New York Conservative Party Threatens Pro-Equality Lawmakers

The Conservative Party of New York State has passed a resolution that any state senators supporting supporting marriage equality will lose their support, the NY Daily News reports:

Long The party’s executive committee today passed a resolution that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
But the key passage of the resolution is this: “Be it resolved that any elected official or potential candidate who does not support marriage as defined between one man and one woman, shall not have their name appear on Row C, the New York State Conservative Party position on election ballots, in any election.”

The resolution was passed by the entire committee:

State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long (pictured)  said the executive committee wanted lawmakers to know, despite the arguments to the contrary by some, that it is serious on the issue: “The party has made it very clear that traditional marriage is a line in the sand and a very important issue,” Long said.

The National Organization for Marriage, which is co-sponsoring this weekend's hate march with Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. in the Bronx, announced a million-dollar fund earlier this week to oppose any lawmaker who dares to support equality.


  1. says

    The NY Independence Party should offer the ballot line to any Republican who votes for marriage equality as long as the Democratic Party legislator has not held the ballot line in the previous election.

  2. Gianpieroo says

    Since NOM and it’s Conservative lackeys could never win a discussion about the continuing denial of equality on its merits (nor do they even want to conduct one), all they have left is thug tactics like this.

  3. Paul R says

    The wording of the resolution is very curious and open to broad interpretation. It says:

    “Be it resolved that any elected official or potential candidate who does not support marriage as defined between one man and one woman…”

    When one would think, just so there’s no wiggle room, it would say something like:

    “Be it resolved that any elected official or potential candidate who supports marriage between members of the same sex…”

    It likely won’t be interpreted this way, but as written a politician could say, Of course I support marriage as defined between a man and a woman. I also support marriage between members of the same sex.

    You’d think the hateful bastards would have covered their asses better. Morons.

  4. walter says

    the last candidate pushed for governor had a mistress a bastard kid sons who rented space to gay clubs so a real family value candidate.
    also went down to one of the biggest defeats in state history. they are nothing party in new york.

  5. Joe in CT says

    This is actually amusing. Their resolution may help the cause of gay marriage, because nobody who’s still breathing wants to be affiliated with this creepy old guy’s party.

  6. esther blodgett says

    For those outside of NYS, we have cross-endorsing by parties hence a candidate can run on a Republican, Conservative and Snotnose party line and the votes are totalled. Our ballots are a bad (and sometimes confusing) joke with as many as 10 parties and some candidates running with 3 lines.

    The Conservative Party actually is the third largest in the state, but is more a patronage machine than a political party.

    The (so-called) Liberal Party imploded a number of years ago, and by that point it was LINO (liberal in name only) and a lot of folks said, “Good riddance.”

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