News: Lance Bass, Mr. Brazil, Joanna Russ, IGLTA, Tony Kushner

Road Google launches music service.

RoadCUNY approves honorary degree for Tony Kushner.

Ac RoadAnderson Cooper's younger, purple-headed, bear-training self.

RoadNaked man freaks out on NYC subway.

RoadWest Bend, Wisconsin school board refuses to sanction Gay-Straight Alliance: "Before the new policy, Fincke said student groups were informally recognized and that, as far as he could tell, every other group that had requested recognition by the school had received it."

RoadFamily: El Paso attack was anti-gay hate crime.

RoadChelsea Handler probes Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly kiss.

RoadScience fiction author Joanna Russ dies at 74: "The science fiction writer has the privilege of remaking the world. Because of this, the genre, especially in the hands of disenfranchised writers, has become a powerful vehicle for political commentary. In the America in which she came of age, Ms. Russ was triply disenfranchised: as a woman, a lesbian and an author of genre fiction who earned her living amid the pomp of university English departments."

RoadCam Gigandet goes shirtless for GQ.

Bass RoadLance Bass helps Tuscaloosa tornado victims.

RoadInternational Gay & Lesbian Travel Association holds annual convention in Fort Lauderdale: "Five-hundred business are participating in the conference and 3,000 locals are expected at a Friday night street fair in Wilton Manors. "It’s going to be the Super Bowl of gay travel opportunities."

RoadMadonna's childhood home on the market for $48,600.

RoadDust settling for Lutheran church in Montana following gay clergy rift?

RoadOh, look, it's the Gleefcake collection.

RoadGay Nigerian man kills slashes partner's throat with bottle.

RoadGay man in Cameroon gets 36-month prison sentence after entrapment: "The man, Roger Jean-Claude Mbede, had sent a text to a man he believed to be gay but when he went to meet him the appointment 'has proven to be an ambush', the group's statement said, and he was arrested 2 March by 'elements' of the SED (Secretary of State for defense)."

RoadWatch: Rihanna's "California King Bed" video.

Brazil RoadThe new Mr. Brazil has been crowned.

RoadLib Dem MP David Laws lied about expenses to stay in the closet: "Mr Laws resigned from the cabinet in May last year after just days in the job. It was revealed that he had claimed more than £40,000 in expenses to rent paid to his boyfriend, the lobbyist James Lundie. The MP said that he did not declare that Mr Lundie, his landlord, was also his partner because he was not out and did not want to reveal the relationship."

RoadBritish Columbia parents plan to protest school's anti-bullying curriculum.

RoadRock Hill, SC man who was beaten by gang last month says he was attacked again: "Joshua Esskew told police he was walking into a BiLo grocery store early Sunday morning when someone yelled a gay slur at him and he was shoved to the ground. Police are hoping a security camera from a nearby bank caught the incident on tape."

RoadStudent: Gay slurs at Harvard. "Several months ago, as a late night party was raging in the upper floors of Pforzheimer House, a gay male friend and I were waiting for the Quad shuttle from Currier. Suddenly, a partygoer stuck his head from the window and yelled down at us: 'Faggots!' in a menacing voice so loud that it was heard throughout the quadrangle. We weren’t kissing, holding hands, or even standing next to each other, but this individual chose to affirm his deep-seated fear of queerness by attempting to torment two fellow students."


  1. Francis says

    The Harvard story basically highlights the depth of the issue when it comes to gay being used as a pejorative insult, doesn’t matter if you’re dumb or educated, black, white, female or male. A lot of people either intentionally ignore or are completely ignorant to the very clear homophobia loaded within the word. That’s why it’s so important you see op ed’s like that, and you see Kobe and Roger McDowell being punished for their actions. There has to be a push back against this language and an education on why it’s unacceptable.

    As for Josh being attacked again in South Carolina, probably a retaliatory attack. I really hope Josh looks out for his safety and contemplates moving from SC, because they do not have a hate crimes law and because the state and especially the area he lives appears to be very homophobic.

  2. says

    The appropriate rejoinder for the “slur” of “faggot” if one is offended, is “faggot bait”. Of course this direct assault on the masculinity of the slurrer will result in an escalation, but it is acceptable if there is a getaway vehicvle, there is a large distance separating you, or a moat, or several floors. Standing there and delivering an ass beating to the escalator is also acceptable.

  3. says

    Similarly, if two men in a jeep, say, pass you, and the one riding in the passenger seat calls you fag, then inquire as to why he is not driving if he is such a man…

  4. Rovex says

    Google did more than announce a music service. Its the Google I/O. They gave away 5000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s. The thing is awesome, makes the iPad 2 look like an over priced picture frame.

    They also announced the major manufacturers have entered a pact to update all new devices with all new versions of the OS for at least 18 months from launch. This will kill off the rather overplayed fragmentation (non)issue.

    Also Android is now getting 400,000 new activations a day making it easily the biggest mobile OS in the world. This is 400% grow over this time last year. The Google market is expected to grow in size so fast it will pass the Apple app store in size by October at the latest.

  5. Danny says

    Mr Stuffed Animal, Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League and many, many other schools started calling their Gay Studies departments “Queer Studies” more than a decade ago. Time to smell the coffee.

    “Queer” is a statistical term (like “deviant”) carrying no intrinsic derogatory meaning–unless you’re from a society that believes everything should be uniform, as in, say Korea or Iran. It won’t hurt you go get off that bandwagon and understand diversity (yes, queerness) as a positive trait.

  6. ratbastard says

    Where did people ever get the idea prestigious schools and institutions were filled with nice, open-minded, even interesting people? They aren’t. Trust me on this.

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