1. says

    Love you Lisa for begin there to support us.
    You are the best!

    However, I have a major crush on that hot bearded big stocky bear of boy friend of yours! Wow he is just about the sexiest man around. I have seen him before with you and WANT HIM! I think he goes by the name of Big Balls….no kidding!!

    Somebody cool me down!

  2. Jim says

    This is truly inspired! I hope this send ripples through the community. Perhaps everyone can’t afford to donate in this manner, but we can counter hate with love! I can’t wait for someone who will donate $1 Million for every Westboro “hater” that shows up! Any takers???

  3. K says

    I used to get really worked up about WBC. But as I’ve seen more of their “protests” I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re a stealth pro-LGBT group. The group is a great uniter. Everyone thinks they’re offensive – Jews, other Christians, the US Army, people who get divorced….

  4. Marlene says

    Others have shut down Phreddy’s Phreaks when it’s announced that pledges have been made for every minute the cult is protesting.

    Even better is to get a *huge* sign made to count up the donations as each minute passes that the cult can see, letting them know which charities the donations are heading for!

  5. says

    wouldn’t it be great if all wbc protests were turned into gay fund raisers. i’m going to their site to thank them and to tell them whenever i hear they have been protesting i’m going to make a donation in wbc’s name to a local gay group.

  6. says

    Nothing like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I was thrilled by this….until I watched the clip. “We’re here. We’re queer. We take it in the rear.”?????????? Lisa Lampanelli stupidly, needlessly turned what was a brilliant idea—and exceptionally generous contribution—into another segment of an updated “The Gay Agenda” which, when circulated by the religiofascists [beyond WBC], will raise far more money and hostility to fight gay equality than she donated to GMHC. Pathetic.

  7. Josh says

    Nice of Lisa to do that, but I still find her “comedy” repulsive. It’s good for a 5 minute celebrity roast, but after that it’s an hour of the same crap. Lazy writing, stolen jokes, and cheap shock value disguised as cutting edge material.

  8. CRISPY says

    Lisa Lampanelli is a major a**hole. It’s nice she’s donating money to help those living with AIDS but she makes a career out of telling repulsive fag and AIDS jokes. Its sad to see gay people giving her a pass.

  9. angela says

    Lisa’s like that uncle that molests you but pays your way through college. It’s like you wanna thank her for this..but she still makes a living calling people fags and all other kind of bigoted names.

  10. Paul R says

    That’s a huge sum of money for someone who can’t make that much. Hope she follows through on it.

    Though as nice as this is, I also think it’s perverse. What if the “church” had mobilized 500 people and made it a massive protest? It would have made them look really powerful, and it’s very unlikely that she’d fork over $500K. I could very easily see WBC using this kind of reverse psychology to either financially drain some or our supporters or make them look like liars when they can’t provide the money they promised.

    It’s just hard for me to get super excited about anything that might make WBC protests bigger.

  11. I'm God says

    Lisa Lampanelli’s “fag jokes” are far more pernicious than anything done by WBC. Whereas Fred Phelps is taken seriously by no one, Lampanelli is given prime time television on major channels to further the notion that gay people are to be laughed at. Moreover, I’m sure that opposition to WBC has raised at least $40,000 for gay rights causes, if not more.

  12. Paul R says

    Though, my previous comment notwithstanding, I agree that WBC has done an enormous amount to advance gay rights in the US. So my feelings are decidedly mixed.

  13. Tyron says

    This is truly inspired. I donate heavy to numerous gay and AIDS related groups. From this day forward I will make my donations in the name of one hate group or another – I will also request that in order to ensure my continued contributions those organization to which I donate must send written acknowledgement of the gift to the hate group named.

  14. billmiller says

    I feel sorry for the little kids carrying signs for their moronic misguided elders. These kids are probably ruined for life, psychologically and sociologically. Phelps is obviously a closet case from Hell!

  15. AJ says

    I don’t care who she is or what she says, she has the perfect way to combat the WBC. Turn their showing up into a positive thing! If this spread they would be finished for sure! Imagine if they protested something like Gaga’s next ginormous world tour and she donated a million for every one of them that showed up!

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