1. Brian says

    A man with hair like that has a lot of nerve throwing that word around. He looks like he should be playing for the WNBA. And yes, that’s a personal attack on ignorant asshat. I hope they fine and censure him.

  2. mstrozfckslv says

    LOL brian

    I looked at his pic and thought pretty much the same thing

    His hair is so ladyish

  3. Troy says

    nothing professional about the nba as far as i can tell. players like this guy with the hair of a 12-year old girl gymnast and kobe bryant act like the most immature of thuggy junior high kids. what other profession wouldn’t fire or at least suspend their employee for doing such a thing on the job?

  4. ratbastard says

    What is it with that ghetto thug ‘girl’ look on some dudes? And then they top it off with overly well groomed facial hair and eyebrows, and many shave their body hair.

  5. Russell says

    Hey — do they give the fine money to some LGBT rights orgs, or to help victims of violence or something else worthwhile? Honey, I could get interested in basketball.

  6. Bastian says

    Really, guys? It’s quite childish and immature to pick on a guy because of the way he keeps his hair (or the way he dresses, or the way he walks, or if he has a lisp, etc.). In fact, I’m sure it’s the kind of thing that would irk that hell out of you guys were it done to you and it’s exactly the type of thing that our community tends to rail against. You seem to think that it’s “ironic” that someone that “has some lady-features” is calling someone else a f****t, but it’s the same kind of judgement that leads to name calling in the first place.

    Clearly, the man publicly said something that is offense to many people (myself included) and it would be nice if the NBA reprimands him for that. His personal features, however? Of all people we should be above that by now. I’ll step off my soapbox now.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    Ironically the NBA/GLSEN Grant Hill PSA telling people not to use “gay” as a pejorative ran several times during the game. I guess that is progress.

  8. JamesK144 says

    I’m a gay man who is a college basketball fan. I watched Joakim (pronounced Joe-Kim, BTW) Noah at the U of Florida and he has not changed his ways. He was a class-less act then and he’s still lacking in class now. I don’t give a rat’s mangy patootie for his hair … he was a woofing, whining cry-baby in college and he’s a woofing, whining cry-baby now. Escalate the fine .. Kobe was a warning-shot. Joakim’s fine should be double.

  9. Myrna says

    he shouldn’t be fined,,,,,,he should be suspended. Kobe was the example …after that the guys who do stuff like this should be suspended.

  10. says

    The fine for this one should be bigger for two reasons. 1) Players now know they’ll be punished for it, and if Kobe’s fine wasn’t incentive enough, there needs to be a larger one. 2) This player said it to a FAN, instead of the ref — ie, the people who pay to see the game, and people who can’t defend themselves on the court (a REF could issue a technical or toss someone from a game, whereas a player who made a fuss could be thrown out of the game at the whim of arena’s security).

  11. Kurt says

    The ironic part is a lot of homphobes probably consider Joakim to be a fag because of his girlish hairstyle.

  12. scar2 says

    Disappointing. I was a fan of his father, Yannick Noah, who was a high-ranked tennis player in the 80’s. His father’s win at the French Open in ’83 inspired another French player, Amelie Mauresmo, to become a 2-time Grand Slam winner in the women’s side. Mauresmo was one of the few out lesbians in tennis & other sports. I thought Europeans were more open-minded about homosexuality? Guess not.

  13. neverstops says

    the funny part is that the Ad Council’s “Think Before You Speak” commercial was aired during the game :-/

  14. Robert says

    Yeah, it sucks. But guess how many NBA players have probably said this at one time or another?

  15. Dalton says

    “Any organization dominated by blacks tends to be homophobic. From the churches to music, it’s all there.”

    And your response to the lilly white the Republican Party, evangelicals, Mormons, or the Catholics?

    The Minnesota legislature just sent a marriage amendment to voters. Was that the work of black people, too? I only saw “homophobic” white faces voting for that.

    Creepy racist queen.

  16. How much? says

    How much should be the fines for all those on this thread who made demeaning comments and cast slurs about this guy’s hair and features?

