play "saucy gay friend" in new Rashida Jones romantic comedy. "The script, by Jones and Will McCormack, follows a couple (Jones and Samberg) in the midst of a divorce attempting to maintain their friendship while pursuing new relationships."

RoadObama signs extension of Patriot Act with autopen from France.

RoadCNN: Gay people in danger in 'Arab Spring' uprisings. "One gay American who recently left Syria, where he had been working for several years, said the unrest had made life more dangerous for gay people. The man, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said: 'It has caused even more skepticism and paranoia for the gay population — just another reason to be harassed and checked.'"

RoadWATCH: Taylor Lautner evolving into action movies star in Abduction.

Prom RoadGay couple crowned prom king and queen in Sanford, Maine. "Senior Christian Nelsen was crowned queen and his boyfriend Caleb Jett won the title as king."

RoadMichele Bachmann under fire from Iowa Republicans for Skype-ing in to benefit.

RoadAndrew Kirtzman, "mayor" of Fire Island: “I see myself as kind of a guardian of the culture of the Pines."

RoadWrestler and straight ally Hudson Taylor talks to David Mixner: "My concept of gender identity is based around the assumption that gender is performative. As a wrestler and coach I grew up being taught that as a heterosexual athlete I had to act, dress, and live according to a very strict masculine gender script. It wasn't until my interest in the arts that I began to understand that gender didn't have to be so binary after all. It has been that realization that has allowed me to be truer to myself and remains a major reason why I try to challenge heterosexism and homophobia."

Posted May 27, 2011 at 3:59pm ETC by Andy Towle
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