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    She, Gaga, Robyn and Adele are the saving graces of Pop Divas today.

    That was an amazing performance. She reminds me of Madonna in the way she delivers a strong, top notch, flawless presentation. The projections were killer and I LOVE the new song. The Pon de Floor sample is delish.

  2. Chadd says

    Love Beyonce! Love her performances, her talent for singing and dancing. Loved the visuals in that particular performance. However, I couldn’t stand the song. Can’t sing to it, can’t dance to it and it wasn’t even much of a showcase for her vocal ability. Try listening to that song without the visuals (as if you were hearing it on the radio) – it just doesn’t work. Please note: the opinions expressed above are entirely my own and you are welcome to loudly disagree.

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    I dunno Chadd, I can totally dance to that song. My butt begins going crazy when I hear it.

    I think she does much better with brash, rhythmic stuff like this than she does with the god-awful first disc of Sasha Fierce (Halo and If I Were Boy notwithstanding). It’s very indie influenced . . . and I’m glad that (like Gaga) she’s a Top 40 star who’s listening to stuff beyond the mainstream (thanks to Jay-Z and Solange who have been taking B to indie rock shows in Williamsburg!).

  4. brian says

    Beyonce’s song is horrible. Just horrible. I also find it amazing that Towleroad would support her given the fact that she accepted money from the Gaddafi family for an appearance at one of his private parties. I cannot accept a woman who took money from a man who murdered Americans. Andy, take note.

  5. adam says

    Andy of Towleroad,

    I have to agree with Brian. You are the first to jump on homophobic Republican politicians and yet you promote people in the entertainment industry – like Beyonce – who do nothing for our cause.

    When you consider the fact that Beyonce accepted money from the Gaddafi family – a regime which tortures and kills gays – it is beyond belief that you would praise her in any way, shape or form.

    Andy, I love your site but you’re failing, my friend.

  6. Rowan says

    Adam and Brian,

    A lot of gays like pop culture, regardless of who delivers the message. Unfortunately it would appear a gay site not reporting on pop culture, would be like a mother using an iron pump as breast feed material! Lol! I dunno, just that when it comes to morals within pop culture, gays are the LAST people on earth to give a crap. And then it’s all round straight people.

    How many more times do we need to see or hear of Britney maltreating her kids before we hold her up? But if that was some poor black or white woman from a small town, the words people would use to describe her would be odious.

    Don’t blame Andy. Blame the society we have constructed where we give the rich and famous free pass but the rest of the world no sympathy.

  7. johnosahon says

    @BRIAN @ADAM but who accepted oil from Gaddafi and thereby gave him more money to kill americans? that’s right YOU, stop being a hypocrite, if the american government found it ok to do business with them, then citizens should be able to too, though she said she did not know they were performing for Gaddafi’s family.

  8. adam says

    I hold Andy partly responsible for his seeming double standard. As I said, he does a great job exposing the homophobia of the Right. Great job there. However, when it comes to people in the entertainment industry who exhibit passive homophobia rather than active homophobia, Andy fails.

    Case in point: Beyonce. She accepted money from a family which brutalizes and kills gay people. Nuff said.

  9. Christopher says

    The Billboard Music Awards BURIED the Grammys last night. All the best artists were there and won. Beyoncé killed, Rhianna looked amazing (loved her snub of Bieber onstage, which wasn’t so much mean-spirited as a humility-inducing jibe0 LOVED Cee Lo levitating and doing a 360 in the air while seated at his grand piano. This is how awards shows should be staged. One cavil–the Neil Diamond crypt-keeper awards was cringe-inducing. But who cared at that point in the show? I was already gob-smacked.

  10. luminum says

    I do so love selective sanctimoniousness.

    How much do you believe that Lady Gaga had absolutely no idea that Target contributed so much money to anti-gay politicians BEFORE she entered into a deal with them. I seem to recall word of Target’s anti-gay dealings had broken more than half a year before she announced her exclusive single deal with Target.

