1. walter says

    diaz and nom there is a meeting of bigots. they put a lot of effort into getting only 1000 people to show up. diaz will be one of those holier than thou that will be caught up in some kind of scandal.

  2. ichabod says

    Ugh! Well, at least these people are now on record. Wonder what they’ll say when the tide of public opinion finishes turning on them and they’re left high and dry on the wrong side of history?

  3. Michi Eyre says

    Queer Rising’s depiction Senator Diaz in drag was as toxic towards the transsexual and intersex community as NOMs rhetoric towards the gay and lesbian community.

    I think it’s sick that even our own community feels that it is OK to use men in dresses to deliver a message of shock. I expect it from Sprint, but not from our own community. It shows you how some in the gay community feel about transsexuals.

  4. TampaZeke says


    What a collection of freaks! And why does God always use Her weather events to punish those who are against gay marriage? She’s just about wiped out the South and now She’s even micromanaging down to the rally level.

  5. says

    Look at all those black and latino faces. Does that give anyone any ideas about where to focus pro-equality efforts? About the voting blocks that are most in need of attention and *good* information as opposed to NOM propaganda?

  6. Rxe says

    What a great turn out today! Goooo team! Seriously though, I can’t wait til these losers die out and blow away in the wind.

  7. ratbastard says

    @ WYOCWBOY62,

    ——-Religion has been around a long, long, long time. The Catholic Church alone has outlived the Roman Empire, dark age/middle ages, the Spanish, Portuguese, French and British Empires. Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, have all come and gone. Two world wars. Communism, Marxism, Maoism, Nazism, Fascism, all have come and gone [mostly]. The Catholic Church [and other Christian denominations and other religions] are alive and many are thriving. Even the Nazi Holocaust didn’t destroy Judaism.


    On a lighter note: Isn’t that Fr, Guido Sarducci to the left of Diaz?

  8. says

    @Ratbastard: Religion in the past thrived on exploiting poverty and oppression…..much of that poverty and subsistence existing has faded in the western world……the religions now concentrate on the poverty of Africa….
    I think that modern conditions are better for the demise of superstition…..maybe not completely but we are looking at an era where its influence is substantially diminished.

  9. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    Churches should loose their tax exemption, because of their lunacy. Then the gay people would expose them for the frauds that they are’ all I can say is “bring it on.” Maggie Gallagher must be grasping at straws; now! After all it is New York for God sakes!

  10. Disgusted Gay American says

    Nothing makes me crazier then to see – MINORITIES out there TRYING to Trample on another Minority..under the Guise of FAKE RELIGION too, that was Once USED against them……wow, the sheeple are really dumb. …and I agree about that Poster, it kinda (downs Transexuals to make a point against Diaz) …and far as that young woman, his relattive – she shoulda kicked him in the ballz..she allowed herself to be USED

  11. EuroRant says

    YOU DO NOT WANT SAME SEX MARRIAGE! (sarcasm warning)
    You should be doing everything in your power to put a stop to SSM now.
    We’ve now had same-sex marriage here in Europe for over 10 years … incest isn’t on rise, bestiality is not rampant in our streets and we’ve not heard of a single “straight” marriage break-up due to Fritz & François tying the knot.

    We also had the same doomsday religious nutters spreading their load-of-du­ng warnings about how families and/or marriages would be destroyed if we had same-sex marriages … 10 years on … nothing changed except for one lousy thing …

    It all became too boring!!! Everyone’s either married/ge­tting married. All gay people want to talk about these days is about their children’s latest petty conquests and accomplish­ments, family vacations and sharing toilet-training tips with one another.

    Frankly, I miss the good ol’ days when we had homos walking (cruising) our streets and parks, going from gay-bar to gay-bar, disco-ing till the wee hours and sharing the latest news of one-night-stand conquests or STD problems.

    I don’t understand why Americans are so fearful about same-sex marriage … take it from one who knows, IT’S BORING!!! If Americans have anything to fear … then it’s perhaps the fear that their own marriages and families will seem less strong and less stable than those of their gay counterparts.

  12. Christopher says

    I don’t understand how several commenters on this thread think loose means to lose. Kinda undercuts their arguments.

    @JACKFKNTWST: your exact prediction was very popular in Enlightenment Europe 300 years ago

  13. ratbastard says

    @JACKFKNTWST: your exact prediction was very popular in Enlightenment Europe 300 years ago

    POSTED BY: CHRISTOPHER | MAY 16, 2011 10:00:17 AM



  14. Danny says

    Here’s an occasion where I agree with Ratbastard: predictions about everything turning rosy as more people become “educated” or “enlightened” or whatever are about as worthwhile as forecasts of the end of the world or saying that their god is punishing people for being nice to gay people by sending tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, etc & etc. I’m afraid that as long as the wealthy and powerful want to keep people ignorant and afraid the same s**t will keep popping up in our political life. One might have thought that making good quality information available electronically would change that, but so far it serves the cause of spreading hate as effectively as it makes possible revolutions in places like Egypt. The US is in a very bad way because of the concentrated efforts made by conservatives to ruin public education and feed our children garbage over the airwaves. Think about it: Michelle Bachman can get heard in the news media for criticizing Michelle Obama for wanting to fight childhood obesity, diabetes and early onset heart disease. And people in her area – and others – will STILL vote for her. WTF??