  17. Alex says

    I’m a bulls fan and watched the game lol. I actually like Noah, but I can see that he gonna get a lot of heat for this…. No pun intended.

  18. Paul R says

    @Derek and Dalton: I’ve been sick of those jackass comments for years, and more than cringe every time I read them. But at this point I think it’s best to simply ignore them, since doing otherwise would just be responding to the bait of incredibly ignorant jerks desperate for attention. I’ve said it many times, but racist LGBTs are a contradiction in terms—members of a minority who are so self-loathing that they have to find another minority to denigrate. In other words, so pathetic that they merit no response. And, fortunately, few and far between.

  19. Bill Michael says

    How about this: Think about how some faggots call other faggots, “faggot”…??? Or how about how some black people will address other black people using the “N” word…??? Is there any possibility that he is “family” or perhaps just wishful thinking on my part. Aside from that, I don’t think it is that big a deal.

  20. says

    For all those upset about the comments on his hair and features:

    “Machismo” is his language…it’s what his feeble mind understands. Calling him out for resembling what he derides isn’t so bad if you step off the PC band wagon.

  21. Kevin says

    In addition to running PSAs during the game, perhaps they should be running them in the locker-room BEFORE the game. Also, I think the various pro sports need some WRITTEN POLICY on unacceptable epithets with the penalties clearly spelled out. Also, fines are not enough, I think adding 100 hours of community service, and a minimum suspension of three games is in order. Clearly, people are either failing to learn how to behave in an acceptable manner, or the punishment for failing to do so is insufficient. Pro sports need to get ahead of this NOW before it gets completely out of hand. These ‘incidents’ are now occurring almost weekly.

  22. Go Galt. Please. says

    “Because the NBA fined Kobe, you think they’ll have to fine Noah,” CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweeted. “But it’s really the luck of the draw whether you’re caught on TV.”

    ‘Cause, you know, EVERYBODY says it ALL the time. What? I’m just sayin’…

    At this point, the only way I’m going to an NBA game is on a three-way date with Gareth Thomas and John Amaechi.

  23. bandanajack says

    i concur with an earlier commenter about the use of the fined monies. it would be fitting, proper, just & just plain delightful if all or part of the fines were donated to glbt organizations, many of which are in desperate need of funding thanks to republican policies and undeniable fiscal exigencies.

  24. r says

    what would the penalty be if a white player used a racial slur?

    why does this never occur?

    why do we keep repeating the homophobic slur?

    is one worse than the other?

  25. Rowan says


    He must’ve grown up in America so that doesnt make him European at all, just his dad. I remember his dad being really full of it and the stud of tennis, so I’m not sure he brought up his child to be open minded.

    More like this kid went to boarding school and is entitled, that is unless his dad is not with the mother but still his dad NEVER dated any woman who wasn’t some beautiful blonde model and I’m sure he left all sorts of money for his children….

  26. Rowan says

    Interesting, just been googling him.

    His girlfriend and him are very hipstery. She looks like a model too!

    He’s half swedish, so his mother was a Swedish blonde. When did he get to the USA?

    Maybe the US had a huge effect on his behavior-I bet the NBA did!

  27. Rowan says

    He went to a bunch of private schools in New York.

    This is SO interesting. Both he and Kobe are grew up rich, entitled and multi-national!

    The first thing that is always fired by the commenters on here is how they are thugs or African Americans! Doh!

  28. Tim NC says

    @Bill Michael,
    It tells us everything we need to know about where society is now that in your comment (and in mine here) that you feel free to type out the word faggot in full but still feel that you must type “N” word instead of fully typing that word.

    I’ll be happy when society demands that we use the term “F” word instead of being able to type or say faggot.

  29. Francis says

    Well, you know the saying, the **** hits the fan. That’s what is going to happen here. BTW, Noah already apologized (sort of). I expect a heavy fine here, because the NBA will be forced into it. I don’t necessarily think these guys are homophobic per se, but they have been societally conditioned to not realize the harm and damaged caused by slurs like this. Society has to learn somehow and so far, so good.

