Towleroad Guide to the Tube #883

LT. DAN CHOI: Talks about Osama bin Laden's death, from Ground Zero.

BARNEY FRANK: Osama bin Laden capture strengthens case for withdrawal from Afghanistan.

GAY EDUCATORS: AC360 looks at coming out at the head of the classroom.

GLENN BECK: I've watched Glee "in stunned horror".

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  1. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I just watched Glenn Beck in stunned horror, so I guess we’re even.

  2. AgBoiNV says

    RE. Glenn-the-fearful Beck….

    (1) Can you say “DRAAAAMA QUEEEEEEEEEEEN!” ??? He should win an Emmy…..a Daytime Emmy for Best Soap Opera.

    (2) Anyone else think that the TV set he’s watching that on is a really clear indication of where he wants this country to go? As in, the 1950s, when gays were jailed, women were subjugated and colored people weren’t free to excercise their rights?

  3. Alan says

    It’s good that he distinguished his show from that other propaganda. His show… that isn’t propaganda at all. Wow.

  4. Jeff Kurtti says

    Glenn is just bitter because his propaganda horror show was cancelled by Fox as they put their full corporate might behind a show that celebrates horrible ideas such as the might of the underdog, the perils of popularity, the risk of tolerance, the gifts of inclusion, and the benefits of civility among differingideologies; all while being vastly more well-crafted, opaque, relevant to reality, and entertaining than Beck would ever have the talent to be.

  5. Pitt90 says

    Dear Lord, Glenn Beck and I agree on something … although I suspect it’s for very different reasons … 😉

  6. Jerry6 says

    I have been thinking that Shakespere (sp) had Glen Beck in mind when he wrote “Me thinks thou doest protest too much.” When you sit back and really pay attention to Beck, you realize that he is probably the best stand up comedian on TV in a long time. So much of what he says is nothing but pure strait faced comedy. How he is able to do his nightly shows with out bursting out in laughter at what he is saying is beyond me. Marvelous control. I will miss you.