1. says

    “A Straight person not afraid of saying the word Queer, I like.”

    I don’t like! What a moronic statement . . . when have Straight homophobes ever been shy about calling us queers, d*kes, f*ggots, he/she, etcetera? When homosexual folk think it’s progressive that heterosexual folk feel free to call us derogatory names, it’s time to swear off of whatever we’re smoking. It’s foolish to think we can ever “remove the negative connotation” from anti-LGBT slurs, and it’s f*cked up to want to.

  2. Mikey says

    I find her immensely talented and interesting. She has incredible stage presence, and she has a gift for making songs that make me want to dance and cry at the same time.

  3. Will says

    I agree with Nate. The way she’s using the word “queer” is much closer to the way it is used in academia. She’s not using it as a derogatory term, she’s using it as a catch-all term for all people who feel different.

  4. Jerry says

    Maybe you don’t get the way Europeans and Scandanavians use the word, but LGBT are such a part of the mainstream there that queer would never be meant in a derogatory fashion by any sophisticated person. It just wouldn’t happen, and that’s why she feels free(and rightly so) to use it. She’s a friend of the community Big Time. I say it everyday on this site, but I’ll say it again: gays need to focus on the real enemies, not stupid SNL skits or gay friendly pop stars or f@cking Gaga. These are our allies not our enemies, learn the difference.

  5. JMG says

    And btw… I don’t get how, every so often, a random artist will be dubbed the next big thing/gay icon (who??) by a few of the gay blogs I read. It’s almost as if they’re being paid to create buzz.

    I recall this happening when Kylie Minogue was trying to promote her last album. It made me go ‘hmmm’ after the dozen or so Kylie related articles. And then she recorded ‘intros’ for all these same gay blogs. Kind of rubbed me the wrong way. =/

  6. c toothpaste says

    queer is not a negative term. i am a straight woman, but my best friends (80%) are gay men. we share very similar views on sexuality and politics. they tell me i am “queer” all of the time. it doesn’t mean “gay”. it’s a frame of mind, and a compliment.

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