    And it was only AFTER the story broke about her deal with an anti-gay corporate entity that she stated that she was actually covertly attempting to change their practices and THEN pulled out. But why would Target have announced the deal if they never had any intention of changing anything and her deal with them hinged on them agreeing with it? Do you believe that?

    And then, how much do you believe that someone who is basically a-political in her public persona and refuses to comment on anything short of “Women Power” actually knew that Gaddaffi was so anti-gay? Do you really believe that “How anti-gay is Gaddaffi?” was the first thing on Beyonce Knowles’ mind or on the mind of her PR?

    Is what Beyonce did irresponsible? Yes. Do I think she did so knowingly? No. Was she likely to know? Probably not, since she doesn’t seem to be concerned with anything political short of whatever she believes feminism to be.

    Was Gaga’s deal with Target irresponsible? Yes. Do I think she did so knowingly? Perhaps, but I’ll give her the benefit of doubt. Was she likely to know? Yes, since her whole schtick is being a “fierce political advocate.”

    But you’ll give Gaga a by for her hypocrisy, not to mention her annoying concepts of racial and ethnic cultural appropriation? I mean, how many times do I have to see her play “Asian dress up” on a magazine cover and bow with her hands folded in an “Ah so!” gesture that only needs to be followed up with a ringing gong? Or is that another thing we’ll excuse because she’s so “pro-gay”?

    Before you get all sanctimonious about what you believe about Beyonce’s degrees of separation for something anti-gay, examine how willing you are to back bend to dismiss the degrees of separation of other beloved pop stars and how willing you are to swallow their own explanations, Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Sophie B. Hawkins to name a few.

  11. BEAHBEAH says

    Good grief, now we’re trying to demonize Beyonce? Can we please chill. Yes she took money from the Gaddafi family. And as soon as she found out where the funds came from, she apologized, took responsibility and donated the money to charity. That’s enough for me.

    FYI, that performance was INCREDIBLE. In terms of modern day mainstream divas, no one can touch her performance wise.

  12. Clint says

    At the end of the day it is still Andy’s blog, and he can do whatever he wants with it. Not all posts are for everyone, and if you don’t like it feel free to turn away. I’m sure the site will miss you.

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    Andy & Brian coming for Beyonce is a damn joke. The oil that’s coming into this country is SOAKED IN BLOOD. So, unless you’re not partaking of said oil, don’t point fingers at Beyonce.

    Beyonce is THE ONLY! Love her, and love all the clips on here, Andy Towle! Keep on doing an amazing job!

  14. adam says

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. If Nelly Furtado took money from Gaddafi, she’s just as bad as Beyonce.

    It’s crystal clear that Beyonce took money from Gaddafi. OK, she donated it to charity. But only after she was caught as far as I know. Besides, donations to charity are tax deductible and thus are a form of income to those who donate.

    Spin all you like in favor of Beyonce. She was caught red-handed.

  15. Paul R says

    This song does nothing for me. Partly because the use of “girls” grates on me for what is supposed to be a feminist anthem, but more because it’s an awkward tune. But to each his or her own.

  16. says

    @ Adam, the more likely scenario is that she just didn’t know. Most people, like it are not, are pretty ignorant of world events. I dare you to find 1 out 10 random people on the street who can tell you why Gaddafi is a bad person. Rewind a year, and I’d challenge you to find any number who could tell you who he was at all.

    I’m not a Beyonce fan per se, but I’m not so quick to believe that a wealthy person would be so daft as to perform for a world enemy just for a little extra change, at the expense of their image, if they were aware of the situation. Come on now, a little logic goes a long way.

  17. Ealan74 says

    I don’t like the song, I’ve been waiting for it to grow on me, and it just hasn’t. But with that said, this is easily one of the most empowering statements being made in urban music and Beyonce kills it in this performance. Spectacular!!

  18. MadM@ says

    if some people can’t dance to it, that’s cool, because hundereds of thousands were dancing to it when it was a Major Lazer song and will continue to do so

    Enjoy your foxtrot, ladies

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