1. stich says

    Here’s what I don’t get: what the F do these guys know about it getting better?

    I mean, nice to lend your name to a cause and all, but, they NEVER HAD IT BAD!

    How would they have any idea if it gets better or worse??

    For the most part they’ve been prized straight male athletes their whole lives, which is not exactly a spurned class of people in America.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Justin L Werner says

    @Stitch: Just because somebody is a success -now- and looks as though he has it all -now-, does not mean that was always the case. With the size of a team like that, it’s a pretty safe bet at least a few of them have had rocky roads to travel. It doesn’t matter whether or not it was a LGBT background: what matters is the survival of it all. That has a universal appeal. So what if it’s not strictly LGBT? It still matters, it still counts, and it might still help a kid, LGBT or not.

  3. says

    I tip my cap to the Giants, and at the same time the 49ers. Both teams acknowledge their gay fan base,that includes many season ticket holders. For years… the Giants had openly gay people in their PR Department, and when they planned to build their new ballpark in 1995, employed as their spokesperson a former candidate for mayor,who happened to be a lesbian. Many MLB teams have Out Days at their ballpark. In this time of instant news via the www. being gay does get better. I know, because I’ve been involved in the gay rights movement, especially in politics and sports for almost 40 years. S.F. had the first gay softball league in the USA, today there are over 50 cities with gay sponsored leagues and organizations. Mayor Moscone threw out the first pitch of the 1978 Gay Community Softball League,before 2,000 fans. The gay bars in S.F. have always had tie-in promotions when bay area teams were in the play-offs. Thank you S.F. Giants for making our community part of America’s pastime.

  4. wimsy says

    Gee, Stitch, I don’t know. It’s just possible that one or more of them is gay. Or has a brother or sister who’s gay. Or a best friend in high school who was gay.

    Or maybe they just want to do their part to encourage young gay people to hang in there and not commit suicide when facing hateful bigotry.

  5. says

    As a former resident of SF, being gay there is quite different than in any other city. The annual Pride Parade gets more funding than any other parade EXCEPT Chinese New Year Parade. The Pride Parade is televised – with local news anchors as the hosts, in a format IDENTICAL to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Police, Firemen, Civil Servants – EVERYONE is in the parade.
    As great as this is, the Giants joining in the “It Get’s Better” video making was, as Stacey put it, going to happen anyway.
    This would be much more of a story if the NY Yankees or another team known for homophobic behavior was “convinced” to make an “It Get’s Better Video”.

  6. Danny says

    @ Stitch and Justin: haven’t you guys heard? EVERYBODY has a rocky road through adolescence. Gay people just have a layer that most people don’t have, but that doesn’t mean some very rough sh*t doesn’t go down in straight kids lives: we all know it does.

    I’ve been in a 12-step program for some years and have been astonished to learn that the straight guys I know from that program have had just as rough a time growing up as I did. You don’t have to be gay–you just have to be the tiniest bit different (and who isn’t?) for the mob-mentality to kick in among adolescents. So chill about the nice gesture the Giants are making. In fact, why not try some gratitude instead of reflexive bitching?

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