1. Shane says

    I lived in St. Cloud for many years…if they have not charged those boys by now…they will not be. St. Cloud is known as “white Cloud” in Minnesota because of their lack of supporting towards anyone that is different in any way. I don’t expect much out of this I’m afraid.

  2. Francis says

    In the future, eh? Forgive me for being extremely skeptical. Hopefully watchful eyes are kept on this case so there is justice for the man who was attacked by these three savages.

  3. Mark says

    I just sent the following to the MN Chamber of Commerce. We all need to stand up against this complicity with violence in every state in which it occurs.

    For years my family has enjoyed the beauty of your state’s natural wonders. Every year at least one of our family members & their kids have taken a vacation there. 

    However, after speaking with my siblings & cousins here in the Northwest today, we are agreed that none of us will be doing so this year or in the future. 

    Today was the last straw. Recent political events already had us questioning whether we wanted our money going to what is appearing to be a state filled with intolerence & hate. Today’s news that the three thugs who beat a man in St. Cloud were released sealed the deal for us all. We are convinced no further action will be taken against these cowards, especially considering the level of hateful rhetoric flowing from MN these days. It can only get worse, in our opinion. 

    Sure, a loss of $5 or $6 grand every year will mean little to your state in the big picture, but our refusal to spend time & money in MN, along with withholding any recommendations to others considering visiting, will be our small way of speaking up agaist the ignorance, intolerance & violence that is sadly becoming commonplace there. 

    Fortunately we in Oregon have abundant natural beauty to enjoy & we look forward to exploring places closer, and safer, to home. 

    Such a shame. 


  4. Maggie says

    Stop Bashing Minnesota. There are bigots in every state. Nobody said that California was the worst state ever after prop 8 passed did they? Hell no.

    We need to fight to keep our states constitution free from discrimination and fight to make sure people who commit hate crimes get their justice served.

  5. ratbastard says

    Takes little for ‘progressives’ to turn on people and places that traditionally have been the most receptive to their ‘ideals’. Being in Massachusetts, I’m well aware of this phenomena. Arguably the most ‘progressive’ state in America, is constantly ridiculed and mocked, often for ridiculous and unfounded claims, like it isn’t ‘diverse’ enough [totally, utterly false]. Black ‘progressives’ and their a** kissing non-black allies in particular pull this BS. In Boston, we’re constantly compared to NY by the many ‘progressives’ and hipsters, and of course it’s an unfavorable comparison, And yet they still come here to live, work, go to school, get married, etc., And amusingly, most come from places far worse than Massachusetts, Boston, or even NYC.

  6. says

    RB, what a bunch of your typical right-wing-PC claptrap: Not that MA’s reputation has anything at all to do with the anti-progressive (i.e. right-wing) political climate in MN right now or the anti-gay beating in St. Cloud, but why stay on topic when you can rant about your pet topics. MA is hardly ridiculed by “progressives.” It’s ridiculed by right-wingers, the same ones who talk about “San Francisco” politics, meaning MA is gay-friendly and therefore not part of the “real” America to the ignorant tea party types. Any real progressive appreciates MA because it is a progressive state, unlike MN at the moment, where the Republican majority is calling the homophobic shots.

  7. ratbastard says

    No f*cking lectures, Ernie. BOTH ‘rightwingers’ and ‘progressives’ ROUTINELY ridicule and mock it, and the people who live in it, ESPECIALLY the natives. EVERYTHING I posted previously is 100% TRUE and ACCURATE.

    And as a gay man I’ve had MORE than my share of trouble in ‘progressive’ places like Boston /Cambridge, and it’s mostly attitude from self-described ‘progressives’ with MASSIVE chips on their shoulders and smug, condescending attitudes.

    Radical ‘progressives’ have in fact done A LOT of damage to Massachusetts [and Boston] and I’m referring to non-gay issues.

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