  30. Rin says

    And it is likewise interesting that the first comment is that a guy with “girl hair” shouldn’t call someone the F-bomb.

    It’s okay for Dan Choi to still be a GLBT hero and call a dude a woman and make comments about him bleeding monthly.

    It’s okay to make fun of men by calling them women, but not okay to say the F-word.

    It’s okay to get angry and use racial pejoratives, too, because why again? All blacks are the same?

    All women, blacks, Southerners, Christians, poor folk, etc…

    Kobe aint a Christian, I’m betting this half-Swede aint either. They’re not racial stereotypes of Southern Baptist, Lawdy Jesus, fried-chicken eatin’ brothah from Chatahoochie, GA. They also aren’t some pistol packing urban roughneck.

    The scary thing about homophobia that people don’t like to admit to is that it has no real, true image. People in Maine don’t fit the stereotype that I keep reading on here. Donald “Mr Immoral” Trump doesn’t, either. Minnesota?

    The fact that soooo many “liberal” people on here fall back into racism and misogyny when they feel hurt ought to explain why jerks like this act the way they do. Someone made fun of him, he threw a homophobic slur. He made fun of you, a few of you made crappy comments about women and blacks.

    Really, what’s the difference?

  31. says

    I’m startled to read the comments that single out his appearance and ethnicity. The point is how he somehow felt that it was ok to use the slur. Yes, he should be fined, but so what? We have seen the pro forma apologies and all the rest many times before. It would be more constructive to require him to publicly enumerate his deeply held, honest views on us queers. That might be a real teachable moment.

  32. Bastian says

    @Geoff, I’m sure his mind is no more feeble than yours. Tone down the drama.

  33. RT says

    I I agree with what many of you have said regarding Noah’s personality on here – he has no manners or class. It’s such a shame too because he actually IS a pretty talented basketball player. On the flip side, he happened (like Kobe) to be caught on camera saying this offensive phrase. I’ve been to many Celtics games and you can hear offensive slurs/swearing being shouted by the players to each other all the time. Yet the only time anything is done about it is when you are caught on camera saying those things. Kind of silly don’t you think?

    @BRIA – I don’t know you, glad I don’t, know several assholes like you though and you’re a disgrace.

  34. kodiak says

    Bria-you are in the same boat as this ball player.

    Rin-thanks for putting it all together so succinctly.

  35. ratbastard says


    And how common is it for ‘liberal’ and ‘open-minded’ so-called ‘progressives’ who post on here, to rage about poor [white trash, hicks, rednecks,etc.,] whites at the drop of a hat? VERY common. I was born and grew up in NYC and Boston. In both places, because of the many universities, private schools, yuppies, transient population of often well to do people,etc., there’s a lot of class consciousness. If you speak with a local accent [in NY or Boston], you’re flagged as being ‘uneducated’, working-class [i.e. ‘low-class’], etc., ‘Progressives’ do this just as much as anyone else. I’ve had to learn to pronounce the letter ‘R’ as ‘er’, as opposed to ‘ah’ [non-rhotic; most Americans speak with a rhotic/hard R accent] , in an attempt to sound more ‘educated’, ‘middle-class’, because that’s the way most Americans pronounce it. So-called Standard American Accent is based on small town Midwest, and a big city Eastern accent sounds too alien to most Americans. It’s pathetic.

  36. Rin says


    I hear ya. I just don’t think you can fight hate with hate, react to slurs with slurs, etc. And you’re right, it is classism.

    America is filled with self-segregationists and people who like to drink haterade.

    What he said was wrong. Saying, that dude was wayyyy wrong should have been the end of it. Implying he’s some kind of a girl because of his hair is just…meh.

  37. hephaestion says

    How can anyone even watch any professional sports? All the athletes are homophobic idiots so who cares who wins?

  38. dave says

    anyone know an email address for Noah? I’d like to write him and tell him how disappointed I am. he seemed very cool when he played at UF.