1. Wavin' Dave says

    Two reactions, each dating me terribly, but, WTF:
    iTunes anyone singing Noel Coward’s MATELOT (Love the the Ebersole version.)
    And…what on earth is in those front pockets? I gotta get me some!
    Fleet Week, indeed – not just an enema!

  2. hephaestion says

    That has to be the greatest photo ever taken. Bravo to those young men for having a fun photo taken by the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!

  3. hephaestion says

    Whoever designed the Navy outfits really did a fantastic job. You look at those white & Navy blue suits and you can’t help but feel happy… maybe I’m remembering all those films with Gene Kelley dancing dressed like that.

  4. ratbastard says

    I’d rather fleet week than the f*cking college graduations we gotta deal with in Boston. There is NO redeeming value to HOARDS of undergrads and their mom and dads strolling around the city. Even the thugs don’t wanna deal with it.

  5. jaragon says

    I love watching the sailors invade Manhattan during fleet week- they all look cute or lost or both-and I as a good New Yorker I’m ready to serve as guide all together now ” New York, New York, Is A Wonderful Town…”

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