1. zeta says

    Holy sh**. Obama looks VERY intense. Very serious. He looks like he hasn’t had any sleep at all.

    Hillary looks horrified, but in a womanly way.

    Biden looks business-like. Very serious. He’s not gloating, he’s not squeamish, he’s just studying what’s going on before him.

    The guy between Hillary and the navy (?) guy in the big executive chair looks excited, though. And the guy behind the executive chair, and in the foreground next to Hillary look like they’re both having silent erections.

    Who’s the dark haired guy in the background in the ‘I wanna see’ pose?

  2. ratbastard says

    Funny. It looks just like a typical small office conference room. In the movies, the situation room would be much more impressive and high tech.

  3. ronny says

    Can you imagine the how they felt when it was all over.

    I LOVE that Hillary is on Obama’s team.

    So very proud of our President and his team today.

  4. mike128 says

    I should add that I love Hillary and think Obama did a good job, but really…. does everyone in Washington look like that group of old white guys?

  5. ewe says

    that photo was taken while they were watching a deposition by Julian Assange. UH huh. Yup. Whateva. Whose to say? you? them? I am not voting democrat unless my rights to equality is ruled in the courts BEFORE election day.

  6. Chris says

    Republicans have been trying to spin this into something Bush achieved but these people pictured above, they are the true heroes along with our great military. Thank you President Obama for making clear and decisive decisions that captured and killed the worlds worst terror leader

  7. Bear says

    So race mongers, would the room be improved by being all black, brown, red and green? What’s your point? In fact a good many rooms filled with the leaders of industry, science, technology, medical research, education, philanthropy and a nearly limitless list of other categories (including the creators of influential websites) are beneficially dominated by less-than-young, white, American, men, a disproportionate number of whom are, interestingly, Jewish.

  8. Von Lmo says

    I’m suprised that Obama has yet to thank Bush & all Republican party members. It’s only the appropriate bipartisan thing to do.

  9. BC says

    @CHRIS – THESE people are the true heroes? REALLY? First off, the Navy SEALS did it. Not Obama. Also, remember, Bush issued the directive and Obama issued the order. For one administration to take full credit is ridiculous. The intelligence was gathered while Bush was in office (thanks to enhanced interrogation) and THIS is exactly why Obama has not closed Gitmo. His first day in office he was informed how important Gitmo really is.

    Can the gays please STOP the partisan crap for one second and actually realize that this was an accomplishment of both administrations, but more importantly, the Navy SEALS who did the actual work-flawlessly.

  10. says

    BC (Ratbastard by any other name)

    President Obama put his presidency on the line when he approved Operation Geronimo. If this operation had been a failure, like Operation Eagle Claw was in 1980, the President would have received all the blame and surely been defeated in 2012. Though our Navy Seals and intelligence operatives deserve the bulk of the credit for Operation Geronimo’s success, President Obama deserves kudos for making the right decision at the right time.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    I’m happy about the President’s success…well, current foreign policy success. But I don’t the idea of the military (or CIA) guys using the name of a Native American hero as a code name for this terrorist villian. I feel just as uneasy about nick-naming Bin Laden “Geronimo” as I would if they’d nick-named him “Nat Turner”.

    Call it what you want, but “political correctness” may be what keeps us from killing each other.

  12. says

    BC, you’re so predictably hilarious, in that Republican partisan hack kind of way. You think that if Osama had been captured and killed on the Republican’s watch, they’d be busy spreading around the bipartisan love to make sure everyone got credit? Are you 8? It is absolutely killing Republicans to give credit to the current Commander in Chief for successfully leading his armed forces to do what the Republicans promised and failed to do.

  13. says


    Bush stopped looking for Osama, and specifically lost him at tora bora

    torture did not get them any info pertenant to this operation

    The CIA first and foremost deserve the largest bulk of the praise for the months and months of info gathering. No lives were lost in the operation BUT that does not lives were not lost leading up to it by brave CIA agents gathering info

    The Navy seals did what they are trained to do. The Best of the Best who will never experience a public awards ceremony…………THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU

    President Obama ordered Panetta to focus the CIA on getting OBL. Obama chose what intelligence looked the most promising and ordered the focus on that. Obama then had multiple plans presented to him and he chose this plan to get OBl as vs just bombing the hell out of the compound. Obama made the decision that potentially some of our navy seals would have died in completing this mission. He made the decision that only a president can mae…….the order to someone to risk their life

    This mission could have gone horribly wrong. Some of our guys could have been captured and turned into hostages etc

    obama laid his presidency on the line with the mission because if it had gone wrong he would not be president 2012

    Thank you President Obama for being the anti-bush

  14. GBArg says

    Oooohhh — how brave and studied everyone
    looks, at the operation using systems
    started by GW Bush (ooohhh!), and thoroughly
    decried by former Senators Obama and Clinton!

    How brave of our illustrious, fearless Leader
    Obama to order an operation to which he
    opposed all the work to get to! How brave
    of Sec’y Clinton, after accusing her now-
    colleague at CIA, Gen. Petraeus, of lying
    to her Senate committee!

    I hope our fearless Prez Obama sat down
    to a nice warm din-din that night, including
    his arugula salad and a nice red wine.
    He certainly deserved it, after all that
    hard, grueling work!!

    You can be sure the brave SEALs who actually
    put their LIVES on the line ate MREs that night, at best.

    Nov 2012 is still on — FLUSH OBAMA.

  15. BC says

    Hank and Ernie – thanks for the name calling. I’m so glad we can keep this an adult conversation.

    If either of you noticed, I gave credit to BOTH ADMINISTRATIONS for the success, simply pointing out that the far left (Hank, Ernie) cannot even begin to say one civil word about Bush. I am also crediting Obama for doing his Flip-Flop on Gitmo. He made the right decision not closing it. The information gathered there is invaluable to our security and we need to keep gathering it.

    And great point by GBARG – Obama opposed these actions the ENTIRE time he was in campaign mode. It is interesting the tune changes people will make when they actually KNOW what is going on, rather than speculating, like what all of you do here. None of you have any clue what is going on in the Obama White House, nor did you have any clue what went on in the Bush White House. Why you all think you know more than the people who live and work there is beyond me.

    And no, Hank, I am my own person and I ALWAYS and ONLY post by the name “BC” – I do not creep and use other names. I stand by what I post.

  16. says

    BC, the silly part is when you self-righteously accuse others of being partisan (saying I’m on the “far left,” for example, when you know nothing about me) while only posting partisan comments on TR. Sorry, it’s funny.

    If people want to give Bush some credit, they can go right ahead, but when a capture that eluded President Bush for 7 years happens on another President’s watch, the other President (and the armed forces he commands) will naturally take and deserve the lion’s share of the credit. It’s political (i.e. adult) reality. If this had happened during a Republican presidency, you can be sure the Republicans (like yourself) would not be giving the Democrats standing ovations.

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