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NY Archbishop: Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Orwellian Social Engineering'

Timothy Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, is still spouting his homophobic rhetoric. In a new blog post, he defends himself from accusations of bigotry by insisting that the Catholic Church is "not anti anybody; we are pro-marriage." That's not the first time he's used that excuse.

Dolan In that same blog post, Dolan calls same-sex marriage "Orwellian":

"To tamper with that definition, or to engage in some Orwellian social engineering about the nature and purpose of marriage, is perilous to all of us.  If the definition of marriage is continually being altered, could it not in the future be morphed again to include multiple spouses or even family members?"


"If big, intrusive government can re-define the most basic, accepted, revealed truth that marriage simply means one man + one woman + (hopefully) children, in a loving family, then, I’m afraid, Orwell’s works will no longer be on the fiction shelf.  As someone commented to me the other day, 'Wouldn’t it be better for our government to work on fixing schools than on redefining marriage?'"

In March, Dolan told 60 Minutes that same-sex marriage is equivalent to marrying one's own mother.

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  1. We do a lousy job of calling out the catholic church on its pedophilia...we should hound them 24 /7.

    Posted by: mark | May 14, 2011 6:46:13 PM

  2. From one married gay Catholic to the straight Catholic Archbishop: I dare you to meet with me. Face to Face. Tell me I am Orwellian. I don't think you have the guts. It would be a civil conversation. But I know you don't have the guts.

    And by the way, Priests not taking part in marriage was your own social engineering. It was only after too many left wealth to their own families did the Pope cut it off.

    So, come on Archbishop Nolan. Meet this New York Catholic face to face and tell me what I know you are too gutless to say to my face.

    Show me what a real "man" of God you are.

    Posted by: sfpromo | May 14, 2011 6:52:47 PM

  3. This coming from a lifetime celibate freak. hey priest, get laid, will you?

    Posted by: nikko | May 14, 2011 6:56:51 PM

  4. while a supposedly celibate clergy would be Machiavellian.

    Posted by: Rikard | May 15, 2011 1:56:42 AM

  5. Timothy Dolan. Now that name rings a bell. Oh, that's right, he's the guy who succeeded Rembert Weakland as Archbishop of Milwaukee. You might remember Weakland as the guy who paid $450,000 of diocesan funds to a former male lover to fend off a lawsuit. He still holds the title of Emeritus Archbishop of Milwaukee in spite of what he wrote in his book, "A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church." He's openly gay now but back when he was Archbishop of Milwaukee, Weakland was a closeted lowlife of the worst sort. You have no idea what he did to get even with any young boys who dared to file accusations of sexual abuse against the church. In one instance, the lawsuit was thrown out on statute of limitations grounds even though the evidence was overwhelming, and Weakland forced the boy's parents to pay all of the church's substantial legal fees.

    His memoir is revealing, especially when he says that they had no idea that sex abuse was a crime. Yes, he actually said that. He went on to say that we would be surprised how sexually active some of these young "victims" actually were. All those adorable little 12-year-old altar boys just begging to be seduced.

    And so now Dolan finds himself in the premier archdiocese in the country: New York. Famous for Francis Cardinal Spellman, known affectionately as "Franny" to his 25-year-old Broadway chorus boy lover and many others. The New York Times did an investigative piece on Spellman some 50 years ago but they felt obliged to submit it to the archdiocese prior to publication. The archdiocese killed it. It never ran.

    I think Archbishop Dolan should spend more time in contemplation and reflection on the ills in his own house before he criticizes others. And he best watch his step so that the Vatican won't be forced to rescue him like they were forced to do with Cardinal Law. Law escaped to Rome just before he was about to be indicted.

    Posted by: Ninong | May 15, 2011 2:59:58 AM

  6. It's funny that he thinks the Catholic Church still has any moral authority. Pedophilia, obstruction of justice, an on and on. He should be giving interviews from a prison cell for shuttling known pedophiles around to re-offend. Who cares what he says about anything?

    Posted by: Houndentenor | May 15, 2011 11:13:30 AM

  7. I remember when this church tryed to make me
    believe in & say the apostles creed. I believe in the church and all that. Even tho
    I was so young (6 or 7)I could not believe in this indotrnation. I felt good in thinking you do not have me. But this church
    did succeed in damaging me, made me think I was no good. I should forgive them and move on. Its not easy, when I'm an old man now.
    They don't see the wrong they do.

    Posted by: terryp | May 15, 2011 11:34:38 AM

  8. The real reason the "Church" is against Gay Marriage is that such unions do not directly result in the creation of more children. In other words, such unions do not produce more dues paying members of the Catholic Church. It is dues paying new members that the whole discussion is about.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | May 15, 2011 12:18:42 PM

  9. His use of the word, "Orwelllian" is, well, Orwellian.

    Posted by: Danny | May 15, 2011 2:09:05 PM

  10. And this is all spoken by a man that is not permitted to be married...

    Posted by: jen | May 16, 2011 2:26:24 PM

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